If You’re Not Jewish You Don’t Have a Chance of Making It in Hollywood These Days; You MUST Be a Part of the Cabal!

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Jewish Actresses in Hollywood | List of Famous Jewish Celebrities 1) Jennifer Lawrence 2) Emma Watson 3) Scarlett Johansson 4) Kristen Stewart 5) Brie Larson 6) Gal Gadot 7) Emma Stone 8) Amber Heard 9) Margot Robbie 10) Cara Delevingne 11) Alicia Vikander 12) Chloë Grace Moretz 13 Natalie Portman 14) Mila Kunis 15) Millie Bobby Brown 16) Eva Green 17) Anne Hathaway 18) Megan Fox 19) Angelina Jolie 20) Daisy Ridley 21) Elizabeth Olsen 22) Elle Fanning 23) Charlize Theron 24) Jennifer Aniston 25) Sandra Bullock 26) Alexandra Daddario 27) Julia Roberts 28) Shailene Woodley 29) Olivia Wilde 30) Emilia Clarke 31) Winona Ryder 32) Gwyneth Paltrow 33) Kate Beckinsale 34) Keira Knightley 35) Melissa McCarthy 36) Felicity Jones


It seems like everyone in Hollywood is Jewish. Any actors that are not besides Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise?

none whatsoever

They are all Jewish, even the ones who pretend they aren’t.

Comment: The Hollywood Wannabees who wind up homeless are NON Jewish.



Jew-Run Disney Stock Lost $2.4 Billion in Value on Friday

By infostormer -April 9, 20221

The Jews running Disney thought it’d be a good idea to openly talk about pushing faggot and tranny shit onto children via their shitty films. This has not gone well for them. The stock lost $2.4 billion in value on Friday and has been steadily declining over the past year or so.

Here are some relevant tweets getting into some of what is going on.

For years, there’s been all sorts of weird things going on with Disney relating to pedos, faggots, child sex grooming etc.. but it was mostly talked about in conspiracy circles. It never really drew broader attention until now. There’s such a huge volume of material on this topic that it would be impossible to do it justice in this short piece.

I’ll just mention a few examples that have gained recent attention.

Here’s a Disney gift card where Minnie Mouse’s dress was drawn to look like a blue dick.

It draw enough attention to the point where Rolling Stone put out an article suggesting that only a right-wing conspiracy theorist would think this is weird. This despite the fact that it obviously looks like a blue dick.

Even Snopes whose entire purpose is to defend everything Jews do couldn’t debunk this.

Another photo showing the Jew Mossad asset Ghislane Maxwell at a Disney “Save the Children” event back in the 1980s has also drawn attention.

Disney has been bad news for a long time. This is a company that was subverted and taken over by Jews from its founder Walt Disney who expressed anti-Communist views during his life.

I’m glad that people are finally catching on to this. The problem is that much of this is too late. There should have been boycotts and protests against Disney decades ago. The amount of damage they’ve done to children through their horribly evil films and assorted products is difficult to comprehend.

The Takedown of a America’s Favorite Actor By the Jews of Hollywood

-Amber Heard is Jewish and Acts like a Jewish Princess. She is greedy, ruthlessly ambitious and money grubbing and money driven.

-Johnny Depp’s Financial Managers were Jewish and ripped him off of pretty much his entire fortune plus left him owning $100 million to the IRS!

-The Media is Jewish and seems to Side With fellow tribal member Amber Heard and Basically Makes Johnny Depp look like a wife beater.


Big Dan's Big Blog: I'm Sick Of The Jewish Owned & Run U.S. Mainstream Media Talking About Arabs ...


Johnny Depp’s former personal assistant sent texts branding Amber Heard a ‘sociopathic show pony, Machiavellian overlord, talentless c***’

Depp’s former personal assistant Stephen Deuters claimed that Heard was the ‘abuser’ in her relationship with the actor, and said he had never seen her with any injuries. 

Texts sent to friends by Mr Deuters were read out at the High Court today.    

Mr Deuters sent texts calling Heard a ‘sociopathic show pony, Machiavellian overlord, talentless c***’ after she filed for divorce. 

In one message to a friend, he said: ‘I’ll have you know it’s on public record that Amber Heard has been arrested for domestic violence before.’ 


‘Since Pirates (Of The Caribbean) 2 and 3, I had – and this is ludicrous to have to state, it’s quite embarrassing – apparently I had made $650million (£510 million) and when I sacked them, for the right reasons, I had not only lost $650million, but I was $100million in the hole because they (the previous business managers) had not paid the government my taxes for 17 years.’



Comment: Depp’s money managers were the Jewish Mandels.

‘The Court’s unsealing of whistle-blower testimony and the handwritten notes she took in 2010, both of which the Mandels sought to block from public view, review a steam of unethical and illegal acts,’ Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman told the Hollywood Reporter.

Waldman also said these acts include instructing Rayburn to notarize ‘fake’ documents and change numbers in his financial statements. 

Rayburn claimed the instruction to notarize Depp’s signature happened when he was not present, and said she has no idea why they were having her do so, as she only saw the signature pages.

She said her refusing to do those things and asking too many questions about how Depp’s account was being handled lead to her being fired. 

Finally, Rayburn was fired in 2010 and paid severance of $40,000 in exchange for signing a confidentiality agreement. 

Waldman, however, said Rayburn’s claims are very substantial, and the actor’s forensic accountants Edward White & Co and Miriam Fisher, who heads the tax department at Latham & Watkins, ‘independently verified many of the whistle-blowers most damning allegations.’


Comment: Amber Heard’s Jewish Pal Testifying for her Kicked Out of Courtroom.


Comment: Amber Heard is getting her fellow Jews to Testify for her at trial.

 Is James Franco Jewish? – Quoraquora.com› Is-James-Franco-Jewish

February 27, 2018 – Answer: James Franco’s mother is Jewish, specifically of Russian Jewish descent. He has identified as Jewish in the past, telling The Guardian that he feels as if he has “missed out on the Jewish experience”, but has been told not to worry about that by his Jewish friends and said in the …


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