Classified U.S. Army Manuals Found at Azov Neo-Nazis’ Base Near Mariupol

Comment: United States Corruption/Manipulation Exposed for the Entire World to SEE!

Classified US Army Manuals Found at Azov Neo-Nazis’ Base Near Mariupol – Video

17:13 GMT 22.04.2022

Classified us army manuals found at Azov neo-Nazis' base near Mariupol - Sputnik International, 1920, 22.04.2022

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The unearthed materials are just the latest addition to a collection of trophies of military equipment and weaponry that western countries have been sending to Ukraine for years, despite objections from Moscow.The inspection of the former base of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi battalion Azov near Mariupol led to a discovery of classified manuals — courtesy of the US Army.The documents, contain instructions on to conduct counter-insurgency and reconnaissance operations, were supposed to be destroyed to prevent them from falling into enemy hands, but Azov fighters failed to do so. manuals, written in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages according to a video shot by a journalist who was briefly able to study them, were discovered at the base where a sabotage team named SS Medvedi had been stationed. One of the manuals mentions the US Army Intelligence Centre at Fort Huachuca, while the other was published by the US Department of the Army.Most of Mariupol, barring the Azovstal steel plant, has recently come under control of the joint forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Russian military, which extended help as a part of the special military operation launched on 24 February.Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia was “forced” to start the operation to end the tragedy, genocide and suffering in Donbass, which has been sustaining shelling by Ukrainian forces for years.


‘Like an Atomic Bomb Dropped On the Hungarian Economy’: EU Rewrites Proposed Russian Oil Ban

3 minutes ago

 - Sputnik International, 1920, 07.05.2022



Wyatt ReedAll materialsOn Friday, EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borell denounced Hungary’s alarming assessment of the economic fallout from a potential Russian oil embargo as “unacceptable,” while the bloc appeared to grant extensions to Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic–but not Bulgaria.A far-reaching sixth round of anti-Russia sanctions proposed by the European Union was redrafted Friday after facing heavy pushback from some of the bloc’s least affluent members this week, with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban likening the economic impact of the potential sanctions as akin to “dropping an atomic bomb on Hungary’s economy.”–video-1094974576.html&sessionId=e80a85baab05795076275b9a260eac3cdfcac7d4&theme=light&widgetsVersion=c8fe9736dd6fb%3A1649830956492&width=550pxHungary has been one of the most vocal critics of efforts by Brussels to cripple Russia’s economy–seemingly at the expense of Europe’s poorest countries. EU officials reportedly decided Friday to grant Budapest a two-year extension to implement the latest round of anti-Russian sanctions, after Hungary claimed the measures would “completely destroy” the foundations of their energy supply.“It is not a question of lack of political will, it is not a question of intent, it is not a question of timespan, it is quite simply a physical, geographical and infrastructural reality,” explained Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto.On Wednesday, he reportedly told Hungarian media that the only way Budapest could support the proposed sanctions package was if it exempted Russian oil transported via pipeline.He laid out the logic the day before: “No one can expect us to allow the price of the war to be paid by Hungarians.” The country has faced serious pressure to cut ties with Moscow, with a typically-aggressive headline by German outlet DW warning Wednesday that Hungary “risks further isolation by refusing to support [the] EU oil embargo.”On Wednesday, sources described a “tense and difficult” first meeting of EU ambassadors in negotiations over future efforts to punish Russians for the country’s ongoing special military operation in Ukraine. But Brussels’ headaches didn’t end with the summit.On Friday, the EU granted a two-year extension to Slovakia as well, after Economy Minister Richard Sulik said Tuesday that the country would “insist on the exemption, for sure.” If the proposed deal is accepted, Slovakia, like Hungary, has until the end of 2024 to rid themselves of Russian oil, or face punishment from the EU themselves.The Czech Republic has also resisted EU efforts to reduce the country’s supply of Russian energy, and was finally granted permission Friday to be given until mid-2024 to end its oil imports from the East–an extension six months shorter than those granted to Slovakia and Hungary.Kremlin: Cost of Sanctions Against Russia Will Increase For European Citizens Every Day4 May, 10:31 GMTOn Friday, Mikulas Bek, the country’s minister for European affairs, defended the Czech position, noting they can’t continue propping up the floundering Ukrainian nationalists if they have a “crisis of the economy in the country.” The “heavy economic costs” imposed overnight by an all-out ban on Russian oil, Bek explained, would mean an end to the Czech Republic’s arms shipments to the Kiev regime.Bulgaria, which has been forced to rely on its neighbors’ leftover energy supplies in recent weeks, also asked for an exemption in the event that other countries receive them. That request was reportedly rejected Friday, with Reuters quoting an anonymous EU official claiming the Bulgarians “don’t have a real point.”The Bulgarian economy has suffered serious damage since the flow of Russian oil ended in late April following the refusal by the EU’s poorest member state to pay for its energy supplies in rubles. “We are already on the brink. We’ll have to raise our prices further,” the owner of a Bulgarian bread factory reportedly told AFP on Wednesday. “How will people pay for this bread?”


