U.S.S.A. Sanctioning Russia Into a Corner Just Like It Sanctioned Japan Into a Corner to Jump Start WW2

Putin Has Already Revealed That Russia Can Not Afford Not to Act

The only question left is can anything that’s not war suffice?

Marko Marjanović 27 Jan 22 6477  36

Not happy campers

In early 1979 the Soviet politburo sat down and listed all the reasons why going into Afghanistan was an extremely bad, terrible idea. Then in late 1979, that very same politburo ordered the Soviet military into Afghanistan.

The 2003 neocons went into Iraq with enthusiasm expecting a cakewalk, convinced that soon they would be overseeing pro-Israeli regimes in Baghdad, Damascus and Tehran. The Soviet leadership by contrast went into Afghanistan believing there was a decent likelihood they were making a terrible mistake. It isn’t that they loved the idea of going into Afghanistan, it is merely that they came to hate the idea of living with the consequences of doing nothing even more.

The Russian government of Vladimir Putin absolutely detests the idea of adding East Ukraine or any significant part of it to Russia. The Russians calculate they would need to be reinvesting 15-20% of their GDP into economic modernization if they are to truly develop to Western levels but are managing only a little over 10%. To deepen this problem by adding the responsibility for dilapidated East Ukraine is not an attractive proposition. Developing East Ukraine and being on the hook for paying off its retirees isn’t a challenge Putin wants on his plate. He proved as much in 2014 when he rebuked Donbass’ application to join Russia and instead forced it into the two Minsk Ukraine-reintegration plans.

But just because Moscow doesn’t want East Ukraine doesn’t mean that it can afford not to take it. Winning large swathes of Ukraine would to Moscow equal a defeat that would cost it huge riches it doesn’t have. But it may be that leaving Ukraine in the hands of worshippers of America and of Nazi collaborators may come to be seen as even worse.

What have the Russians been saying recently? What does Putin mean when he says that Russia has nowhere further to retreat and yet still more threats are popping up? He means that the status quo for Russia is already just about intolerable yet it continues to deteriorate.

To believe that the current war scare has a 0% chance of progressing into a Russian military offensive you would have to believe that for Moscow there is a very clear winner between war and peace. But for several months the Russians have been saying just the opposite. That for them seeing things continue to develop along the current path is an intolerable state of affairs. One worse than having to take unspecified dramatic and desperate action. It’s not that Moscow wants what’s coming next but that it’s becoming a coin toss between two equally undesirable alternatives.

Official Kiev makes zero concessions to the fact it is towered over by a huge and powerful Russia. But that is okay, neither does Estonia and Moscow ultimately doesn’t care. But Kiev’s orientation also makes zero concessions to its own large Russia-friendly constituency.

Nearly half of the country is still very Russia-friendly yet this doesn’t move the needle for Kiev even a little bit. Ukrainians overwhelmingly voted for negotiations and for putting the economy before the war, a slim majority favors neutrality over NATO, 55% speak Russian, 40% consider Ukrainians and Russians to be one and the same people or something like it, 30% even now admit openly to wanting military ties to Russia. And what is the government in Kiev doing? Begging for NATO membership and presence, rehabilitating Nazi collaborators, demonizing the USSR and Russia, mandating linguistic de-Russification, and locking up pro-peace politicians and shuttering down their media. Praise Ukraine’s existing ties to the CIA and the Pentagon and you’re a patriot, call for better hypothetical relations with the Russians and you end up in house arrest.

To be fair Estonia similarly disenfranchises its large Russian-speaking minority, but then Estonia is small and unimportant and doesn’t lie on former ethnic Russian territory.

I don’t want to see war because I think there is a danger that East Ukrainians will come out of it even worse off than they are now, especially if they are denied direct incorporation and are turned into a Donbass-style protectorate instead. Certainly any mothers who lose a child to a stray Iskander are going to be way worse off.

But when the Russians are A) saying that status quo has grown intolerable and B) are shipping large quantities of military equipment west I do think there is reason to fear (wider) war. That reason is that the argument for (escalating the) war is also a compelling one. And it’s one the Kremlin has been making in 2021. Putin:

“Do they really think we do not see these threats? Or do they think that we will just stand idly watching threats to Russia emerge? This is the problem: we simply have no room to retreat. That is the question.”

Putin hasn’t revealed if he’s going to order Russia to war, but he has already revealed that absent other solutions war would now make sense for Russia. The Kremlin Stooge put it well in a different context: “where peace is impossible, violence is inevitable.” Or perhaps: where inaction is intolerable, action is inevitable.

What is that action going to be?

Does he have an ace up his sleeve, or it’s going to be blood and guts? Subscribe  Login


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Ilya G Poimandres

Ilya G Poimandres 5 days ago

At some point you have to face the jackals.

Western debt levels are astronomical, there is no manufacturing base, the people are not reproducing.

