LaRouche: The Trans-Atlantic System Is Over; Replace it Now

August 26, 2015

As of Monday, Aug. 24, the entire trans-Atlantic system is over, Lyndon LaRouche stated yesterday. We are now facing a global, systemic meltdown of the system, which is going to produce wild, unpredictable effects across the planet in the days and weeks ahead. We will see a new pattern emerge by the end of this week, and outside of LaRouche and his associates, no one is able to cope with what is coming.

No one at this point knows the depth of the crisis, LaRouche said, but what is clear is that we are facing an unstoppable, general collapse of the global system. That means that we have to foreclose on all of Wall Street’s phoney assets, put them entirely out of business, and quickly proceed to build the physical economy in the United States and internationally.

LaRouche ridiculed the idea that the so-called “Black Monday” stock market meltdown of Aug. 24 was the cause of the crisis; the crash was only a display of the fact that the markets are starting to catch up with the reality of the system’s total bankruptcy. It is also wrong to blame China for the crisis. They have been put through the wringer, because of the global trade collapse which affects their economy significantly, but they are not the cause, LaRouche emphasized.

The epicenter is the trans-Atlantic financial system: that is where the real crash is underway. Countries like China, India, and other BRICS nations, and those associated with them, have better chances of surviving the maelstrom. The United States has no chance of survival, LaRouche said, unless we quickly implement the policies that I have specified: an immediate return to FDR’s Glass-Steagall reorganization of the financial system, replacing it with a Hamiltonian credit system that will provide credit for projects that productively employ our population, and enhance their scientific and cultural capabilities. The physical economy can rebound with this change in policy.

To launch that, we must immediately replace the Obama Presidency with one capable of addressing the crisis. Obama is still out to launch thermonuclear war against Russia and China, driven by the financial crisis, and his removal from office is therefore doubly urgent. A Presidential team to replace him is critical, LaRouche emphasized, not a single individual. As of this week, Hillary Clinton is a hopeless consideration, because she has aligned herself fully with Wall Street, through her terror-driven compact with Obama. You have the same mess on the Republican side; “and don’t be a Trump for Wall Street,” LaRouche added.

This reality is what is driving everything. The only thing that is fixed, is that we have entered a period of permanent crisis.

Our job includes educating people, as we are doing in LaRouche’s Manhattan Project, to develop in them the capabilities of what the new economy will require of mankind. Our touchstones are classical music education, and China’s scientific program centered on their lunar program for the mining of Helium-3 for fusion energy development. These are the kinds of new capabilities which mankind now requires.

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