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RUMOR: The Army has ordered a full re-test of all soldiers for HIV.Gosh, I wonder why!!!! Does it have anything to do with AIDS in the shot? So far the only reference I have for this is on This twitter account but it does look credible.Food shortage.
See this. and to be clear, I don’t believe there is any bird flu happening at all.Small items I have been skippingPsaki is out. Replaced by a black dyke. Psaki had an gift with deflection and instantaneous lying ability with zero latency. Let’s see how long the new – well, I don’t know the pronoun – lasts.
2000 mules made an good showing and all the people smart enough to know the election was stolen are buzzing like hornets but those who stole the election don’t care, who needs wasp spray when all it takes is a screen to keep control? That went just like I thought it would, Trump re-instated on the 5th? What a joke. And by the way, why is that photo of the hangings at Gitmo last January in black and white, and as clear as a UFO pic?
Stocks are “tanking”. But not enough. The actual value of the stocks nowadays is probably a composite score of about 8,000. If the stock market was actually an organic market instead of one where a few high level criminals pump everything to the max with a carefully scripted AI and they then have a kill switch to handle “emergencies” where they can shut it all off, do a rewind, and have the AI re-calculate victory, if it was ORGANIC the way it was back in the 1950’s it might be something to watch but today it is just somebody’s B.S. and I hope it blows up. A stock market crash won’t do anything to “beer belly Joe” and “let’s go fishing Bob.”
A new type of drone has been developed by China that can hunt people in dense foliage. It can go through trees and underbrush better than a bird can. It does it with cameras and a powerful processor rather than GPS and sensors, it does not need GPS to return home because it can see where it is and knows how to go back just by looking. I never thought this would happen and that it would always be possible to avoid drones in the woods. That’s not true anymore.
The latest take on the Rowe V Wade overturn is that “women are turning to sterilization” as a result. That’s a pile of crap, there is no way anyone other than a far out loonie would “turn to sterilization” so quickly, let alone before there’s even an official ruling. It’s just a shock sympathy “poor me” headline. Aint happening. And by the way, Amazon, Levis and more are now officially stating to employees that if they want an abortion they’ll get it done free of charge, no strings attached, NO MATTER WHAT, no matter where they need to go to make it happen. It is now probably a moral imperitive to delete Amazon. They have clearly stated what their profits are paying for. As usual, the left is getting away with murder and doxxed the justices, and there’s “nothing wrong with that.”
A Jewish school board president kept a dossier on 47 families who complained about how he was instructing teachers to indoctrinate the children. The dossier had their social security numbers, mortgage and property ownership records, complete background checks AND MORE. See this. There is no question whatsoever that almost every school district in the country is doing this, the difference this time is that they got caught.
The FDA has limited the use of the Johnson and Johnson shot because of a “blood clot risk”. It then downplayed the risk to literally zero. But how do you “limit the use?” they did not ban it, what is up with “limiting the use??”. Obviously they have done nothing if the shot is still available at all and they need a scapegoat for all the problems. Most likely, J&J was chosen to be the scapegoat because Pfizer has more money.
It appears another Russian ship has been struck by a missileOne of the lessons of this war will be that when you are not slapping hapless Arabs and African bush men, a Navy is obsolete. Just wait until Russia makes it’s move.Someone posted a hoax about the vice president of Pfizer being arrested for misrepresenting the shots.Lots of people fell for it. And Trump was reinstated yesterday, as proven by a blurry UFO photo (black and white) taken of the hangings at Gitmo.And now may I present what might end up becoming my favorite photo: The suckerfish award:Why would I suddenly start pushing this issue so hard? ANSWER: BECAUSE THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH IS NOT GOING TO BAN THE REAL BULLSHIT. The ministry of truth is setting up to allow garbage to thrive so they can claim to “allow alternate opinions” while they focus heavily on wiping out anyone who has any real facts. Therefore action must be taken NOW to call out the bullshitters.
This woman, who is a Jew, will decide what “truth” is. That’s a red alert.PRICELESS: Black guy grills white doctors and finds out not all black lives matter equally. 1 minute twitter video2000 mules documentaryI did not miss this and know it perfectly documents a lot more than enough vote fraud to overturn the election. However, the system is so corrupt nothing is going to happen anyway. Every number produced shows fraud multiple times higher than needed to finish the steal. Nothing is being done to fix this and therefore a documentary documenting it yet again will do nothing yet again. I was going to skip mentioning it entirely but figured I ought to just to let people know I did not miss it.
Wake me up when the American people decide to use the 2A to put it right. Until then, the entire notion of restoring a legit government is something to sleep on. It will not happen until people make it happen. Fat chance they will with the FBI, NSA and CIA killing off every bud of hope the moment it forms. Tyranny is large and in charge. Let’s all organize a successfull rebellion via texting and voice chat!!!! Don’t worry about that cell phone with a permanent battery laying on the table, it’s switched off, let’s talk!!!Something big is going on. Half of the world is not able to access this site but it is running fine. Maybe someone got mad at my post about evil vs intelligence . . . . . boo hoo.THIS is what a legit supply chain disruption fire looks like.This happened in March. Someone is trying to post it as new and say it is related to the recent fires.
Where does evil come from? Evil usually comes from a lack of intelligence.Permalink
The correct question is “Where does goodness come from”? Goodness comes from being above the animals far enough in intelligence to realize that evil is counterproductive and leads to destruction. And the crime stats show it. All you have to do is go over the crime stats and then look at the average IQ’s of whatever group the stats apply to and there will be a direct and proportionate correlation. The more intelligent the people, the lower the crime stats. It’s as simple as that . . . . . . almost.
There is just one small detail that throws a wrench in the works. It is this:
The more intelligent a society is overall, the more likely it is to be kind to people, often times too kind, and this allows those who actually are naturally evil despite having intelligence to rise to the top. In this case, evil gets managed by intelligence, an intelligence which knows there is goodness to take advantage of, and when evil uses the good in people to accomplish it’s objectives, the end result is likely to be a worse outcome than whatever outcome the least intelligent group would accomplish. And there are plenty of examples.
1. The high tech war machine.
2. The Corona vax.
3. The development of advanced propaganda.
4. The birth of full blown tyranny that is inescapable. It takes intelligence to set that up.
5. The introduction of GMO tech corrupting the biosphere . . . .
And there is a tribe that is inherently evil that is leveraging the intelligence of very good people in it’s perceived favor, with skill and aplomb, a tribe that has made it a policy to play on the good will and sympathy from intelligent people, (example – with a “holocaust”) to make people feel sorry enough for them to damn near be willing to lay down and die out of sympathy. Actually, many people have. And that is what got us to where we are. If this leverage of “good will” leads to a nuclear war it will be a far worse outcome than a mundane intelligence could ever deliver. In their arrogance, the tribe brags about having an average IQ of 107 – 110. And they are leading the world into the most stupid possible outcome of all, – the corruption of DNA and an impending nuclear wasteland. The result of simply being evil at their root will lead to an outcome that trumps the worst stupidity of all.No long spiel or video needed when a picture says it all.I once had a truck that could take 80 gallons. I thought “over a hundred” for a complete fill up was crazy (but it would last). You can probably safely bet that whatever truck did this fill up will not go 1,000 miles on it, and the truck is not a semi, that’s obviously just a heavy duty work truck because that bill would not be worth photographing if it was for a semi.
This video is well worth a watch17 minutes long, strongly religious, goes over Ukraine conflict, Angelina Jolie, world war 3 and where we sit right now in the well known animation I Pet Goat. He makes a strong case that Angelina Jolie is likely the girl in Ipetgoat who tries to stop a tank right before all hell breaks loose.
I do not like predictive videos but even if this video fails, it is still worth a watch. The scriptures make it clear that no one knows the hour or the moment . . . . . . everything runs on God’s schedule, not ours.Stock slaughter tech collapse??!!??FACT: When big tech stocks only fall by 5 percent overall, that is not a slaughter nor is it a collapse. I’ll tell you the kind of collapse that would be legit: It would be the nuclear type, where Google is reduced to a single outdated supercomputer somewhere in Singapore with a value reduction of 95 percent. THAT would be a “slaughter.” What people will do to make a headline is beyond appalling. What are they going to say if there ever is a real collapse? Sorry, a five percent drop does not cut it.
AWESOME: We Can’t Let Ourselves Be Oppressed by Wierdos, Losers, and MutationsOK, IT IS TIME. I have been waiting to do this.First view “Agenda 2030 is now on an accelerated schedule”:And then I will re-post this BS about Trump being reinstated today.Why would I repost this? EASY ANSWER: Because no “white hat” is going to save us, and if we are going to have any chance at all EVERYONE with an ounce of awareness needs to be on the same sheet of music and not marching off to some obscure corner where white hat Q bullshit is the song. IF YOU BELIEVE THIS NONSENSE TODAY IS A WAKE UP CALL, WATCH THIS NOT HAPPEN AND NEVER FORGET THAT THIS TIME, THE LAST TIME, AND THE NEXT TIME WERE AND WILL BE PURE UNALDULTERATED B.S.
Move on from this crap, there’s a war to fight.
If you believed that capture, it is time to stop pulling punches. This is YOU.

An Italian group tried to get the facts on the Corona vax and discovered that all of the Western vaccines are protected by military intelligence secrecy laws when information about them should be open public access.To sum it up, a high level group in Italy that had really good backing requested all of the safety documents regarding several different corona shots and that group was told that the documents and studies with regard to safety were a high level military intelligence secret, being held from the public to avoid civil uprising.
Here is a crude translation:Vaccine, “the security report covered by military secrecy”: shock in Italy, what they hide from usOn paper it is written that pharmaceutical companies are obliged to periodically submit reports on the safety of the anti-covid vaccines they produce. There is a determination of Aifa, the national pharmaceutical agency, to establish it. And it was also published in the Official Journal. Too bad these reports on the Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines they seem to be a state secret: to date, the two associations of social promotion Idu (human rights instance, of Novara) and Dus (Human rights and health, of Rome) that had requested them have been answered with nothing. Enzo Iapichino, one of the lawyers of the associations that requested access to the documents and then found themselves forced to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome against Aifa, the Ministry of Health, the Technical-Scientific Committee, the Higher Institute of Health indicating various hypotheses of crime, from the omission of official acts to the false ideological.
As Iapichino tells Natascia Ronchetti, they have been trying to read those reports since November. The director general of AIFA, “Nicola Magrini replied that the reports on the safety of vaccines are confidential, they are owned by pharmaceutical companies”, reveals the lawyer. “Especially that Aifa does not hold the required documentation. Magrini wrote to us to contact Ema, the agency European drug”. Which they did, but even there nothing to do. “Ema denied us. Giving three reasons. First, reports cannot be disclosed so as not to prejudice the decision-making process on unconditional authorization. Secondly, they fall within the exceptions of their regulations, which relate to public order and military secrecy.
Thirdly, the interest in not affecting the final decision, which concerns precisely the authorisation, prevails over the public interest. Absurd. Because in Italy we have entire categories obliged to get vaccinated”. Then there was the Ministry of Health, again Aifa, but to date still no trace of the reports. The Iapichino’s conclusion is “that there is a lack of transparency on the part of the institutions. If we talk about vaccine safety reports at this point we assume that they do not have them. If we talk about scientific studies, we assume that they have them. So why don’t they make them available?”So there you have it. A vax that is so “safe and effective” that what it does to people is now a military intelligence secret.Not rumor: New electric DeLorean on the drawing boardEvidently they will have prototypes on display by August. This is probably not in response to Musk buying Twitter because it was first announced a month ago. DeLorean is a defunct company but evidently the name was held onto and whoever holds that name now is well funded and ready to go. Will this be vaporware? Will we ever see it? Well, if there is a nuclear war, obviously not but this is still quite interesting.

