Activism to Pass the Alabama Health Freedom Act



Members of the Alabama Legislature are seeking to pass the Health Freedom Act and other pro-freedom legislation that would protect Alabama residents from forced vaccinations and nullify the federal government’s unconstitutional mandates.

Alabama Health Freedom Act

The strongest and most effective pro-health freedom legislation in the Legislature is the Alabama Health Freedom Act. For the 2021 special session, it is numbered HB 9 and SB 12. Furthermore, the bill has been introduced for the 2022 regular session as HB 31. The House bills are sponsored by Representative Ritchie Whorton (R-Owens Cross Roads) and cosponsored by four other representatives, while the Senate bill is sponsored by Senator Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) and cosponsored by 13 other senators.

Not only does the Health Freedom Act comprehensively prohibit all vaccine mandates, including for students and employees, but it explicitly nullifies the federal government’s unconstitutional mandates:

It is the public policy of the state that all federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations, whether past, present, or future, that require the residents of Alabama to receive a vaccine for any purpose is in violation of the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and shall be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered void and of no effect in this state.
It is imperative that the Legislature pass the Health Freedom Act, either as HB 9/SB 12 in the special session, or HB 31 in the 2022 regular session.

Other Legislation

Other positive — though less comprehensive — bills have been introduced, both in the 2021 special session and the 2022 regular session. These bills also protect the freedom of individuals who wish not to get the COVID injection.

One of these bills in the 2021 special session is Senate Bill 9 (SB 9), which is sponsored by Senator Chris Elliott (R-Fairhope). If enacted, this bill would require businesses and health care providers to provide religious or medical exemptions to those who request them. The bill also would prevent businesses from firing such individuals for that reason.

Another bill is Senate Bill 15 (SB 15), sponsored by Senator Arthur Orr (R-Decatur). If enacted, SB 15 would prevent entities from vaccinating minors without their parents’ consent, prevents educational institutions from inquiring about the vaccine status of minors, and allows the state attorney general to take legal action against entities that mandate COVID vaccinations. Alabama is one of only eight states where parental consent is not required in all situations for the COVID-19 vaccine, and this bill would change that for the better.

In addition to the legislation being considered in the 2021 special session, several pro-freedom bills have been introduced for the 2022 regular session.

One of these is House Bill 16 (HB 16). It is sponsored by representatives James “Tommy” Hanes (R-Bryant), Arnold Mooney (R-Birmingham), and Andrew Sorrell (R-Muscle Shoals). If passed and signed into law, HB 16 would give employees a private right of action against their employer for any damages caused in the event of an adverse reaction to a COVID-19 “vaccine” they were forced to take by their employer.

Additionally, if an employee dies from a forced vaccination, any dependents will have a private right of action against that employer. With an increasing number of employers forcing their employees to get injected with an experimental COVID-19 shot, HB 16 would help deter companies from forcing their workers to get vaccinated.

Another bill is House Bill 19 (HB 19), sponsored by Representative Chip Brown (R-Mobile). If enacted, this bill would require minors to receive parental consent before getting a vaccine. This bill would prevent other entities, such as public schools or government agencies, from injecting vaccines into children without their parents’ knowledge or consent.


It is imperative that the Alabama Legislature pass robust legislation nullifying President Joe Biden’s tyrannical and unconstitutional vaccine mandates — without watering it down. Already, Governor Kay Ivey signed an executive order instructing state agencies against cooperating with the federal government on those mandates. However, the Legislature must pass stronger and broader legislation that fully nullifies the federal edicts in Alabama. Considering the current threat to liberty, any compromise is completely unacceptable.

The federal government and the political establishment will try to neutralize the Alabama Legislature by claiming that Biden’s orders take precedence over any state law because of the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause.

However, this is false. In reality, Biden’s executive edicts, which Congress never voted on, are not even “federal law.” Furthermore, Article VI of the U.S. Constitution makes clear that only laws “made in pursuance” to the Constitution are the “supreme Law of the Land.” Unconstitutional executive edicts, such as Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates, are not and therefore must be nullified.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, all levels of government have blatantly disregarded the Constitution and imposed a wide range of unprecedented and totalitarian restrictions. If freedom-loving Americans are to stop the imposition of a biomedical security state, it is imperative that citizens push back, rein in these government entities, and ensure they cease to violate our constitutional liberties.

Urge your state representative and senator to pass the Alabama Health Freedom Act and to robustly protect all our God-given freedoms.

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