Principles for Dealing With the Changing World Order

Comment: The Jewish cabal repeatedly takes over the Central Banks/Money Supply of almost all nations of the world. They then overprint the money benefiting themselves at the populations Expense. The U.S. needs to join the BRICs system..explanation below follows:

Comment: American Rothschild Synagogue of Satan INSTALLED Communism in Russia and China. These communists then mass murdered 66 Million Russians and 60 to 80 Million Chinese! In Russia the Satanic Communism prohibited Christianity and sadistically tortured Christians to death. In Communist China No Worship of God was allowed and Intellectuals and Dissidents were mass murdered.

Mao at this point made himself one of the world’s greatest mass murders, killing up to 45 million Chinese civilians between 1958 and 1962 – largely through starvation.

Extreme discipline became commonplace and an estimated 2-3 million people were tortured to death or executed — including one case when a father was forced to bury his son alive after he stole a “handful of grain.”

The CCP chairman encouraged the harassment of the elderly, government workers, and intellectuals he believed did not focus enough on ideological CCP values.

——————————————————————————————————————————–WHY THE UNITED STATES MUST JOIN THE BRICS


a LaRouchePAC digital report

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This report serves as an outline for what is, perhaps, the best opportunity the United States has been given in decades to regain its founding identity, by joining the new international order being created at this moment by a group of leading nations to move civilization forward into a new paradigm for mankind. The planet is truly at an existential crossroads, and without a dramatic change of policy from within the United States, away from the last fourteen years of the Bush/Obama presidencies typified by Wall Street bailouts and interventionist, Cold War-style warfare, the world could very well erupt into a Third World War.

Outlined here is a mapping of the new paradigm emerging around the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa), how the United States can join this revolutionary new dynamic, the intellectual and political leadership provided by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche over the last forty years to make this vision a reality, and an epistomological overview of where mankind, as a species, is headed were this new paradigm to envelop the entire planet.


Introduction: There Are Only Two Alternatives For MankindI. A New International Order Has EmergedII. The Imperial System Is Dead and Must Be EliminatedIII. Concrete Opportunities for the U.S. to Join the BRICSIV. A New System: Man’s Future as a Vernadskian SpeciesAppendix: LaRouche’s Role in Shaping Current History


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