The new generation. This is what public schools have done to the kids.UNPRECEDENTED RUMOR:Actual fuel TERMINALS that provide fuel – the locations that fill the tanker trucks so they can bring the fuel to gas stations – are running out of fuel. I do not know how widespread this is or if it will last, but this has not happened since the 70’s.WHOAH!!!! HELL FROZE OVER, DRUDGE ACTUALLY LINKED THE FOLLOWING.”They” are at least taking baby steps toward coming out of the closet about what the vaxxes really did to people. Get a load of this!! Not quite “there” but at least it is being discussed, and more – Drudge linked this:Wal Mart to deliver to your fridge when you are not home.NOT. A. CHANCE: The DHS now has a warrantless ticket straight into your home. GET A LOAD OF THIS!!!!Wal Mart “In Home” Will now stock your groceries IN YOUR HOME WHEN YOU ARE NOT THEREMY COMMENT: Do you have a beef with your kid’s teacher? Do you post spicy and rebellious info that does not pass a “fact check” online? Did you opt to skip the vax? Then *al Mart’s in home delivery is for you. At *al mart we are looking for ways to improve the lives of everyone. And we can accomplish that with home inspections when you are not there. Is that chili mac in your fridge a little bit old? We can do a free analysis for “the safety of your children” and then report the results to CPS.
Everyone knows that guns kill people so we can register those too while you are not there, got any “ghost guns”? Not anymore!!! We believe in transparency, and will happily work to accomplish it. The last thing we need is nutcases with ghost guns laying around *except for the hood, if you are going to rob whitie we won’t snitch. Some “ghost guns” are good when they can accomplish political objectives . . . . .
At *al Mart, we are partnered with the DHS, FBI, CIA and 10 other shadow orgs to service you with a network of tunnels to help everyone out when TSHTF, because we are “the shit”. We have all the connections we need to send the right people to get the right data and perhaps even plant some data so the zealots who might put up resistance to “decency” can be done away with. It’s all about the new “ministry of truth” system, a strong society needs to ensure it is all on the same page . . . . and yes, enjoy the groceries showing up all by themselves, THANK GOD you are too damn lazy to get them yourself while you are out of your home. Thanks for helping us keep YOU safe, we are full of love, especially for the children.
FACT: *al mart can just hire DHS agents and by ordering the service you will automatically bypass the warrant phase by allowing them into your home willfully. How do you know what is going to show up? And they absolutely WILL provide the service, exactly as I described. How about vacuuming your hard drive while you are away with a 512GB USB stick? Think they would not? Think you have nothing to hide? How would you ever know you have “noting to hide” with the laws the way they are now, and the ability to plant evidence?*al Mart may be offering an in home shelf stocking service, but you can damn well bet that’s not all you are going to get! The DHS is going to be ALL OVER THAT.A reader sent:Hello, regarding the overturn of R vs W; I agree with you about the hiding of abortion stats/ infertility reason. Additionally I think part of the motivation for that ruling is focused upon the jabbed women who are still able to bear children; some of the babies are coming out weird, like black eyed, prematurely strong little aliens. So perhaps “they” don’t want these babies aborted because they are being studied as part of an ongoing science experiment.ROWE V WADE OVERTURNED TO COVER UP CLOT SHOT STERILIZATIONSPosted on May 2 at around 9 PM EST. Re-posted on top because it is starting to pick up steam. This is the ONLY STORY, BET ON IT
Why have pesky abortion stats prove the clotshot sterilized over half the women? There is a report on what is happening to Rowe V Wade HERE.
MY COMMENT: THE SUPREME COURT IS MAKING DESPERATE STABS AT LEGITIMACY AFTER ENABLING AND ABETTING THE THEFT OF THE ELECTION, AND THIS IS AN EXTREME EXAMPLE. THIS WAS ALSO DONE TO COVER UP HOW MANY WOMEN WERE RENDERED STERILE BY THE CLOT SHOT, THEY CANNOT HAVE THAT SHOW UP IN THE ABORTION STATS. You can assume the court has nothing good at play here and that they did this to fake legitimacy and do a coverup. They will probably let the states decide also. They probably figure they have the population they want destroyed adequately wiped out by the vax and since virtually all the women who were vaxxed are now sterile, who needs Rowe V Wade?? The mission has been accomplished.Who needs abortion clinics anymore when the only women who can get pregnant now were smart enough to avoid the vax and would never get an abortion anyway? Canned parenthood is going to belly up so they might as well ban abortion before the abortion stats show how many women were rendered sterile by the vax.
REPEAT:THEY OVERTURNED ROWE V. WADE FOR THE EXPLICIT REASON THAT THE ABORTION STATS ARE GOING TO PLUMMET DUE TO HOW MANY WOMEN CAN’T GET PREGNANT ANYMORE AFTER THE VAX AND THEY DON’T WANT PEOPLE ASKING QUESTIONS. SO TO COVER IT UP, THEY BANNED ABORTION. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT, THIS DID NOT COME OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF THEIR HEARTS. IT WAS EXPLICITLY DONE AS A COVERUP.FACT: THE DEATH JAB CLOT SHOT PUT THE ABORTION INDUSTRY OUT OF BUSINESS ANYWAY SO WHY NOT LIE AND SAY YOU BANNED ABORTIONS AND THAT MAKES UP FOR THE STOLEN ELECTION? YOU GAIN BROWNIE POINTS PLUS COVER UP THE FACT THAT THE WOMEN WHO WOULD HAVE HAD ABORTIONS CAN’T GET PREGNANT ANYMORE ANYWAY.If you see that posted elsewhere, it was posted here first. And it WILL be posted elsewhere because this move is TOO DAMN OBVIOUS, they DO NOT have the goodness in their hearts for such a ruling absent a nefarious reason, and clotshot coverup IS THAT REASON.Russia has started an enormous assault on Western backed forces in UkraineThe gloves are off, they are now knocking out key infrastructure to shut the country down. No one knows what is going to happen. Large portions of Ukraine have non-stop air raid sirens right now.
____________________May Snowfall in Nebraska does not mean a whole lotIt is completely possible for the far west portion of Nebraska to get snow in early May. It is not likely, but it is possible. Obviously the amounts that fell were record breaking but the snow itself is not impossible and does not indicate climate change. Quite the opposite in fact. If this had happened in Eastern Nebraska it really would have been something “impossible” but portions of Western Nebraska are at 4,800+ feet elevation with hills extending past 5,500 feet. That had a major impact on what happened. People envision Nebraska as a low elevation state of steaming corn rows. But it’s a large state that extends into the higher elevation regions of the West.
Russia is storming Azovstal steel millThere are no details. RT was forced to report it only because people were posting the attack on social media. It is assumed they are going in with gas masks and there is rumor that the Ukranians have a small dial-a-nuke in the tunnels with them but that’s just rumor. Russia has done everything possible to preserve the steel mill and reduce loss of life, but with two Western generals remaining after they nabbed a Canadian general trying to escape through the drainage system I think they lost their patience, because every last damning thing they got accused of assuming has ended up being real.
Russia has the entire surrounding city totally under Russian control, the steel mill is the last hideout and it is where the treasure is. Perhaps the remaining generals will take the poison pill . . . . .
There is a reason why I never bothered with the food factory firesREALITY: There are countless food factories and fires happen. The statistical averages were completely normal. When a plane crash has no impact at all on a food facility, it really was just a plane having problems. The rest of the fires except for one were mundane. The much bigger problem is the killing of five million chickens just because one had “bird flu” as determined by a substandard test. If you want a conspiracy, look there.
Yes, the food supply is under threat, that much is certain. But the people putting it under threat are focusing on the supply chain, not arson.Take a look at this – That is far far stronger than the ruble was before the war, and the strongest yet in years.I am sure this is going to fly quite nicely with the zio clan.A FIVE STAR POST BY LIBERTY LADY. I am not the only one calling BS on Gitmo!ROWE V WADE OVERTURNEDWhy have pesky abortion stats prove the clotshot sterilized over half the women? There is a report on what is happening to Rowe V Wade HERE.
MY COMMENT: THE SUPREME COURT IS MAKING DESPERATE STABS AT LEGITIMACY AFTER ENABLING AND ABETTING THE THEFT OF THE ELECTION, AND THIS IS AN EXTREME EXAMPLE. THIS WAS ALSO DONE TO COVER UP HOW MANY WOMEN WERE RENDERED STERILE BY THE CLOT SHOT, THEY CANNOT HAVE THAT SHOW UP IN THE ABORTION STATS. You can assume the court has nothing good at play here and that they did this to fake legitimacy and do a coverup. They will probably let the states decide also. They probably figure they have the population they want destroyed adequately wiped out by the vax and since virtually all the women who were vaxxed are now sterile, who needs Rowe V Wade?? The mission has been accomplished.Who needs abortion clinics anymore when the only women who can get pregnant now were smart enough to avoid the vax and would never get an abortion anyway? Canned parenthood is going to belly up so they might as well ban abortion before the abortion stats show how many women were rendered sterile by the vax.
REPEAT:THEY OVERTURNED ROWE V. WADE FOR THE EXPLICIT REASON THAT THE ABORTION STATS ARE GOING TO PLUMMET DUE TO HOW MANY WOMEN CAN’T GET PREGNANT ANYMORE AFTER THE VAX AND THEY DON’T WANT PEOPLE ASKING QUESTIONS. SO TO COVER IT UP, THEY BANNED ABORTION. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT, THIS DID NOT COME OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF THEIR HEARTS. IT WAS EXPLICITLY DONE AS A COVERUP.FACT: THE DEATH JAB CLOT SHOT PUT THE ABORTION INDUSTRY OUT OF BUSINESS ANYWAY SO WHY NOT LIE AND SAY YOU BANNED ABORTIONS AND THAT MAKES UP FOR THE STOLEN ELECTION? YOU GAIN BROWNIE POINTS PLUS COVER UP THE FACT THAT THE WOMEN WHO WOULD HAVE HAD ABORTIONS CAN’T GET PREGNANT ANYMORE ANYWAY.If you see that posted elsewhere, it was posted here first. And it WILL be posted elsewhere because this move is TOO DAMN OBVIOUS, they DO NOT have the goodness in their hearts for such a ruling absent a nefarious reason, and clotshot coverup IS THAT REASON.Bitcoin might now be possible for donations.I figured I could never do bitcoin like that because in the past Mexico made it impossible. However, I just checked again to see if anything changed and now a major store chain that is everywhere set up bitpay and it (might) be possible to redeem bitcoin there now.So I would like to request someone to try to send a small amount through Bitcoin to this key: bc1qnz5gm3k6wg3397snlypke8gza5wp67833h9pkw Only send a small amount and only send bitcoin because the key is not compatible with other cryptos. I have never done Bitcoin because it has been impossible to do in Mex and do not know if this will even work or be recoverable so if you decide to do this, only send enough to test the system to see if this will even work. ALSO, make sure you send a mail confirming what you sent to so I will know if something failed. If this works, it will make Paypal less important.
The teacher’s grade was a politically motivated decision . . . . .Russia is releasing half true half false nuclear war propagandaThis is pure propaganda. They talk about how the sarmat would wipe out Britain in one launch. That’s actually true. But then they follow up with their poseidon nuclear torpedo and tell a half baked truth. It is true that the missile would cause a 500 meter (1650 foot) tsunami that would devastate Britain, but they then claim the wave would be radioactive and that it would completely swamp Britain. Though it would swamp much of britain it would not sink the entire country. Since the water the poseidon nuke pushed on to make the tsunami would not be the actual water that washed ashore, it is highly doubtful the tsunami would carry any meaningful radiation at all also.
I am not saying Russia is spewing total BS, but they are hamming it up quite a bit to be sure. The question then is, if the actual effects of the weapons are bad enough to get a good deterrent (a 500 meter tsunami would wipe out so much of Britain that all military potential would be gone) why exaggerate so much? That’s enough to make me question the whole thing.
WHAT IF PUTIN IS NOT REALLY GOING IN FOR CANCER SURGERY, BUT HE’D RATHER HAVE PATRUSHEV OVERSEE WORLD WAR 3 WHILE HE SITS IN A HOLE SOMEWHEREPatrushev being put in charge is BAD NEWS folks, it likely means Russia is now actually going to do something BIG. See the next post, it explains what is going on.I will be posting some images in the webp format to see if it is worthwhile. If anyone has any trouble viewing them, send a message.The first Webp image is Putin and Nikolai Patrushev in the report immediately below. If you see a broken image link or no image at all, send a message.The New York Post has reported that Putin is going in for cancer surgeryDuring his time at the hospital he will hand control over to Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Russian federal police’s Security Council.
I was skeptical of reports of Putin’s bad health because one of the rules of war played by the West is to portray your enemy as weak and sick. So I am still a bit skeptical but such claims would be brazen if not true so they probably are true. Who knows. But one thing is certain, – we had all probably better hope Putin survives this surgery.
Patrushev is a hard line communist that does not play ball with B.S. and if he gets in charge it will be his goal to totally dissolve Ukraine and take Europe – and then the world. That has been his lifelong dream and the only thing holding him back is Putin. I find it highly probable that Putin picked him as his substitute for precisely that reason – to send a strong message: Yes, I am down and out but the man in charge knows the entire Russian military so well he practically built it. And he wants to eat you. Who do you want in charge? Kind temperate ME or THAT GUY???Just look at this photo. Who would you rather do war with? Kind fuzzy guy or that vulture looking thing?The “Ministry of truth” Hit a snag.Rep Lauren Boebert has introduced legislation to totally de-fund the newly created ministry of truth. Is she legit and will it work? Time will tell but the linked Twitter vid looks like a campaign ad, “Hey everybody, I stood up for you!!!”. Time will tell and zero points given if it does not fly.
DO NOT give out food if tshtfA STRONG WARNING of the tactics that will be used by unscrupulous people looking to loot and rob:You will get a knock on the door from a woman with a child begging for you to feed them if you can. If you feed them, here is what will happen: A team of men will arrive, probably shoot you, and they will take everything you have. When TSHTF YOU HAVE NOTHING. If you decide to do anything in the way of charity, you do it in a way where your location cannot be identified and you then slip back into the shadows, with no one knowing anything about you at all. I hate to say it, but the Mexican immigrants will be by far the worst with this. They absolutely WILL use that tactic, once when I was charitable Claudia told me we have to leave the area immediately or we will get robbed because all I did was prove I was probably worth robbing. There would be no thanks or gratitude at all, only a resource to be robbed.DO NOT expect America to be any different when tshtf, if you have food DO NOT ADVERTISE IT and don’t sit there like a target with the lights on when no one else has lights also.The old school whites might be a lot safer to give to, but it is not guaranteed and when it comes to the immigrants, you might as well just shoot yourself in the head, give to them and you will be a GONER. That’s according to Claudia. She’s definitely right, don’t expect her to be stupid on that topic.
MARK MY WORD: Q will NEVER be banned by the all new “ministry of truth”The white hat gitmo garbage will NEVER be banned by either the ministry of truth OR the 60 countries that decided to join them by “fighting disinfo” on the web. They will need a false front to make it appear as if they are being even handed, so they will allow fantasy to be posted, some of it even appearing to be legit, while they ban anyone who actually uncovers damaging topics that are real and “should not be mentioned”.I have a big writeup about the Gitmo white hats “hanging the bad guys at Gitmo” below the very lengthy 60 nations joining the ministry of truth post . The “hanging the bad guys” post starts where I call it a garbage topic that should not even be on this site. It mentions the French elections and more and ends with a capture from BIN.I called it right by putting the new main page for this site in India because India did not go along with the 60 nations that will now start censoring “disinformation” as whoever defines “disinformation” decides to define it.NOT RUMOR: POLICIES AGAINST “DISINFORMATION” NOW AGREED ON BY 60 NATIONS.Permalink
Fortunately I am not physically in one of those 60 countries, my most powerful server is not in one of those countries and two other servers are not either. Iceland, which is on the list, already tried to shut this web site down TWICE, and only failed because I had servers elsewhere operating off direct IP. I have experience with this topic, this document which fakes being “protective” is in fact a lethal weapon against the truth.
THIS IS LEGIT FOLKS, READ IT AND WEEP. While claiming to protect free speech, “disinformation” will not be allowed. What is disinformation? Disinformation is the wrong information, true or not. Fat chance anyone will ever be able to now point out where the root of the problems are. The full text follows.A Declaration for the Future of the InternetWe are united by a belief in the potential of digital technologies to promote con- nectivity, democracy, peace, the rule of law, sustainable development, and the en- joyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms. As we increasingly work, com- municate, connect, engage, learn, and enjoy leisure time using digital technologies, our reliance on an open, free, global, interoperable, reliable, and secure Internet will continue to grow. Yet we are also aware of the risks inherent in that reliance and the challenges we face.
We call for a new Declaration for the Future of the Internet that includes all partners who actively support a future for the Internet that is an open, free, global, interoperable, reli- able, and secure. We further affirm our commitment to protecting and respecting human rights online and across the digital ecosystem. Partners in this Declaration intend to work toward an environment that reinforces our democratic systems and promotes active par- ticipation of every citizen in democratic processes, secures and protects individuals’ priva cy, maintains secure and reliable connectivity, resists efforts to splinter the global Internet, and promotes a free and competitive global economy. Partners in this Declaration invite other partners who share this vision to join us in working together, with civil society and other stakeholders, to affirm guiding principles for our role in the future of the global In ternet.Reclaiming the Promise of the InternetThe immense promise that accompanied the development of the Internet stemmed from its design: it is an open “network of networks”, a single interconnected communications system for all of humanity. The stable and secure operation of the Internet’s unique identifier systems have, from the beginning, been governed by a multistakeholder approach to avoid Internet fragmentation, which continues to be an essential part of our vision. For business, entrepreneurs, and the innovation ecosystem as a whole, interconnection promises better access to customers and fairer competition; for artists and creators, new audiences; for everyone, unfettered access to knowledge. With the creation of the Internet came a swell in innovation, vibrant communication, increased cross-border data flows, and market growth – as well as the invention of new digital products and services that now permeate every aspect of our daily lives.
