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One thing I want to address on this fine Saturday morning is fear regarding 5G.

It’s one thing to be aware of something, and it’s another to delve into stress and panic about it. 

The truth is, we can have great awareness of some of the ‘darkness’ in our world without being fearful and stressed out. I do it every day.

We might know our water or air isn’t clean, so we have air filters in our house and for our water. We don’t hold fear with this, we simply do it as a natural part of being aware that filtering can create a healthier end product. 

Consciousness alone, and believing it won’t harm you is great, but why filter the water or clean the air?

Because we know deep down that for our consciousness to override the reality of the contaminants in the air and water, we have to be SUPER dialed-in to our personal transformation practice – and most of us don’t meditate 10 hours a day like monks.

Plus, that’s not what we’re here for. 

We’re not here to abuse our land, air, water, and animal kingdom and just use our consciousness to not let it affect us. 

We’re here to gain a relationship with our body, land, and animals such that we create harmony and are no longer destroying ourselves due to disconnection.

It’s all a reflection and a journey into self. Thus, it’s not that people need to be fearful of 5G, it’s that 5G represents another reflection of how we collectively put technology, money, and profits ahead of harmony. 

And so this 5G situation is an opportunity to see and share that.

This is why we’re going to share the reality of the video you’ll see below about the 5G installer. 

It’s also why we’re running our campaign to help stop 5G: it’s an opportunity to raise consciousness! To help people reconnect with their true selves through observing their external reality.

When CE creates news and media, we don’t just report the facts, we evolve consciousness. And we’re going to do that with our 5G coverage too!

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Ep. 18 – Google Plans To Prevent “Next Trump Situation”
Since releasing this podcast we have heard from so many of you about how you are starting to use new search engines! Duck Duck Go seems to be the winner from what I have seen. 

Ecosia is also a great option as they plant trees for searches!

This podcast is about an alleged insider from Google has come forward, with documents, stating that Google not only controls narratives through its search engine but also censors people on YouTube, and he explains how they do it.

There is even hidden camera footage of a Google exec talking about how the company is working to stop someone like Trump from getting into office again… which literally just means they are going to control what information YOU see..

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I have always described uncovering stuff like this as a necessary part of the process in awakening to what happens when we give up our power to and support people who consistently illustrate they don’t have humanities harmony in mind.

Pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse have been linked to powerful entertainers and politicians many times over.. we’re waking up to the truth and stepping into our own self-responsibility as a result.

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Peace & Enjoy The Day!

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