CABAL Criminal Bill Gates Loves AUSSIE Lockdowns in LifeSite News

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 
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Bill Gates praises Australia’s heavy-handed COVID policies, suggests yearly booster shotsBy Ashley Sadler
Fauci admits COVID not going away ‘completely,’ constant masking ‘out of the question’By Calvin Freiburger
Editor’s Picks
 COVID tyranny hangs over Canada, but there are still glimmers of hopeBy LifeSiteNews staff Novak Djokovic’s refusal to comply with the COVID regime is a model for freedom fightersBy Stacey Rudin
 Conservative SCOTUS justices blast decision to uphold vaccine mandate for gov’t healthcare providersBy Nick Marmalejo ‘All he wanted to do was play hockey’: Grieving dad says Pfizer shot killed his 17-year old sonBy Kennedy Hall
Top News
Boris Johnson announces UK will drop mask mandates, most COVID restrictionsBy David McLoone
Gov. Youngkin’s education nominee supports parental rights, opposes transgender bathroomsBy Matt Lamb
Czech Republic eliminates vaccine mandates for elderly, healthcare workersBy Jack Bingham
Ontario truck driver predicts vaccine mandates will cause major supply chain issues in US, CanadaBy Nick Marmalejo
‘Witch hunt’: Serbian president rips Australian gov’t for ‘scandalous’ deportation of tennis star DjokovicBy David McLoone
Thousands protest in Rome against Italy’s ‘Super Green Pass’ and newest vaccine mandateBy Louis Knuffke
Michigan Democrats delete Facebook post that criticized parental role in public educationBy Joseph Summers
Thousands of Canadian truckers plan ‘Freedom Convoy’ to protest COVID jab mandatesBy Anthony Murdoch
Ethics committee unanimously votes to investigate Canadian gov’t tracking of 33 million cell phonesBy Anthony Murdoch
Hundreds of Austrian police ask gov’t to cancel vaccine mandate, vow to ‘be there for the people’By Pierre Boralevi
Canadian healthcare association says vaccine mandate ‘violates basic human rights’By Canadian Covid Care Alliance
Deportation of Novak Djokovic shows Australia’s COVID regime is about politics, not healthBy Monica Smit
The so-called ‘evolution’ of COVID-19 is no reason for mass vaccinationBy Pamela Acker
Don’t be fooled, globalists will claim victory over COVID to win support for Great ResetBy Scott Lively
Is Pfizer’s CEO trying to scare people into getting the COVID vaccine so he can make billions?By Matt Lamb
A Catholic perspective on COVID ‘mass formation psychosis’ with Franciscan University professorBy John-Henry Westen

Cabal SCUM Billionaires Get Ever Richer From VAXX & Shutdowns

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