Over the last two decades, however, we have witnessed serious challenges to this vision emerge. Access to the open Internet is limited by some authoritarian governments and online platforms and digital tools are increasingly used to repress freedom of expression and deny other human rights and fundamental freedoms. State-sponsored or condoned malicious behavior is on the rise, including the spread of disinformation and cybercrimes such as ransomware, affecting the security and the resilience of critical infrastructure while holding at risk vital public and private assets. At the same time, countries have erected firewalls and taken other technical measures, such as Internet shutdowns, to restrict access to journalism, information, and services, in ways that are contrary to international human rights commitments and obligations. Concerted or independent actions of some governments and private actors have sought to abuse the openness of Inter- net governance and related processes to advance a closed vision. Moreover, the once decentralized Internet economy has become highly concentrated and many people have legitimate concerns about their privacy and the quantity and security of personal data collected and stored online. Online platforms have enabled an increase in the spread of illegal or harmful content that can threaten the safety of individuals and contribute to radicalization and violence. Disinformation and foreign malign activity is used to sow division and conflict between individuals or groups in society, undermining respect for and protection of human rights and demo- cratic institutions.Our VisionWe believe we should meet these challenges by working towards a shared vision for the future of the Inter- net that recommits governments and relevant authorities to defending human rights and fostering equitable economic prosperity. We intend to ensure that the use of digital technologies reinforces, not weakens, de- mocracy and respect for human rights; offers opportunities for innovation in the digital ecosystem, including businesses large and small; and, maintains connections between our societies. We intend to work together to protect and fortify the multistakeholder system of Internet governance and to maintain a high level of securi- ty, privacy protection, stability and resilience of the technical infrastructure of the Internet.
We affirm our commitment to promote and sustain an Internet that: is an open, free, global, interoperable, re- liable, and secure and to ensure that the Internet reinforces democratic principles and human rights and fun- damental freedoms; offers opportunities for collaborative research and commerce; is developed, governed, and deployed in an inclusive way so that unserved and underserved communities, particularly those coming online for the first time, can navigate it safely and with personal data privacy and protections in place; and is governed by multistakeholder processes. In short, an Internet that can deliver on the promise of connecting humankind and helping societies and democracies to thrive.
The Internet should operate as a single, decentralized network of networks – with global reach and gov- erned through the multistakeholder approach, whereby governments and relevant authorities partner with academics, civil society, the private sector, technical community and others. Digital technologies reliant on the Internet, will yield the greatest dividends when they operate as an open, free, global, interoperable, re- liable, and secure systems. Digital technologies should be produced, used, and governed in ways that enable trustworthy, free, and fair commerce; avoid unfair discrimination between, and ensure effective choice for, individual users; foster fair competition and encourage innovation; promote and protect human rights; and, foster societies where:
– Human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the well-being of all individuals are protected and promoted;
– All can connect to the Internet, no matter where they are located, including through increased access, affordability, and digital skills;
– Individuals and businesses can trust the safety and the confidentiality of the digital technologies they use and that their privacy is protected;
– Businesses of all sizes can innovate, compete, and thrive on their merits in a fair and competitive ecosys- tem;
– Infrastructure is designed to be secure, interoperable, reliable, and sustainable;
– Technology is used to promote pluralism and freedom of expression, sustainability, inclusive economic growth, and the fight against global climate change.
Principles to promote this VisionThe partners in this Declaration intend to uphold a range of key principles, set out below, regarding the In- ternet and digital technologies; to promote these principles within existing multilateral and multistakeholder fora; to translate these principles into concrete policies and actions; and, work together to promote this vision globally, while respecting each other’s regulatory autonomy within our own jurisdictions and in accordance with our respective domestic laws and international legal obligations. These principles are not legally binding but should rather be used as a reference for public policy makers, as well as citizens, businesses, and civil society organizations.Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms- Dedicate ourselves, in conducting and executing our respective domestic authorities, to respect human rights, including as reflected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the principles of the rule of law, legitimate purpose, non-arbitrariness, effective oversight, and transparency, both online and offline, and call upon others to do the same.
– Promote online safety and continue to strengthen our work to combat violence online, including sexual and gender-based violence as well as child sexual exploitation, to make the Internet a safe and secure place for everyone, particularly women, children, and young people.
– Promote safe and equitable use of the Internet for everyone, without discrimination based on sex, race, color, ethnic, national or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of an indigenous population, property, birth, disability, age, gender identity or sex- ual orientation.
– Reaffirm our commitment that actions taken by governments, authorities, and digital services including online platforms to reduce illegal and harmful content and activities online be consistent with inter- national human rights law, including the right to freedom of expression while encouraging diversity of opinion, and pluralism without fear of censorship, harassment, or intimidation.
– Protect and respect human rights and fundamental freedoms across the digital ecosystem, while provid- ing access to meaningful remedies for human rights violations and abuses, consistent with international human rights law.
– Refrain from misusing or abusing the Internet or algorithmic tools or techniques for unlawful surveillance, oppression, and repression that do not align with international human rights principles, including devel- oping social score cards or other mechanisms of domestic social control or pre-crime detention and arrest. A Global Internet
– Refrain from government-imposed internet shutdowns or degrading domestic Internet access, either en- tirely or partially. – Refrain from blocking or degrading access to lawful content, services, and applications on the Internet, consistent with principles of Net Neutrality subject to applicable law, including international human rights law.
– Promote our work to realize the benefits of data free flows with trust based on our shared values as like-minded, democratic, open and outward looking partners.
– Promote cooperation in research and innovation and standard setting, encourage information sharing re- garding security threats through relevant international fora, and reaffirm our commitment to the frame- work of responsible state behavior in cyberspace.Inclusive and Affordable Access to the Internet- Promote affordable, inclusive, and reliable access to the Internet for individuals and businesses where they need it and support efforts to close digital divides around the world to ensure all people of the world are able to benefit from the digital transformation.
– Support digital literacy, skills acquisition, and development so that individuals can overcome the digital di- vide, participate in the Internet safely, and realize the economic and social potential of the digital economy.
– Foster greater exposure to diverse cultural and multilingual content, information, and news online. Ex- posure to diverse content online should contribute to pluralistic public discourse, foster greater social and digital inclusion within society, bolster resilience to disinformation and misinformation, and in- crease participation in democratic processes.Trust in the Digital Ecosystem- Work together to combat cybercrime, including cyber-enabled crime, and deter malicious cyber activity.
– Ensure that government and relevant authorities’ access to personal data is based in law and conducted in accordance with international human rights law.
– Protect individuals’ privacy, their personal data, the confidentiality of electronic communications and in- formation on end-users’ electronic devices, consistent with the protection of public safety and applicable domestic and international law.
– Promote the protection of consumers, in particular vulnerable consumers, from online scams and other unfair practices online and from dangerous and unsafe products sold online.
– Promote and use trustworthy network infrastructure and services suppliers, relying on risk-based assess- ments that include technical and non-technical factors for network security.
– Refrain from using the Internet to undermine the electoral infrastructure, elections and political pro cesses, including through covert information manipulation campaigns.cesses, including through covert information manipulation campaigns.
– Support a rules-based global digital economy which fosters trade and contestable and fair online markets so that firms and entrepreneurs can compete on their merits.
– Cooperate to maximize the enabling effects of technology for combatting climate change and protecting the environment whilst reducing as much as possible the environmental footprint of the Internet and digital technologies.Multistakeholder Internet Governance- Protect and strengthen the multistakeholder system of Internet governance, including the development, deployment, and management of its main technical protocols and other related standards and protocols.
– Refrain from undermining the technical infrastructure essential to the general availability and integrity of the Internet. We believe that the principles for the future of the Internet are universal in nature and as such we invite those who share this vision to affirm these principles and join us in the im- plementation of this vision. This Declaration takes into account, and expects to contribute to, existing processes in the UN system, G7, G20, the Organisation for Economic Cooper- ation and Development, the World Trade Organization, and other relevant multilateral and multistakeholder fora, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Internet Governance Forum, and Freedom Online Coalition. We also welcome partner- ship with the many civil society organizations essential to promoting an open, free, global, interoperable, reliable, and secure Internet, and defending fundamental freedoms and human rights online. Partners in this Declaration intend to consult and work closely with stakeholders in carrying forward this vision.
MY COMMENT: Look over the part about disinformation, interfering with elections and “causing harm”. It’s over folks. “Disinformation” is that which they don’t like, “interfering with elections” means telling the truth about candidates the MSM has lied about and subsequently pointing out vote fraud, and “causing harm” means pointing out the perpetrators of permitted crimes like slave trades, child sacrifice, the grove, corrupt politicians and deals – the whole 9 yards. IT IS OVER.MY FINAL ANSWER: THIS IS A ROTTED PIG WRAPPED IN A FANCY QUILT. IF THIS GETS ENFORCED IT IS OVER. THE SHITHOLE COUNTRIES THAT SIGNED ONTO THIS ARE:Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cabo Verde, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, the European Commission, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldives, Malta, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Niger, North Macedonia, Palau, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ukraine, and Uruguay.The reason why this was done is to stop people, who even after being de-monetized, fought tooth and nail to keep actual reality – rather than what the tribe wanted pushed – in the spotlight. Now anyone who stayed standing after de-monetization will simply be called “disinfo”, “harmful” or “in opposition to ‘fair’ elections” and they will be banned for that alone. Defunding did not work well enough because too many people were committed enough to make sacrifices to keep what was factually accurate on the table. Now the real scammers and cheats are going to have it their way:The following long spiel is for a garbage topic that should not even be on this site. The spiel uses examples of several topics and ends where the food factory fire post is.The “ministry of truth” will sure love the Gitmo morons, – they will NEVER get banned because there is no substance and they are therefore harmless. They are absolutely PERFECT to use in a game of pretending to allow alt voices to be heard, while anyone with good info will get flushed.Why on earth did I put so much time and page space into refuting the GITMO white hat bullshitters? I don’t know, but I was not drunk.Permalink for this rebuttal of page polluting bullshit. Why would anyone of any creedence bother with the topic? Why did I?A reader sent:”I am amazed at the number of morons who embrace the obvious disinformation about hangings at Gitmo, etc. It’s actually horrifying to see people encourage and even cheer the notion of secret trials and executions.
My response: That is not bad at all. What is bad is when Hillary has been hung 5 times and Obama 3, while Hillary is fresh off an adrenochrome surge and complete baby blood transfusions, so fresh she’s not sh*tting diapers anymore and is instead talking about running for president!!!
FOR THE RECORD: There are no hangings at Gitmo. Absolutely no one from the cabal has fallen. Not even Epstein, he’s back on his island after a fake suicide where they swapped out Anthony Bourdain for the photos. We are in the era where evil has been unleashed and only the good die young. Pillow guy? Are you kidding me? Buy a pillow from him, not the bullshit!!! The pillows are still good.
We just saw Macron get rigged in Biden style. Yes, the same thing happened:
If even after the same vote magic happened in France that happened with Trump you think your vote matters and you can make a difference, if you really think white hats are in charge holding secret trials while we are all being saved without us even knowing it AFTER HILLARY GOT HUNG AND RE APPEARED 5 TIMES, – If you think we are being saved when the white hats can’t fix even election security ANYWHERE after what happened in the U.S last time and they go ahead and steal it the exact same way elsewhere without repercussions, you are a SUCKER. No, at this point more than that, a bottom feeder waiting for someone to flush the toilet on a boat so you can eat.
As Russia prepares to nuke us, Biden declares he is vice president to Obama (who has been “hung at Gitmo by white hats” multiple times) while Obama is right there grimacing an “oops”. Aah yes, there is plenty to eat on the bottom, that fish looks quite healthy.Now, about that election in France . . . . .A reader sent:
The voting scam method can also be seen in real-time military exercises.
I witnessed twice in S. Korea their yearly joint-force nationwide training exercise totally fake victory.
A huge part of the scenario involves locating and evacuating civilian personnel (military families and teachers, for example). The computer calculations take into account available civilian boats, planes, anything else available for rapid use, and then combine with number of people being evacuated.
Both times the numbers of civilian personnel dwarfed the available amount of transports, even on the final day.
Yet the very next morning when the tabulations are finalized, we’d declare victory against the N. Koreans as well as full successful evacuation of civilians. When I’d ask how that was possible I was always told to shut up.
Fake numbers. Fake government. Fake military.
If people would only realize.
How did this get 35,000+ views????I know how. Now watch it NOT happen.Several readers are VERY upset by the following post. To that I say, WATCH ME BE RIGHT. How will those “insiders”look when the following ends up as, as I state it will, a steaming pile of dung???Being a true insider means you call bullshit on bullshit before it is proven bullshit, not after!!! I am “not out of the loop”, I am only “out of the loop of bullshit”. FINAL ANSWER.THE BENCHMARK: TRUMP REINSTATED ON MAY 5TH. If that does not happen, the WHOLE THING IS BULLSHIT. And when that becomes an embarrassment the clickbaitable morons will click through to the next bullshit that spews from the same bullshitters, bowing down and worshiping the all new bullshit like info ewoks before an EFFING GOLDEN ROBOT.The “ministry of truth is not going to ban stuff like this because it will prove “they are allowing the other side to speak” while absolutely nothing but BS is spewed from “alt media”. After 5 or so fails like this soon to be fail, anyone who might dabble in alternate opinions is going to shut them off forever. Meanwhile those in alt media who are mortified by crap like this will be banned.
I am only making a big deal of this because it fits today’s rant (down past the next (very lengthy) post – it fits it so perfectly. THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT, RIGHT HERE:
Here are my forecasted prerequisites for a Trump re-instatement on May 5: Biden&co get 10 hour advance notice of a nuclear strike and then tell Trump to show up at the white house within 10 hours because “they give up” while they run to their tunnels hoping to con Trump into soaking up the heat. That’s about what it would take. Maybe the nuclear strike will happen but Trump sure as hell won’t be president again.This is the end of this post. It was originally spread all over the page in pieces and then assembled out of order because it read better that way.Another food plant catches fire???Soy is not food, and that’s the last thing “they” would ever burn. That’s what we are supposed to be migrating to. The facility operators have stated that the fire, which took place in a large soy bin, will not affect operations at all. SO IT IS NOT NEWS. I skipped it for a reason and only posted this because Infowars considered it a crisis (when it is not) and I did not want people to think I missed this story. If something is not here the chance I actually missed it is very small, more likely is that I read through to the details and said “Non story”. And this is a non-story. Yes, there have been fires at food processing plants lately but not enough to impact anything and the plane crash one was total BUNK. That was a plane crash story, not a food supply story.Celene Dion post pulled.As it turns out, she’s looked like crap since 2019. But the fact remains that her real problems started after the shots. She’s only 54.Naiomi Judd just committed suicide.The Judds had decent country music. They gave Primus (who was a polar opposite) a foot into the door of music, had a fight, and the song “Big Brown Beaver” was born . . . . . . I think Primus was probably right to be mad but that song was BAD. Quite thankless. The Judds definitely had a good side. No one knows the history behind that fight and song from what I see in the comments . . . . . Anyway, everyone dies I guess. I am surprised and a bit saddened by the news.Remember, RealRawNews is an openly stated satire siteI saw one of their posts claiming Biden’s secretary of agriculture got jailed for burning down food processing factories posted as credible somewhere . . . . don’t be stupid, they OPENLY STATE THEY ARE A DRY HUMOR SITE. You have to read the fine print, I guess some people don’t do that.
One more thing: How is it that Fauci has now been hung at Gitmo several times along with Hillary and every other bad actor including Obama, LONG before Biden said he’s Obama’s vice president, with Obama standing right there on camera? If I don’t parrot the “white hat gitmo bullshit” it does not make me “out of the loop”, it instead means I have common sense. No, Pillow guy is not going to save the world, when it comes to corruption and vote fraud and everything else of the sort I hate to say THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED. NO ONE is hanging anywhere.The only big news this morning is that Ukraine managed to strike Russia with a warplaneNo details given, only that it was a warplane which managed to strike inside Russia without entering Russia’s airspace. It tried to hit an oil depot but did not get a good hit on anything. The big question is, how did Ukraine get a warplane and then fly it to the border of Russia without it being shot down?CONFIRMED: Vax for thee and not for me.Much more at the link.