Easy solution – conquer 1/10th of the planetary landmass, with few people (that you can kill anyways, right?!?), and you’re back in business.

This is not a modern crisis. This is a 100 years war, started proper in 1914.15 Reply


Vlad 4 days ago Reply to  Ilya G Poimandres

So they’ll stop outsourcing their manufacturing to China.0 Reply


ken 4 days ago

Sure as hell eliminated the fake virus from the headlines which is likely the purpose of all this posturing and threats.

It seems strange when most every nation on the planet is on the same globalism page killing their citizens with poisonous vaccines, when even the citizens seem willing to comply, the war drums are beating.

Where’s all the globalism love? So they want to wipe out what’s left of the populations from the pharmacide with a thermonuclear holocaust,,, including them? Doesn’t seem too smart but then they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

No,,, this is intended to be diversionary. Maybe just a nice little local social war to get the people’s mind off of the die off coming soon. After all,,, a lot of the deaths from the injections could be blamed on the war(s) keeping the ropes off the tyrants necks.

Don’t get me wrong,,, again, these (WEF, Davos, etc) are not smart people running this shitshow. Just a bunch of clowns with way too much money and time. But they could accidentally spark a real war,,, in which case I am not sure would be a bad thing after what I have seen over the past two years.21 Reply


Trusted MemberEstibenDelMar (@estibendelmar) 4 days ago Reply to  ken

i also believe the current warmongering is to hide the “pharmacide”.12 Reply


Trusted MemberEstibenDelMar (@estibendelmar) 4 days ago Reply to  ken

“It seems strange when most every nation on the planet is on the same globalism page killing their citizens with poisonous vaccines, when even the citizens seem willing to comply, the war drums are beating”

Yes, cant stop thinking about that. Hiding pharmacide (i’ll steal this term from you) with warmongering is 90% real. The fraud about covid and vaxxes has started to unravel at the highest levels.”

99.99% of 150,000 people treated with hidroxicloroquina, ivermectina, antibodies, monoclonales, prednisona y ‎vitamin D y C and zinc survived covid. no vaxxine needed.4 Reply

The Professor

The Professor 3 days ago Reply to  ken

I had to chuckle a bit at your final comment. I’m the same to a degree; these last years have certainly been intolerable.

I’ve notuced a fairly strong alignment between current world events and the list of events slated to come and go in Rev 6; namely:


And although the manifestations of the above three events can come to pass in many forms, the list is logically constructed, as each stage naturally, absent of divine intervention, cascades well to the following step.

Plague results in economic downturn, and that condition always is ripe for conflict. Likewise, conflict in a global economy certainlt invites serious supply chain issues.

Of course, the divine aspect of Rev 6 is that it was predicted, or foretold, thousands of years ago. The Bible is a truly magnificent document.

All this has been said to prepare fir the events listed above to come to pass.0 Reply


SteveK9 4 days ago

Would recognizing only the Donbas as sovereign states be that expensive … it is pretty small. Then, a defense treaty, that any attack … sniper, whatever, would elicit a response. Then it would be a matter for the US, EU to initiate a conflict. That would trigger a cutoff of gas, etc., but the EU would know it had made that inevitable.4 Reply


Mark 4 days ago

Why doesn’t Russia do what the west always does? Especially given the country next door is ripe for revolution – poor, deeply dissatisfied, nurturing feelings of betrayal by its incompetent leaders. Nearly all Ukrainians speak Russian, either as a mother tongue or a second language. Start and support revolutionary movements. For a tiny pittance compared to what war and then seizing part or all of Ukraine would cost, problems solved. No NATO for Ukraine, new leader, quickly establish ties with Russia, Nazis shut up and keep their heads down or be covertly wiped out. Ukraine would still be responsible for itself although Russia could help out a little.6 Reply


Trusted MemberEstibenDelMar (@estibendelmar) 4 days ago Reply to  Mark

i agree there are tons of cheap different ways to fence off USA+NATO pressure at Russia’s borders instead of open war. why choosing the most expensive way? this is all warmongering trying to hide the bigger picture. Vaxxes is my bet.4 Reply


Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist 4 days ago Reply to  Mark

For the same reason as there won’t be a “resistance movement” against a Russian invasion. Unlike the mining and industrial settlements of East Ukraine, the mass of the Ukrainian population simply has no wish to fight.2 Reply


nnn 3 days ago Reply to  Mark

Putin dermo, doing nothing, Israeli holop0 Reply


Trusted MemberEstibenDelMar (@estibendelmar) 4 days ago

This means Putin has reached the ceiling of his capabilities and it’s now time for a change at the top. Putin has run out of imagination, just like Hitler did in 1939.

Putin has avoided open confrontation with the west ever since he came to the RF’s leadership (24 yrs) and now, that he has the best toys for war and superiority on conventional warfare, he suddenly realizes he can not do anything else rather than going to war?

