Proof Pentagon is a Traitor to America as Well as Biden & Secretary of State: Pentagon Tries to Get U.S. Into WW3 Knowing We Will Lose & Forcing Kill Shots on Military

Russia would devastate US and NATO forces in Europe

As I point out in today’s very important Situation Update podcast (below), Russia would mop the floor with US and NATO forces if a war were to break out over Ukraine.

Why? For starters, because Pentagon leaders are all compromised communists, traitors and sellouts. They deliberately want to cause America to fail.

Secondly, they’ve turned the US military into a woketard social experiment that emphasis transgenderism and gayness over combat effectiveness. Russia trains actual men to fight like warriors, while America encourages former men to be transformed into sissified soy boys who wear high heels and women’s panties while swallowing chemical castration drugs in the name of “gender equality.”

Third, Russia is vastly ahead of the US in terms of weapons technology, including the development of hypersonic missiles. Russia already has hypersonic missiles in full deployment, while the US military lags years behind and will probably never get them to work, since the entire military industrial complex has also gone full woketard. These missiles are game-changers in any theater of war because there are no defenses against them. They move so fast that radar can’t track them due to the laws of physics as explained below.

More on Top Brass Traitors By Senator Richard Black, Former Colonel in JAG

Military Brass At Top Tiers Are ALL Secret Society Members and do not answer to the people of the United States. Secret Societies Answer to British Monarchy/Rothschild Empire.

John Murphy

1 year agoI’m a retired AF Colonel that spent several years in a Legislative Liaison position on Capital Hill. These retired generals who counted on huge retainers when they left the military suddenly found their pedigrees not needed. They were all counting on making the big money when they retired. More important is that they lost their platform to continue their importance, massage their ego’s and sage insights to a gullible mainstream media. To Mathis and Powell and several other senior retired General Officers, I had the upmost respect for your patriotism and leadership. Today, sadly, they are behaving like Comey and Brennan betraying our nation acting as if they were still important and relevant. They have become traitors blinded by their self importance. It’s time we fight this insidious cancer and indite them for treason.

Comment: People motivated by GREED will always commit treason cuz the big money funding them IS British. Treason is a death penalty crime.

Cat Cook

1 year agoUnder Title 88 these traitors military pensions should be up for review and possibly revoked based on their violation of said article.

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