Russia doubts Musk will succeed in bringing free speech back to TwitterI called this a day earlier than they did.


Biden did indeed set up a “ministry of truth” and it is getting backlash. I heard about this yesterday and thought it had to be a hoax. It is not a hoax. Look at this from Infowars:
CONFIRMED ACCURATE: RUSSIAN MEDIA: The most probable outcome is nuclear war. We will go to heaven, and they will simply croak.
Ancient Egyptian mystery solved.I have seen documentaries about reflecting pools the Egyptians had that were “so perfectly level it would take lasers to do it, and they had no lasers”. Here is how that was accomplished according to me (no ancient mysteries site would ever dare post this): Build it any way you want without making any measurements at all except for length depth and width. Don’t even pay attention to level, except for approximations. Then fill it with water. Wherever the water comes out first, RAISE IT. Keep adjusting the sides until the water flows over evenly everywhere.
“Technology superior to ours” mystery solved. Only no. Because we have such high tech now we can actually make those straight up and have them be perfect before any water goes in at all . . . . . our civilization is worth a lot more than most people realize it is.SITE INTERFERENCE: In many cases a 15 second or more delay is being added by internet routers before this site is permitted to load.I have speed tested the entire system and even on a slow cellular connection with a computer freshly booted live (with no cache advantage) this site loads completely with all graphics and video totally in place in 0.61 seconds. This is because right now 4 servers are handling their individual tasks with the page, so it can happen that fast. If this site loads slow it is directly because a timer has been put on whatever router sends it to you and this varies by geographic location and ISP. 250 mbps Totalplay is taking 15 seconds before it even considers loading anything at all, and 5 MBPS Pillofon loads the page INSTANTLY. All delays to this site are imposed, it does not run like crap AT ALL. I just noticed this today and it is probably because of how bad the NATO weapons discovery is making someone look. Who knows. It is hard to say exactly what they are mad at when it comes to this site.
Russian forces are now demanding permission for all out war because they know they are fighting NATO anyway. See the following:


