Death and Depopulation in Greece!!!

Will Greece Repudiate Its ‘Odious Debt’?  (continued)     by AL MARTIN (AL MARTIN RAW)

A nation’s debt becomes odious debt when government leaders use borrowed funds in ways that don’t benefit or even oppress citizens. Some legal scholars argue that successor governments should not be held accountable for odious debt incurred by earlier regimes, but there is no consensus on how odious debt should actually be treated. In practice, countries often end up repaying it to uphold their ability to borrow at favorable interest rates.”
As far as I’m concerned this is just a continuing political ploy by Greece in order to extract better terms from the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund – but ultimately it isn’t going to work because the Europeans are now preparing an exit strategy which should be cast in stone pretty soon.
Here’s the way it’s going to play out. The Germans and the IMF are coming out with a deal that will be effectively a final offer for Greece and they will not negotiate beyond this final offer. This will be the final terms that the Bundesbank is willing to accept. Germany will give Greece a little around the edges but they’re not going to give in on any of the fundamental reform issues.
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My Comments:  Basically Greece has been colonized by the EU and the Troika:  European Central Bank, IMF, and European Central Bank are forcing a slave, vassal country to hand over money it does not owe to pay debts it did not benefit from at the cost of severe austerity (a death warrant) to a huge class of Greeks.  This is the Depopulation Agenda in action and is a globalist set-up because they want to do the same to each and everyone of us and Depopulate the World as fewer people living in fear will be more manageable.  Not to forget that the Globalists bankrupt banks such as Deutschbank and Citibank and Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Banksters of America, ING, etc.  will benefit using Greek taxpayer money off of slave labor to keep their banks flush with cash while screwing the Greek people.  Really these criminals should go to jail because why should a whole country starve to pay off the Banksters Casino Gambling debts?  This is Economic Terrorism and Slavery at the same time and the traitors like Tsipras should go to prison.  This is typical New World Order at its finest.

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