He says the amount of troops and missiles stationed in RF borders are existential threats to the Russian Federation and nobody, except for the USA and its vassals will deny it and no one either will deny RF’s rights to protect / defend itself.

Look at what Israel is doing against Syria, Iran and Libano. Can’t Putin do something similar?? Oppossed to an open hot war, there are tons of low-intensity, plausibly-deniable, military-technical strategies and actions that the russian army can use to disable, hack, stall, sabotage the readiness, command and control of all / mostly all military western assets stationed in its borders. All this countermeasures are heaps cheaper in lives and treasure than an open hot war. Remember all this threats are located in former soviet territories, which the russian generals know to the last detail and certainly lots of human intel assets are keptv there.

Another weapon that Putin seems to have forgotten about is culture, especifically history. War starts because of the decision of certain men, and history can influence those decisions as well as the decision-makers. What is the source of the current threat to the Russian Federation??? The US of AMERIKA. A power from another continent that controls western Europe through NATO.

Can NATO be broken peacefully?? of course and now it’s the best time to do it since relations between the US and Germany+France+Italy are at its weakest moment in history. Since NATO was born out of post world war 2 you need to go back to history to learn how to break it peacefully.

NATO main objective is / was to militarily defend western europe from Stalin but nowadays Russian Federation is not a threat to anyone as the USA is. However, the Russian Federation hasnt taken TRUE steps to show that it is not a threat anymore. The RF hasnt truely reconciled yet with western europe, specifically Germany. There is still lots of distrust between each other.

In order to break apart NATO peacefully, the Russian Federation must acknowledge what happened in june 1941: Germany rightfully defended itself against Stalin’s military build up, just like the Russian Federation is trying to do now against the build up of military forces in its western borders. The Russian Federation should also acknowledge the role of the other allied leaders: FDR+Churchill+Dadalier+Polish Government in starting world war 2.

This historical acknowledgement of history facts may very well end up breaking NATO by cutting popular/civilian support to it since europeans would realize that it was created by the same ones that made everything possible for WW2 to happen. Europeans wouldnt tolerate NATO after finding out it was crafted by the same politicians that had millions of people killed.

Europeans wouldnt keep liking NATO if they knew that those same politicians that started WW2 and later created NATO, later managed to manipulated millions of people during decades to hide their guilt by engraving in stone that Germany was the only one to blame for the start of the war and its atrocities.

Acknowledging the true role of western allied politicians would also break the legal basis and status of foreign military bases stationed in German soil making them as popular and legal as the US bases stationed in Irak, Syria, Cuba.

But as i said earlier, Putin has run out of imagination. I also think that neither him nor the current military + political leadership of the current RF is ready to accept the historical facts of the german-russian 1941-45 war because they all were brought up under intense soviet propaganda that transformed WW2 into a cult rather than a hurtful, painful memory from which extract useful lessons.

Maybe future russian generations will be able to do so but maybe there will be no future if nukes start popping up.-12 Reply


padre 4 days ago Reply to  EstibenDelMar

On the other hand, West has incompetent leaders for some 20 years and is still standing tall!2 Reply


DutchPartisan 3 days ago Reply to  padre

A tree can only be hollowed out for so long. They’re at the bark now.2 Reply


Mark 4 days ago

There’s a great comment on my blog that explains quite well the coming-together of events which has brought us to this point, and it is all western-driven and all economic, as many have long suspected. Translated from German;

Here’s a teaser.

“The Great Depression, which began in 1929, did not end until 1945. Even the massive interventions of the New Deal in the USA, which included raising the top tax rate to 95 percent, were not enough to restore the economic performance of the period before the crisis began. It was not until the massive destruction of goods caused by the war that the crisis was subsequently overcome. At the same time, large-scale government investments took place after 1929, not only in the U.S., which laid the foundation for the industries that would dominate in the future, electricity and road networks (the plans for the highways that were built after 1933 had been in the drawers for years). It was not enough. The wave of speculation before 1929 had created far more fictitious capital than could be invested. It was not until the tremendous destruction of World War II that the economy of the West was brought back into balance.”0 Reply


Juan 4 days ago Reply to  Mark

That paragraph is full of fallacies rooted in the worst economic ignorance possible. Imagine that, a massive event of destruction of lives and goods producing welfare? Even Marvel’s Thanos doesn’t compare in its sheer evil or stupidity.0 Reply


EstibenDelMar 4 days ago Reply to  Mark

from 1933 on, germany was economically thriving and gaining market share with its industrial goods and financial means: barter.2 Reply


ken 4 days ago#46213 Reply to  Mark

“Germany rightfully defended itself against Stalin’s military build up, just like the Russian Federation is trying to do now against the build up of military forces in its western borders.”

Absolutely, Positively! That said,,, he should have just pushed them to the USSR border with winter approaching. The Russians were thoroughly whooped and demoralized. Very possible they would have left things at that. Would have been easier for Germany to defend or at least regroup. Well, that’s 20/20 hindsight.

Good write.

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