Pushing Transgenderism Is What WOKE Stars Do Like Angelina & Brad; Putin States “This is EVIL!”

Comment: Woke Stars Like Angelina are simply Messengers to the Masses for their Satanic Hollywood Controllers the ZIONIST Money Men who rape children and abuse them for entertainment and thrills. Her children are part of her Hollywood Contract. Same with Charlize Theron. What their fans don’t realize is that THEIR CHILDREN are part of the Hollywood Contract. Angelina rented a house from a known Hollywood Child RAPIST-Bryan Singer. This is the REAL Angelina Jolie not the Puff Pieces on the media run by the Cabal That Hires her and Controls her. Why would someone like Angie even want her kids around someone like this? A level 4 Violent Child Predator?


LEVEL 4: Sexually Violent Predator refers to a person who has been adjudicated guilty of a sex offense or acquitted on the grounds of mental disease or defect of a sex offense that makes the person likely to engage in predatory sex offenses. The designation indicates that the highest and most visible means of community notification is required.

Sex offender levels – Arkansas Times


Putin: Pushing Transgenderism on Children “Simply Monstrous”

By infostormer -October 22, 20211

Vladimir Putin continues to be the voice of reason on the world stage. He accurately described the idea of pushing all this tranny garbage on children to be a “monstrous” act.

He’s obviously correct. Teaching children that they can change genders is one of the most evil things imaginable. There are millions of kids throughout the West that have been subjected to this insane ideology.

All sorts of unnatural and deranged things are being promoted throughout the ZOG-controlled West and that is one of the main reasons why the whole system will ultimately fail. The natural order will eventually assert itself but not after great trials and tribulations.

Putin slams “cancel culture” and trans rights, calling teaching gender fluidity “crime against humanity”


Putin Warns Wokeness Is Destroying The West: It Happened In Russia, It’s Evil, It Destroys Values


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