Rothschild KILL Grid Meter

This letter 1/16/2022 was sent to some citizens in Sebastopol, California who are currently attempting to STOP the Radiation Emitting Wireless Smart WATER Meter – DEPLOYMENT
Another Rothschild Kill Grid Meter
These Water meters are coming to your town, EVERYWHERE.
Radiating Wireless Water Meter – DEPLOYMENT
Certainly, you realize by now ALL the city council members are in lockstep with the Sustainable Development goals and Climate Emergency Resolutions in order to prevent climate change, right?  If you do not know about the planned and adopted agenda they are following you need to look it up.  
Search – Sonoma County, California, Climate Action Adopted Plans and or Emergency Climate Action Resolutions.  Santa Rosa, was the front city for Sebastopol and the other communities in Sonoma County who actually advanced the plan that all the smaller cities adopted.
These plans are NOT about fighting climate change.  These plans require wireless meters for climate change reductions, so we are told.  


Just how long are we to be duped into thinking the city council works on our behalf?  

Their job is to keep us calmed down as they force us to live in more surveillance, allocations of energy, remote shutdowns, and increasing radiation, they say is safe and harmless.
This good cop bad cop played between the Sebastopol Council members is out of an OLD playbook.  How to DECEIVE the public, a while longer, while getting the council vote needed to pass the intended agenda item.
The City of Sebastopol, is INCORPORATED.  In the Corporate bylaws public comment is required.  Not many know the illusion of public comment is to calm down the people while the city council continues to advance the idea the people can stop the utilities through the city council –  from implementing the CITYWIDE SMART GRID for Electricity, Water and Gas. 
What we face is the evolution of 5G in all smart grid meters. The utilities are working towards this, now.  ALL utilities are working to fine-turn AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) operations on a 5G network that we are told will offer customers many benefits.  Keep in mind 5G is a frequency used by the military in warfare.
Smart Radiating Wireless Water Meters –  A most interesting CONcept. Especially since we know we have access to Primary Water – a renewable, clean, endless, and available source of water for all, right under our feet.  That’s another topic – although a GREAT BIG TOPIC.  For those that want to know why we really don’t need smart radiating water meters learn more at
But for those that are arguing on the city level I offer you these facts:
There is a big push to tie water to the Cap and Trade System.  Yes, Cap and Trade for Water.  This is part of the current Sonoma Ground Water Sustainability Plans, right now.
You will get an allotment of water and you will be able to trade your excess “un-used allotment” or buy water from those who don’t use as much. This is a residential CAP and TRADE PROGRAM.  You will be in the market to buy water from your neighbors – and a private company will run the water market to buy water from your neighbors. That private company will run the water exchange, for a price.
We are told we need to pay for the “true cost of water.”  Keep in mind water is a renewable produced by two gasses that merge together under the earth’s mantel which surfaces.  Where do you think geysers, hot springs, desert oasis come from?  Our water does not come from rain and snow melt.  Which by the way is extremely toxic.  Those of you on wells – well you might be fortunate providing you well driller located water by working with a water locator called a water Witcher   But enough on that go to
Our corporate agencies are orchestrating one of the bigger heist is history – the privatization of the Global SURFACE water supplies.   
Guess what – our Sonoma County Water Agency was given a grant by a private corporation.  Wall Street Journal SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 CAP AND TRADE WATER COURT CHALLENGE.  Each year the quantity of water allocated declines, forcing a reduction in use.
Another way to look at this is – Customers who water use is below their normal allocation can sell their “efficiency credits” to those who exceed their threshold of water allocations.  Learn about the Resource Legacy Funds, with the primary funding from S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and Pisces Foundation, and additional support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, and Colleen and Robert D. Hass.  (The Water Foundation is the new name of this non-profit and it has just been given $50 million dollars by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.)
Our corporate city council members are leading future generations into a future of scarcity and allocations with little regard for truth, morals, or concern for life.
So, I ask just how hard will you fight to expose the TRUTH of the radiation emitting wireless smart water meters?  
Many folks recognize these meters as All part of the Kill Grid. But lets not get into conspiracy.
As far as the apparent suggestion of an opt-out.  That was played on us before by PG&E.  They sought the psychological evalautuon of those protestors against the deployment of the Smart Electric Meters.  Well as you might recall Vanderbilt University offered up the method to de-energize our refuse smart meter influence.  The Opt-out.  Can’t be bad or dangerous if you can opt-out.
Oh, one last thought keep in mind what frequencies due to water.  We are now seeing over heating which reduces the oxygen in the water creating more toxic algae. 
So how do you work with a city council that is promoting and pushing disinformation – while we pay for their schemes?
Deborah Tavares

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