EU = New Soviet Union (Zionist) Run By Communist Merckel, Zionist!

EU = NEW Soviet Union

by Alicia Frischmann

note – the eu was created to destroy the european white race and advance jewish world government

IT IS A FACT THAT JEWS CREATED THE EU UNION. It was their DREAM since 1920’s to create a European “Super State” ruled by JEWS as a first step before creating a one world government with larger Unions

JEWISH media, education and puppet politicians teach the brainwashed Europeans that the EU was an idea after WW2 “to prevent future European wars” which is one big JEWISH lie.

From the beginning, the EU has been a JEWISH operation, JEWS played the main role in its concept, creation and propaganda. JEWS are the real rulers of EU via the EJC the European Jewish Congress.

EU = NEW Soviet Union

EU has 5 main goals:

1. To destroy every one of the different European Nation States progressively by diluting all of them in a non-ethnic specific name ‘European’, create a political union, while at the same time consolidating Jewish hidden power at the top ruling over everyone and using Europeans to serve the Jewish international interests and wars

2. To physically destroy all the different White ethnicities by massive immigration, then forced integration and miscegenation with the millions of Non-White immigrants from Muslims, Asians and Africans who are less attached to their European “2nd country” but to their foreign tribes and religions, less eager to protect National history, culture, heritage and can give away more easily national sovereignty to a super-national state, the Jewish globalists whose final goal is Communist dictatorship

3. To erase and abolish any Christian memory and character in the historical land of Christianity (same as Communism) by imposing “Secularism” under the pretext of “not hurt the feelings” of the Millions of Muslims and non-Christians that the JEWS have been bringing to Europe since the end of WW2

4. To proceed in the global JEWISH agenda called “White Genocide”, or reducing the number of Whites on the planet, which means reducing the Average IQ of Western countries (White countries) by reducing their birth rate by all the filth that JEWS push in EU media, & education, and by race-mixing propaganda, anti-hate speech laws, political correctness, equality propaganda, and integration and assimilation of millions of non-Whites to facilitate miscegenation, or the replacement by high fertility rate population from Arabia and Africa

5. To use the clash of civilizations, civil wars with Muslims and false flags to IMPOSE a global European Police State to monitor and supervise European people

JEWISH founder of Paideia (the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden said: “Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. JEWS are going to be at the CENTER OF THAT. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and JEWS will be resented because of our LEADING ROLE.”

“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th-century idea and we are trying to transition it into the 21st century, and WE (JEWS) are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.” ~ JEWISH General Wesley Clark


Why Jews bring 3rd world to Europe


Immigration is a JEWISH plan in ALL and ONLY Whites countries to DESTROY these countries. It is a JEWISH operation from top to bottom:

After the JEWS won WW2 and took full control over White countries, they started creating their super state that should RULE THE WORLD = PAX JUDAICA

This requires the destruction of Western Civilization, and more precisely the destruction of Western = White people

Right after WW2, JEWS opened the gates of White countries by creating new laws and policies to welcome millions of 3rd World population during several decades. This was done while JEWS started reducing the birth rate of Whites in their own countries by all the JEWISH filth they pump in their JEWISH media news & entertainment and education such as:

Female empowerment & anti-family propaganda that takes White women away from their roles of mothers and oppose them to the “oppressor” men. Abortion law & propaganda, Homosexual laws & propaganda, race mixing programming after the forced integration and assimilation of Non-Whites in jobs and housing

JEWS LIE ABOUT RACE and abilities of races. It is why they program the non-Whites to believe that the only reason of their failure is “White racism” not their biological abilities (Average IQ)

JEWS teach EQUALITY and fight the race-realist Whites by labeling them “racists Nazi”. JEWS enforce the concept of EQUALITY to BRAINWASH the Whites into making children with non-Whites and accelerate the ongoing extinction of Whites

Humans ARE NOT EQUALS and SCIENCE PROVES IT. Every ethnicity has average of intelligence (IQ) same as dogs and monkeys. They are different in temperament & tendency to violence

Barnett’s Five Flows of Globalisation
Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe

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Race Differences in Average IQ are Largely Genetic

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