Get U.S. Out of the UN!!! UN Seeks to Dis Arm Americans! Call Congress 202-224-3121

One of the first campaigns of The John Birch Society was to get the U.S. out of the United Nations. The global power elites view the UN as their main vehicle for establishing, step by step, a socialistic global government controlled by themselves.Many of our nation’s leaders have been working for decades to deliver the United States to the United Nations as the major step in building an UN-controlled New World Order. Each year since the founding of the UN in 1945, the conspirators for global control have taken steps that threaten to destroy the independence of our nation and the freedoms of the American people. With the UN’s 76th anniversary coming up on Sunday, there is no better time to remind you of the dangers of the UN and why we need to get out now. Below are the top ten reasons why the U.S. should get out of the UN. A more detailed report can be found here. UN grants rights that can cancel; U.S. recognizes God-given rights that are unalienable and cannot be canceled UN seeks to disarm American citizens UN is a lawless body that violates its own Charter’s Article 2 that forbids intervening in domestic affairs of member states Each of the 10 men who have served as UN Secretary-General has been a Communist or a Socialist Several portions of the UN Charter, such as Article 25, override the U.S. Constitution Articles 39-51 of the UN Charter authorized the UN to direct U.S. participation in the “undeclared,” no-win” Korean War. Articles 52-54 of the UN Charter authorized creation of NATO and SEATO as UN “regional alliances,” which led to U.S. involvement in “undeclared,” “no-win” wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan. UN leaders oppose national sovereignty and favor a UN-led world government State Department officials bow to UN instead of upholding the U.S. Constitution Dozens of UN agencies headquartered around the world are building UN power over all nations The UN seeks disarmament of all nations leading to it alone having a military arm Withdrawing from the UN would save U.S. taxpayers vast sums of money and would deal a massive blow to the plans of those who seek to use the outfit to extinguish the liberty and independence of these United States. Instead of celebrating UN Day, Americans should redouble their efforts to get the United States out of the UN. It is imperative that we contact our representatives and urge them to Get US Out! of the United Nations. Use the button below to take the appropriate actions to get us out!
Get US Out of the United Nations!

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