What are the basic legalities of living off grid in your state? Here is an awesome reference, by far the best I have ever seen.Slow news day. So far anywayA not so trivial topic:Chances are in the upcoming months that you are going to either need to move in with someone, or someone will need to move in with you. How to avoid conflict . . . . .
If you have kids, don’t let them trash someone elses house. Don’t let them climb all over the couch, spill their kool aid, write on the walls, run around screaming, throw the remote, NONE OF THAT. It’s not your house for them to destroy.
If you are alone and you don’t have work, don’t sleep until noon. You get up as if you are going to work, and you LEAVE THE HOUSE for the work hours. Do what you can to contribute and not rob the space, even if it is turning in pop cans. The only difference between you and the bum on the street turning in pop cans is you had someone to prevent you from landing on the street, AT LEAST try to recycle pop cans or whatever else so you are not a total dependent. And keep the house clean too, make sure there are no dirty toilets or dishes in the sink . . . .
If they can’t have their own room and have to “sleep on the couch” then you take an area that is at least enough to lay down in and make it totally private. If you are lucky enough to have a large living room, you make sure it has a place at least the size of a bed (plus two feet on all sides to move in and put stuff) and you make it TOTALLY PRIVATE. It does not matter how it is done, with dividers or japanese blinds or a framework that can hold fabric up to create a barrier or whatever, – if a private space is not set up there will be huge stresses because you won’t be able to even occupy the house without being “right next to someone”. EXAMPLE:
When my mother in law moved in we had a room for her upstairs but that only worked for about 3 days and then her knees could not handle the stairs. So I had to put her in the living room. I was perfectly happy to have her there, it did not bother me at all. I just moved the bed to the living room and was perfectly fine with it. I was actually surprised that stressed her out badly. She needed her own space. All I had to do to give her her own space was to go to home depot and get some 3mm MDF board, a door and some 1X2 framing wood and then section off the dining room and move the table into the living room and then put her bed there. She went from stressed out to totally happy in a day and it cost about $100 to do.
If you have anyone move in with you and you end up with a similar situation, you cannot expect it to work at all if whoever moves in cannot have a totally private space.Even if YOU, YOURSELF, are perfectly happy with them being there, they will probably be stressed by a lack of privacy, consider this even if privacy is simply finding a way to hang a few bed sheets.
To sum it up: If you move in, consider the impact you are having where you are going and don’t operate in a selfish mode, expecting them to pick up after you. If someone moves in with you, them having their own private space is absolutely ESSENTIAL, the couch will not cut it. If you move in with someone make damn good and sure you don’t sit around all day – at least collect pop cans and don’t constantly empty the fridge. That’s common sense, I don’t care if you were an executive, if pop cans are where you are, accept it! If all you can do is make $5 a day with pop cans, DO IT. At least you will contribute something.
Something I figured I’d post when there was nothing to post -I strongly believe “organic” foods are often sabotaged and are often positively the worst thing you could ever eatI have always had this theory, and now I have some evidence to back it up. If you wanted to wreck the aware, just sabotage the food supplies they consider safe. It is happening, bank on it. “Organic”, “Natural” and any other healthy label is as far as I see it a ticket to doom. And I have some strong intrinsic proof now.
Claudia’s mom stays with us off and on. The last time she was here, she left behind 2 liters of the most expensive “safe and healthy” organic milk you can possibly buy. Insanely expensive by Mexican standards, (more than $1.50 USD a liter) when a liter of what I call the “good stuff” only costs .60 and the cut rate stuff is right around 40 cents . . . . .
She left two liters of her insane “I don’t want to pay for that because it is BUNK but I have to pay for it because she wants it” milk and there were no options, it was going to spoil if I did not drink it, so over a few days I did. Then disaster struck. I don’t know what the heck they put in that milk, but it was an instant defined marker for uncontrollable weight gain. I have cut my diet down to 750 calories a day and even if I ride the bike constantly I cannot lose weight. I can only keep it stable. And my mother in law eats like a bird and is VERY overweight. I think that milk is sabotaging her.
Math is math. 750 calories plus lots of walking and exercise and bike riding equaling zero weight loss is a mathematical impossibility. I am two months into this now and I am getting worried because that energy has got to be coming from somewhere and I am not eating it. I am still at FULL ENERGY. I did not slow down at all. So where is the energy coming from if I am not eating it? This all happened after TWO QUARTS of that milk, and two months later I still can’t lose weight, even if I do not eat at all, I have done three day fasts to try to drop weight and NOTHING vanishes.Here is the only thing that makes sense:That milk has some sort of sophisticated sabotage built into it that replaces the oil in the fats with water the second the oil (energy content) gets taken out. I have got to be losing fat dramatically – the laws of physics WILL be obeyed, I am not a perpetual motion machine that can run on nothing, no food in + exercise + no weight loss is not possible unless something with no energy value is replacing the actual energy content of the fat. And that would be water.
This is the milk that totally changed the way my body manages water, calories, the whole 9 yards. I believe it is a nuclear bomb. And it is not just me, it is my mother in law and everyone else in the family that drinks this – they all eat like birds and are huge. They are the only ones that are huge. I have tried to warn them but despite “how smart I am” they won’t believe it. I managed the problem by literally eating nothing at all. But how long is that going to last? I am going to have to eat normal eventually. I hope it eventually wears off . . . . .


