The PLANNED Global Cyber Attack as Mentioned By Herr Klaus at DAVOS (Summit For Crime Family Billionaires-They Will Do ANYTHING to Ensure We ALL DIE)

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October 2021
The Planned Global Cyber Attack 

According to the WEF (World Economic Forum )

Please read and listen to Deborah’s very crucial information which follows, Below.
Paraphrased-Deborah Tavares states: The presidents are not in control, the overlords are, this is not about left vs right.
Reading from official documents, on the World Economic Forum Webpage, subsection 20-20, COVID teaches us about cyber security.
A cyber pandemic is as inevitable as a disease pandemic.
We are going to be thrust into the unthinkable; the reduction of human connectivity.
You will not be able to hear from a show like this.

I won’t be able to report from Northern California.
Any work around you can think of is a must. 
Documents state to prepare for the inevitable cyber attack.

(also discussed in the Rockefeller document of 2010 and aligns with the World Economic Forum documents)
A cyber global pandemic is coming.
Expect complete blackouts and outages where NO connection is possible. (This will accelerate death counts especially among the old and infirm assisting with 2025 depopulation targeting. 
How can all of this be happening?

All cities and towns are incorporated and do not work for you. 
Vaccines given over many decades have dormant toxins, and the toxins can be activated electronically as digital network’s advance.
Deborah Tavares reads some existing Executive Order’s meant to take over anything and everything of value, like putting the sheep in work camps during a (contrived) national emergency.
The time for preparing for living without water, electricity, sewage, heat, and alternative communications is yesterday.
Please find time for this latest, most explosive reveal.

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