Xi (China) & Putin (Russia) Do Not Go Along With the Davos Crowd Great Reset and I Applaud Them For This; Expect the U.S. to Tank & Russia With China to Become Superpowers


Panel: “Russia & the Great Reset – Resistance or Complicity?”

OffGuardian has teamed up with Unlimited Hangout to host our first-ever panel discussion: “Russia & the Great Reset – Resistance or Complicity?” Is the war in Ukraine an “extension of Covid by other means”? Is Putin’s Russia opposed to globalism or actively supporting it? Is the east-west clash between the US-EU and Russia-China a genuine struggle of ideas, or squabbling over the best seats at the table? Moderators Kit Knightly and Whitney Webb discuss all this and more with their guest panellists. For show notes, including panellist bios and social media links, click here: https://wp.me/paXmj6-ljd

Comment: Russia has been under Rothschild ‘s Jewish control since Bolshevik Jews took over. No politician can escape their influence. Bill Gates, Jew and His Jewish Cabal are pushing the COVID lockdown fraud but still Russia & China want DEVELOPMENT and Infrastructure.

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