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Vaxx Passports: “When You Know Everything About Your Government, that’s Democracy. When the Government Knows Everything About You, that’s Tyranny.”By Peter Koenig, November 02, 2021
Can you imagine a Human Rights abuse that knows hardly any precedents since the German Nazi-Government in the 1930s and 40s? It is noticed, but governments just roll over it, always with lies and deceptions, and falsehoods. The EU Parliament speaks out against the EU Commission’s path towards outright tyranny. Read more…An Australian Horror StoryBy Jeremy Salt, November 04, 2021
The Premier of the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has just tabled legislation in parliament which is possibly the most monstrous ever introduced into a country calling itself democratic. Basically it gives Andrews the power to do whatever he wants and whenever he wants it. Read more…Whistleblower Reveals Fraud in Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trials as 5 to 11-Year-Olds Begin to be Injected – Vaccine Deaths and Injuries to FollowBy Brian Shilhavy, November 04, 2021
The criminal CDC rubber stamped their approval to start injecting American children between the ages of 5 and 11 with the deadly Pfizer COVID-19 shot yesterday. As we have pointed out numerous times here at Health Impact News, children this young have a near ZERO statistical chance of dying from COVID-19. Read more…History: Nazi Germany’s “Operation Barbarossa” against the Soviet Union, an OverviewBy Shane Quinn, November 04, 2021
The USSR’s hierarchy was caught unprepared, and unnecessarily so, when Nazi Germany invaded their country eight decades ago on 22 June 1941, in a military offensive titled Operation Barbarossa. It was named after King Frederick Barbarossa, a red-bearded Prussian emperor who in the 12th century had waged war against the Slavs. Read more…Does the US Military “Own the Weather”? “Weaponizing the Weather” as an Instrument of Modern Warfare?By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, November 04, 2021
Environmental modification (ENMOD) techniques have been available to the US military for more than half a century. The issue has been amply documented and should be part of the climate change debate. The U.N. Climate Conference (COP 26) is meeting in Glasgow with delegates from some 190 countries. As in previous COP Conferences the focus in almost exclusively on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Read more…Why Won’t the CDC or FDA Reveal the VAERS Vaccine Underreporting FactorBy Steve Kirsch, November 04, 2021
The VAERS underreporting factor (URF) is required information to be known for any risk-benefit of assessment of a vaccine. The fact that this number was never calculated by the FDA or CDC means that all the safety recommendations to date have been by guessing. This has resulted in the needless loss of life of well over 150,000 Americans. Read more…G20, Supply Chain Problems and the World Capitalist CrisisBy Abayomi Azikiwe, November 04, 2021
Rome, Italy was the scene of the annual summit of the Group of 20, popularly known as the G20, an inter-governmental organization that brings together the most industrialized countries within several geo-political regions. The group is made up of 19 states and the European Union (EU) representing a large majority of the world’s gross domestic product, the total sum of goods and services produced within a society. Read more…CIA Plot to Kill Julian Assange: Will Perpetrators Ever Face Legal Accountability for Criminal Behavior?By John Kiriakou, November 04, 2021
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) last week asked the CIA for information related to a Yahoo News report that the Agency in 2017 had planned to kidnap or kill Wikileaks cofounder Julian Assange outside the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. Knowing the CIA, I’m sure the Agency’s Office of Congressional Affairs had a good laugh over the request, but we can talk about that a little later. Read more…Doctors for Assange Say UK May be Liable for His TortureBy Doctors for Assange, November 04, 2021
Doctors have warned that UK officials could be held accountable for the torture of Julian Assange in an open letter published in The Lancet on International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Read more…Glasgow Climate Summit Is an Elite FarceBy M. K. Bhadrakumar, November 04, 2021
The Glasgow summit on climate change has been a media extravaganza. The ruling elites from all continents cooped up in their national capitals due to the raging pandemic, finally got a break to throw away their masks and take to their private jets to fly off to “Global Britain” to display their leadership qualities. Read more…

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