Stop the Weaponization of Pathogens

As the global COVID-19 saga continues, the debates rage on. Masks, or no masks? This drug, or that one? Send kids to school, or keep them home?

Yet absent from most of the day-to-day mainstream coverage of COVID-related issues is the life-or-death conversation we should be having: How do we make sure that this—or something much worse—never happens again?

On that question, there should be no debate: It’s time to end the reckless genetic engineering and weaponizing of pathogenic viruses and organisms, carried out under the guise of “biomedicine” and “biodefense,” by demanding an immediate and total global ban on all gain-of-function research.



Food, Farming, and the New World Order

Colin Todhunter writes:

“Farmerless farms manned by driverless machines, monitored by drones and doused with chemicals to produce commodity crops from patented genetically engineered seeds for industrial ‘biomatter’ to be processed and constituted into something resembling food. Data platforms, private equity firms, e-commerce giants and AI-controlled farming systems.

This is the future that big agritech and agribusiness envisage: a future of ‘data-driven’ and ‘climate-friendly’ agriculture that they say is essential if we are to feed a growing global population. The transformative vision outlined above which is being promoted by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation amounts to a power grab.”



Mass Formation and Psychosis

Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity, introducing this eye-opening video interview, “The Monster that Devours its Own Children,” writes:

“Professor Mattias Desmet talks about his work that connects past historical episodes of what is called “Mass Formation” (aka Mass Psychosis) and current events. The risks are as grave as they come. Unless a few brave and courageous people are willing to stand up and say ‘I don’t agree!’ history suggests that we will end up with a fully totalitarian outcome. That is a dark path. It inevitably leads to mass casualties and atrocities. Eventually all totalitarian systems end in their own destruction.

“My position is ‘it doesn’t have to be this way.’ We can do better. Let’s avoid a future of atrocities and the complete destruction of our way of life.”



The Origins of the “Regenerative January” Movement

Live Frankly reports:

“Regenuary” is an idea that has captured the imaginations of chefs, farmers and foodies across the UK. Essentially, it’s asking people to support farmers who farm ‘regeneratively’ – meaning they work in tune with nature and restore our ecosystems, while producing nutritious food.

The phrase (“Regenuary”) was coined by Glen Burrows – a former vegetarian for 25 years, who is now co-founder of The Ethical Butcher – in a provocative Facebook post in January 2020 that questioned whether ‘Veganuary’ is the solution to our broken food systems.



A Coup in the Corporate Head

Russian-born Tessa Lena, a.k.a. “Fighting Against Robots,” a frequent contributor to and other OCA-allied blogs, describes how the current, totalitarian degeneration of politics in the U.S. and the West reminds her a lot of growing up in the Soviet Union, “It’s a major mess,” Lena writes, but we still have “an opportunity to heal.”

As Tessa tweeted on Jan. 9, “I don’t support Trump and I am appalled by censorship. I bet you anything that those who’re cheering right now will stop cheering when they meet their new boss, Technofascism. And it’s coming.”



Degenerating Health: Unlabeled Trans Fats in Your Food

Trans fats, often found in (non-organic) highly-processed foods with a long shelf-life such as crackers, store-bought baked goods, or margarine, increase inflammation and can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

Although the FDA supposedly mandated a ban on trans fats in 2021, food manufacturers are still allowed to label their processed foods as “0 Trans Fats foods” if there are less than .5 grams in the product.

As Dr. Mercola recommends: “You can protect your health by eating whole foods you prepare, avoiding processed foods, integrating intermittent fasting and following a ketogenic diet to support mitochondrial health.”



Degeneration Drivers: Fauci, Gates, and the Biosecurity State writes:

“The pharmaceutical industry provides 75% of television advertising revenue… In [the] 2010 Rockefeller-funded ‘Lock Step’ simulation, a novel strain of influenza leads world leaders to impose mandatory masks and temperature checks. Then this chilling paragraph: ‘Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems—from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty—leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.'”



From Viet-Nam to 9/11 to COVID

Noted 9/11 researcher and whistleblower Kevin Ryan writes:

“September 11th was a deception used by rich and powerful people to steal resources, consolidate power, and control the masses. It was just one example of such a mass deception.

“Previously hyped pandemics, including the 2005 “Bird Flu” and 2009 “Swine Flu” that were grossly exaggerated by the World Health Organization for the benefit of big pharma companies…”

“Along with these conveniently over-looked crimes, the last 18 months have shown that the 9/11 lie was not taken seriously. Anyone who still believes that governments and media care about our health has forgotten that deep state actors murdered thousands of citizens on 9/11. The corporate media and corporate-owned governments then covered it up so that a million more could be murdered to steal resources and control people.”



Just the Facts About Omicron, Delta, Naturally Acquired Immunity, and Vaccines

Just Facts Daily writes:

“Given the recent outbreak of the Omicron variant and much still unknown about it, the facts surrounding the Delta variant provide a cautionary tale of how misinformation about SARS-CoV-2 variants provides cover for people who have caused widespread harm and countless deaths… While the Delta variant is much more transmissible than earlier SARS-CoV-2 variants, its mutations don’t materially compromise the naturally acquired immunity that develops when people catch and recover from Covid-19.

Though mass media has led people to believe just the opposite, at least 20 studies conducted throughout the pandemic have found evidence that such immunity is potent and lasting.”



Regeneration: How Youth and Small Farms Can Change the World

In this 15-minute podcast, part of Regeneration International’s Global Food Summit on Oct. 16, 2021, International Federation of Organic Movements (IFOAM) representative Konrad Hauptfleisch explains how it is small farmers and peasants, not industrial scale chemical-intensive and GMO farms, who actually feed the world (70% of the population) with very few resources.

Hauptfleisch reminds us how youth and small farmers, allied with organic and conscious consumers, represent our best hope for feeding the planet with healthy food, restoring the environment, and solving the climate crisis.



Setting an Example

It’s been one helluva journey for the last two years.

The COVID pandemic, lockdowns, censorship, hyper-partisan political warfare in the U.S, floods, droughts, fires, and storms.

You want to help those in need. You worry where and when the next tragedy will hit. We all want to do something.

We can’t undo the wrath of the past. But the good news is this: Every single one of us can do our part to help cool the planet and regenerate our health and our mental outlook.

What can you do? Buy consciously. Educate yourself and your friends and family. Take back control of your mental and physical health. Set an example in your personal life. When it comes to food and other consumer products, that means supporting the farmers and brands that use regenerative farming and land-management practices—healthy practices that restore the soil’s capacity to draw down and sequester carbon, restore the environment, and improve public health.



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