Our ‘JudenPRESS’ or More Accurately Fake Jew ZIONIST Lying Media Continuously Attacks President Trump

How They Do It–‘What President Trump Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency’

by TUT editor

ed note–The reader should keep in mind that the Judaic machinery OBVIOUSLY out to remove Trump from office before he can get too far with his ‘ultimate peace deal’ (in addition to other items) wastes neither time nor words, and all can rest assured therefore that if the JPTB have decided that this specific discussion takes place right now that there are strategic reasons for doing so, 2 of which are summed up below, to wit–

1.The JPTB know that by their actions they are forcing Trump into a corner where he may very well be forced to resort to such tactics,


2. That this may be the pretext that the JPTB utilize in declaring Trump ‘unfit’ for the Presidency, thus either beginning the Impeachment process, invoking the provisions of the 25th Amendment, or a combination of both.

Whatever the case, all can assume that this topic is not being raised at this time merely as ‘filler’ in a Neocon publication as important as The Atlantic and that there are important strategic reasons why the JPTB have decided to start this discussion at this time.

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