$1 Billion For Jew Wars But NONE For American Infrastructure

US Increases Ukraine Military Aid to $1 Billion

By infostormer -March 16, 20222

The Biden regime is about to give $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

This is like flushing money down a toilet.

Remember when these same people were fighting like crazy not to give Donald Trump a few billion dollars to build his wall and setup security infrastructure on the US-Mexico border? Unlike this situation, the wall served a specific and tangible purpose. There is no way Ukraine can defeat the Russian military. There is also a good chance that much of this military aid will either be seized by the Russians or destroyed by them.

Whole thing is a farce. It’s a total waste of money and a sad attempt to prolong the conflict.

Why is Christian Russia so viciously Hated by the Jewish Global Tyrants & Media than any other Nation?

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