This Is Bad! 30% of Americans Refuse to Work! Trucking Costs up 200%! Cost of Food Exploding! – Full Spectrum Survival Must Video

Reports from the Labor Department shows that 100 million Americans are refusing the labor Force for the 14th Month in a row with experts saying that this sub group of Americans have no job and they are not looking for employment.

If you think the cargo container issue is a problem, you are only seeing the half of it – reports show that cost of driving a truck load of supplies from the West Coast to the Northeast used to stand at around $3,000 but this range, because of a massive array of compounding issues, has not increased to  $10,000 or more causing experts to stress that Food prices are expected to advance at least ‘three times faster than what we have been used to in the last decade’

“We’re seeing a permanent move up in labor costs,” he said. “With higher labor costs at restaurants and in the food manufacturing world, it makes your labor in the kitchen more valuable.” 

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