Pentagon Purge

Trump Removes More Top Leaders at the Pentagon

By infostormer -November 11, 20201

This news has been overshadowed by all the election fuckery that has been going on but Donald Trump has gone ahead with a massive purge of the Pentagon’s top leadership.

Win or lose, there is a chance that Trump will declare some form of martial law.

If he wins, you are going to see the communist mobs come out in full force burning down cities and violently attacking people. In which case, the military might need to be deployed to deal with the violence.

If all legal challenges fail, Trump may take a risk and through emergency orders declare martial law any way. He is the rightful leader of America regardless of what the courts say and would have the support of many millions of Americans if he decided to take this step.

Either way, he needs people in the Pentagon who will execute on his orders. This purge of Mark Esper and other top leaders seems to be a move to get people in those positions who would go through and implement such orders.

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