Demons Run America

Comment: Japanese Discover roots of Tengu (Demons). Pretty much matches what Jesus Christ Said but Americans listen to them and love them. There is not a lie the Tengu can say that Americans Won’t Listen to. IN A SOCIETY RUN BY DEMONS:

By infostormer -April 30, 20221

Pretty much every aspect of American society has been taken over by Jews, perverted faggots and satanic lunatics. The American Academy Pediatrics is no exception and is now releasing materials claiming that young girls can get erections.

It’s really remarkable to see how fast all of this has been pushed down everyone’s throats. After homosexual marriage became a thing, they quickly starting pushing trannyism and other weirdness.

Don’t think they’re going to stop here either. They are going to push even further unless they are stopped. They will push to legalize sex with children, sex with animals and sex with dead bodies.

I would argue that the best way to stop these people is to have them publicly executed. They are purposefully trying to turn children into queers and faggots. This is not something that can be forgiven.

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