This side by side comparison of Soros and Zelensky is well worth a looksie. They are clearly the same blood line.According to the Associated Press, Putin FINALLY started cutting off the gas, first to Poland and Bulgaria.It looks like this is, in a sense legit, but there are still ways to get gas into poland via alternate routes without the Yamal pipeline. 
THE FRENCH KNOW THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN, AND ARE TAKING THE INTERNET OUT IN PROTESTAfter Macron was clearly and obviously rigged into power with the numbers showing it happen broadcast live, the French are rebelling by cutting fiber optic cables all over France.Obviously this MSM report won’t say the real reason, but it’s not hard to figure out.

Want to watch an hour long documentary about Ukraine done by RT? For as long as it lasts, click here.Yes, we do drink each other’s blood on occasion.
An extremely weird mode of attack against this site is underwayWhen people try to link this site (, an AI switches the link they thought they had to random pages at that have nothing to do with what they wanted and sometimes pages that no one but an AI would ever find or know existed because the pages were never even published. The AI is switching the links to pages it knows exists but the public never saw and could never have accessed. These are backup or scratch pad pages. On top of that, when it does that, it throws people into the same “security error” sabotage they did to – a total trashing. It is obvious what is going on because the AI can’t tell the difference between a published page people could access, and a scratch pad page no one could have ever accessed. It would not be possible for someone to make a linking error to something they could never have hit. It is stunning to see such definitive proof of sabotage and how “they” are doing it.
HERE IS ONE OF THE PAGES THEY OPENLY AND OVERTLY SABOTAGED THIS WAY, TOP POSTED AGAIN BECAUSE IT MUST BE REALLY IMPORTANT. WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO LINK THIS, THEY GET THROWN TO RANDOM PAGES THAT ARE NOT EVEN ON THE SERVER THAT SERVES THIS REPORT:To the A-holes that are sabotaging this, how about a re-run?STUNNING NATO weapons cache found by Russian forces in UkrainePERMALINKMultiple billions of dollars worth in several buildings.The whole ball of wax. American light anti tank weapons. American mortars. Old Ukranian stock. Stuff Ukraine was assembling. Stuff from other EU countries. Huge anti tank missiles. Huge anti aircraft or whatever else missiles. Even Russian stuff. An entire warehouse full of spent casings to be reloaded. THE WHOLE BALL OF WAX, – AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, The Ukranian forces abandoned this which means they had no ability to relocate it before being overtaken. That means they are losing. There are enough weapons in this stache to win a war against a major power, the discovery was THAT BIG.
It is not just the first warehouse full at the beginning, they go through multiple warehouses and prove NATO is supplying Ukraine with a dream stache.


One way or another, Musk’s takeover of Twitter is going to fail.Why would Tesla drop $126 billion in value overnight? That’s called a punishment. “They” will not permit anything like Twitter to fall outside their control and they have the power to destroy anyone. I am not going to keep beating the same horse to avoid constantly repeating myself, but this twitter acquisition is going to fail one way or another, that was obvious when as part of the deal Musk gave them six months to find ways to destroy it all. That just proved that despite how well Musk presents himself to sensible people, he’s seriously lacking conspiracy wit. They have six months to “trump” him into irrelevancy. I wonder what Musk’s version of “the Russians” will be.

I checked Russian media and saw nothing about an attack in Moldova or any nuclear threats.If they are not mentioning it in their own news, where did that come from? All Russia is saying is they did not turn off any gas. WTH is Yahoo talking about? Is that a full on lie to “justify” something Western forces have planned?Trump: The entire world is going to be blown to pieces2 minute video where he politely calls corruption “incompetence that will cause the world to be blown to pieces”

