Sign Petition Against Plastics Pollution (By Product of Big Oil)


 URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: 88% of the ocean’s surface is contaminated by plastic waste, and plastic pollution is threatening our earth. All living things, including humans, rely on a healthy ocean ecosystem to supply food, balance greenhouse gases, and regulate the climate.Over 1,200 marine species — like fish, birds, dolphins, and more — are directly harmed by ingesting or becoming entangled in the BILLIONS OF TONS of plastic that is dumped into our oceans every year. Experts predict that at this rate of plastic pollution, there will be MORE PLASTIC THAN FISH in the ocean by 2050. Time is running out for our oceansThat’s why your voice is so CRITICAL today, patricia. Please sign now to demand protection of our oceans and help save our planet from dangerous plastic pollution.SIGN THE PETITION NOWThe biggest culprit of plastic waste is single-use plastic products manufactured by greedy corporate polluters who are more concerned with profit than our environment.It’s estimated that nearly TWO MILLION single-use plastic bags are used EVERY MINUTE, the majority of which will likely end up in our oceans. Meanwhile, corporations plan to increase plastic production by 40% in the next decade — and unless we take immediate action to reduce plastic waste, we are headed toward a devastating PLASTIC APOCALYPSE.Will you add your name right now to STOP greedy corporate plastic polluters from destroying our oceans?SIGN THE PETITION NOWThanks for your urgent action,
Friends of the Earth

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