The SHADOW Gov’t is ZIONIST British Empire/Rothschilds/Rockefellers, etc. Illuminati 13 Satanic Families

Comment: Trump is a part of this cabal. He is a showman for us. He is pushing poison Jabs for us and gave lifetime NO TAXES for Cabal members. Don’t be naive. If he weren’t part of the cabal he would not be funded by them; Sheldon Adelson-ZIONIST funded Trump to the tune of $75 MILLION. Believe me Trump is totally corrupt too maybe not as bad as some of the others but He IS Part of the Cabal. I believe the Cabal is USING Trump to get us to believe he is our savior like they did with O’Bama….Remember? Both are and were sold out to the Cabal. Presidents, Politicians, A List Celebrities, Media Talking Heads, ALL of Washington, D.C., Top Military Brass Are ALL Members of Secret Societies. The Secret Societies represent the Shadow Government and the CIA, FBI and ALL Alphabet Agencies were taken over by Secret Societies a long time ago. So is the Vatican Run by the Shadow government.

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