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Truth ruled anti-Semitic

 Published: Wednesday, 12 June 2019 10:05

Jewish version of reality
now new law of the land

Here’s the deal. The truth is anti-Semitic.

Understand this. The truth is one thing, the Jewish version of the truth is quite another.

The lies our governments vomit forth have been cleansed. They are now free of all charges against the Jews. Which do you choose to believe? The actual truth, or the non anti-Semitic version of the truth. The truth is that Jewish Israelis kill Palestinians for sick fun to demonstrate their death grip on the world, and regard it somewhat as a sport as they snicker about shooting children in the head and stealing their kidneys. The non anti-Semitic version is that brave Israelis are besieged by dangerous Palestinian terrorists. This fable is a parable of 20th century history, which has mostly been turned upside down by Jewish media.

The Holocaust? The World Wars? 9/11? The U.S. money supply? New incurable diseases? The truth about reality is one thing. The Jewish version of reality is completely different.

Perhaps the Jewish money grip on the world was best expressed way back in 1906 when the Rothschild agent in charge of America shut down Nikola Tesla’s grand plan for providing free energy to the world, thereby guaranteeing the violent deaths of millions of people throughout the 20th century in the constant wars for oil which continue today. Other than perhaps harvesting heroin from Afghanistan, there has never been a grander moneymaking scheme.

The Jews are not the Biblical Hebrews. Basically, today’s dominant Israelis are Asian nomads who never built their own societies but only plundered victim societies across western Asia and eastern Europe with superior battle strategies. Later, their mastery of money enabled them to nest in the capitals of the world. Today they control all the world’s security apparatuses and could kill us all anytime they wanted to.

There is no one on the American political scene who is not participating in the total Jewish takeover of the United States and the rest of the world. This will continue until the truth about 9/11 finally comes out, if it ever does.

Appealing to Jews’ sense of nobility is not an option. What part about Jews describing all non Jews as cattle don’t you understand? We are livestock to them. Jewish influence in the world must be neutralized, or humanity permanently degrades into a slave species, evermore unable to perceive the chains locking up their own brains.

The problem could have been solved long ago by mobilizing all the morality in the world and seeing these crimes for what they were. But as if in a line of dominos, one by one our leaders took the bribe and failed to stand on principle. Then the churches failed us utterly, and now public morality has fallen completely into the gutter, where presidential candidates guzzle the blood of children, and the human future can no longer reach normalcy without the assistance of some Earth-changing trauma.

Florida Gov. Rick DeSantis recently wiped his feet on the First Amendment to our Constitution to go to Israel to sign a bill determining what Florida schoolchildren would be allowed to think about Jewish issues. Among specific proscriptions that this demented new law prohibits schoolchildren from ever considering are:

• The Jewish Deep State was wholly responsible for the 9/11/2001 tragedy, reaping trillions from arms contracts and triggering a neocon war on the world in service to Israel and the oil companies. As they did with the British East India Company four centuries ago, Jew financiers have beefed up the U.S. military presence around the world to 190 countries, including completely surrounding Russia and Iran (making any and all observations about Russia’s threat to the U.S. absolutely ludicrous).

• Saying anything contrary to the conventional propaganda about WW II and the German work camps, challenging the mythical 6 million figure (the Red Cross said fewer than 300,000), or alleging Jewish world financial control since Cromwell killed King Charles I in 1645 and Nathan Rothschild stole all of England’s wealth after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

• Noting that the Centers for Disease Control is really a private business trying to sell poison vaccines for diseases that it invents. Ever wonder about why all those holistic doctors were murdered for administering effective cures for cancer? How do you suppose Big Pharma got a free pass from Congress for liability for the badly tested poisons it produces? Would it surprise you to know that all the pharma giants as well as the American Medical Association are all Jewish.

• Pointing out that Jews control all the presidential candidates in every election, as well as all members of elected bodies down to the local level.

• Mentioning that since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 the true value of the dollar has declined by 99 percent. Especially bad is if you mention that the Fed has always been owned and controlled by 13 Jewish families.

• Explaining that both World Wars were the result of Jewish abuse of Germany rather than the other way around after Jews had once again flipped history on its head. Think Balfour Declaration and the Japanese oil embargo.

• Perceiving how our food supply has been permanently poisoned by the Jewish Monsanto family which has threatened — if not destroyed — the reproductive capacity of future generations.

These and tens of thousand of other legitimate complaints and observations are now totally off limits to Florida’s school students?

Why? Because they’re anti-Semitic.

Or you might want to say, because they’re the truth and anti-Semitic.

We’re setting ourselves up for an Eloi-Morlock confrontation. In H.G. Wells’ 1895 look at the human future — otherwise known as The Time Machine — where gnomes in caves feasted on the flesh of ignorant innocents, reminiscent of adrenochrome adventures of Hillary and her crime-riddled friends. http://www.johnkaminski.info/pages/tales_of_the_tribe/10_the_time_machine.htm

This is not what the American people say, but it’s what American politicians like DeSantis, totally addicted to Jewish campaign contributions, say: To hell with the Constitution, let’s protect Israel!

Florida’s governor has chosen the demands of Israel over the U.S. Constitution. He says freedom of speech is less important than being nice to Israel. I call this treason. Jews call it political correctness.

Because of our own gullibility and inattention, this is the swamp into which Americans and the rest of the world now have been plunged. Left untreated, souls suffocate, innocents die needlessly, and people who get those secret payments seldom look themselves in the eye.

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