I’ll be frank: At this point, a nuclear war would be better than what k-dom has planned for us.THE PROBLEM: I’d bet $50 that the Russians would run a nuclear war as incompentently as how Musk “took over Twitter”. All the enemies would still be alive and we’d all be cursed anyway. Why is it that no one ever figures out F*** ALL when it comes to actually forumlating a real opposition to evil? The only effective nuclear war would be done with tsunami bombs that put Washington DC under 3,000 feet of water. That would probably pop the seals on their coward tunnels. Anything short of that would be stupidly incompetent.Sweden and Finland are trying to join NATO.Should be complete within a month or so, so there’s that.The reality of Twitter on the ground, as it sits -Conservatives have tried setting up accounts and get immediately banned. Twitter’s leftist staff is still completely itself, and is, in full leftist fashion totally dishonest and adamant about keeping things censored. From what I heard, Musk already has the source code safeguarded to prevent employee sabotage but I don’t know if that is rumor or not. Musk wants the code open source and that’s all great But there are six whole months before he can make any difference at all, and without question, the entire left will ally itself to make Twitter totally irrelevant by that time.
The six months clause was a death sentence, there’s no way Musk should have ever agreed to that. He should be running twitter NOW. He’s not. How long did it take Urban Moving Systems to wire the WTC for 9/11? Same deal. The job of blowing up Twitter is probably an approximate match in complexity and time needed to the job of blowing up the WTC and pulling 9/11 off. They have that time. You can damn well bet they are going to do it.Sit back and watch what happens. The takeover sounds all good and dandy on the surface, but the chance of Twitter seeing a day where it is actually a platform for free speech is slim to none, they have six months to wipe that place out, set up a replacement the MSM will drone people to, and twitter will be like Myspace is now once Musk actually gets ahold of it. Alive, but irrelevant.THIS WEB SITE IS WHAT BUSTED THE CHILDREN ON TRAINS SCAMThe children on trains report done by Claudia and 7 years ago is the biggest bust of the child slave trade ever done. Claudia and I went around to every rail line choke point in Mexico and got proof from rail security and even a coyote that there were no kids on any trains in Mexico AT ALL.The kids were instead stolen directly from central America, loaded onto boats, and sold on the international slave trade. The train stories were hoaxed on private rail spurs using actors to explain to the parents of the kids “where they went”. No actual Mexican rail lines had any kids on them at all. No buses did either. They were simply loaded onto boats and shipped to Israel, Europe and elsewhere. Want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? 100 percent of the media and government was on board with this, running cover for the theft of hundreds of thousands of kids.Here it is. Sit back and watch a pulitzer prize level bust of a golbalist slave trade con job. After I released this, “they” canceled the entire ruse within hours, saying the Mexican police suddenly decided to bust all the kids. ONLY, NO. WATCH.
Want to know why my mails get censored? Watch this video, you’ll know why, I am the ultimate ex-intelligence “white hat” that cannot be permitted to communicate freely with ANYONE. I was in contact with people in central America that helped do the bust from that end of the tracks and when I released this it was the absolute end of my legit communications. I get to talk to who “they” permit.
New rumor!!! Fauci executed at Gitmo!!!!My god, that crap is actually making headlines at relatively reputable places. Whoever spawns that crap, GIVE UP. If you did not see something here, it does not mean I missed it, it more likely means I called B.S. and am sparing you. Yes, mister pillow talk will also have Trump reinstated soon. The rule of law is GONE. Forgetaboutit!!!!
IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, READ THE FOLLOWING QUOTE AND PONDER. Until then, FORGETABOUTIT, THAT QUOTE IS YOUR FUTURE IF YOU, YOURSELF DO NOT PREVENT IT.Musk/twitter update: “NEARING THE DEAL” is NOT deal made.Everyone is saying Musk bought twitter but there are still roadblocks so saying the deal is done is not accurate. The latest problem is leftists demanding Trump and Alex to never be re-instated and there will be plenty of attempts to have in the contracts that the censorship stays AS IS.
Both California AND Colorado have now legalized abortion after birth.That’s what you get from the same crowd that enforced the death vax, STOLEN ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES and yes, California was stolen also.IT IS NOW OFFICIAL: The Ruble is stronger than it was before the invasionIt is now sitting BELOW 75 rubles to the dollar.
If there ever was a “white hat” Musk is probably it. He is buying twitter at an ENORMOUS loss. He is paying WAY TOO MUCH for it just to “do the right thing”.What will happen if all the ad servers de-monetize Twitter? There are many ways it can be sabotaged. Musk can eat the loss though . . . . .
Elon Musk is about to close the deal on TwitterHe will be acquiring the entire company. And he will be “taking it private”. What is that supposed to mean? That Twitter is NOT PRIVATE as it is? UPDATE: I think I was a bit confused and that what the article is saying is that Twitter will no longer be publicly traded, it will instead be Musk’s gig. In other words, no one will be able to buy stock. In other words, the woke crowd is FIRED. I wonder if they will sabotage it. If Twitter does get under control of Musk, I will at least try to set up something there.
Macron did not win any electionHe is simply the appointed leader until the WEF finishes implementing the great reset. For as long as people tolerate it, there will be no elections. I am not in the mood to beat a dead horse, the whole world should know by now that when it comes to the west, elections are over. And I am not even sure Putin won but at least he is not actively seeking to destroy Russia. The only two legit elections I know of recently were for Bolsonaro in Brazil, and Obrador in Mexico. I don’t know of more than that. ATTACK ON AN ENORMOUS OIL DEPOT 100 MILES INSIDE RUSSIAThe story Ukraine is trying to front is that they got 2 helicopters in and blew it up. That’s not likely, because Russia sounded the air raid sirens and that would not have happened for helicopters. That would be for cruise missiles or bombers. This attack came hours after a visit to Ukraine by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. This could result in a major response by Russia.
 100 Russians answer question: Do you hate America?What is really weird is that they look a lot like 1980’s Americans.PROTEST BAN IN CANADA – the correct perspectiveThey slipped the bill through while attendance was low, like a snake in the night. Here is how you handle that: I’ll only hint. If they don’t like peaceful protest, what is left???? Perhaps they are looking for a different style of request.Tyrants remain thankless for peaceful protest up until the moment people resort to other means, means which might actually touch them.It is the way it is. Enough said.No matter what the answer is, LePen won the election.They will make sure the results are “close enough” to instill doubt and quell the rage over Macron being selected the way Biden was, and that is all. I’m surprised they have not killed LePen yet but then again, the right drugs will do the trick like they did with Trump, heck, why not let her win and then drug her? Too much maintenance???SORRY, YOU DO NOT GET TO PICK YOUR PRONOUNPermalink Use the permalink to link the report and have it not expire.
In the video a salient point is made: 1,000 years from now, when archaeologists dig up your bones, what will they identify you as? ANSWER: It does not make a difference if you identified as a tomato plant or a woman, when archaeologists look at your bones and they don’t know whatever mental illness you had, if you were born male, they will write you down as male.
STUNNING weapons cache found by Russian forces in UkrainePermalink Use the permalink to link the report and have it not expire.Multiple billions of dollars worth in several buildings.The whole ball of wax. American light anti tank weapons. American mortars. Old Ukranian stock. Stuff Ukraine was assembling. Stuff from other EU countries. Huge anti tank missiles. Huge anti aircraft or whatever else missiles. Even Russian stuff. An entire warehouse full of spent casings to be reloaded. THE WHOLE BALL OF WAX, – AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, The Ukranian forces abandoned this which means they had no ability to relocate it before being overtaken. That means they are losing. There are enough weapons in this stache to win a war against a major power, the discovery was THAT BIG.
It is not just the first warehouse full at the beginning, they go through multiple warehouses and prove NATO is supplying Ukraine with a dream stache.


There is a rumor that a W58 nuclear warhead with a yield up to a kiloton was smuggled into the Azovstav steel millI am skeptical and am only mentioning this because Russia has recently stated it is expecting a false flag from the West. Due to this suspicion, Russia pulled back away from the steel mill and is only supervising it, there’s no battle going on there so if something does go off it can be seriously questioned. That is all I’ll post on this for now, I am skeptical but would not be surprised. Not after 911.
The problem with the W58 story is that those were decommissioned completely in 1987. Where would anyone get one?About Gonzalo liraPermalink Use the permalink to link the report and have it not expire.
The guy who got the truth out of Ukraine that was posted here more than once –
When he disappeared I was not worried because I was confident he’d pop back up again OK. And he did. The Ukranian forces captured him, interrogated him, and instructed him on how to “behave”. He was then released. Once released he no longer had access to his prior social media accounts but managed to post again. Even if Gonzalo had vanished permanently it can be said that he has left his mark in history that will never go away, we all know who the bad guys were. If he had vanished his influence would have survived. Eventually everyone in alt media will be gone including me, I don’t expect this to last. I have survived two takedowns already but one of these times it will stick and I’ll be gone too. The most trusted name in MSM news did a big writeup about Gonzalo, here it is (cached because lots of people can’t hit RT reliably anymore, including me)

People like this will drag an entire nation down to hellPermalink Use the permalink to link the report and have it not expire.Watch Americans agree that killing a baby (up to 10 months after birth) is perfectly fine as long as the mother wants it
VIDEO: Tesla using “smart summon” feature hits a jet parked on the runwayClassified US Army Manuals Found at Azov Neo-Nazis’ Base Near MariupolFrom SputniknewsPermalink Use the permalink to link the report and have it not expire.
The unearthed materials are just the latest addition to a collection of trophies of military equipment and weaponry that western countries have been sending to Ukraine for years, despite objections from Moscow.
The inspection of the former base of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi battalion Azov near Mariupol led to a discovery of classified manuals – courtesy of the US Army.
The documents, contain instructions on to conduct counter-insurgency and reconnaissance operations, were supposed to be destroyed to prevent them from falling into enemy hands, but Azov fighters failed to do so.

Proof of “who is responsible for what’s happening” in Ukraine? 🤔
Secret US Army manuals and guidelines, in particular for intelligence units, were found at the base of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion near Mariupol, a Sputnik correspondent reports from the site
According to the Russian military, such documents must be destroyed if they cannot be retrieved but Azov radicals failed to do so in time.

The manuals, written in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages according to a video shot by a journalist who was briefly able to study them, were discovered at the base where a sabotage team named SS Medvedi had been stationed. One of the manuals mentions the US Army Intelligence Centre at Fort Huachuca, while the other was published by the US Department of the Army.
Most of Mariupol, barring the Azovstal steel plant, has recently come under control of the joint forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Russian military, which extended help as a part of the special military operation launched on 24 February.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia was “forced” to start the operation to end the tragedy, genocide and suffering in Donbass, which has been sustaining shelling by Ukrainian forces for years.

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