Tell Google & Amazon: Stop Doing Business With Israeli Apartheid!

Patty,Tech workers are saying no to #BigTechSellsWar and are demanding #NoTechforApartheid.In the Guardian yesterday(1), 800 courageous workers at Amazon and Google joined forces to demand their employers pull out of Project Nimbus – a $1.2 billion contract to provide cloud services for the Israeli military and government – and cut all ties with the Israeli military.ACRE has partnered with MPower Change, Jewish Voices for Peace, and over 40 other organizations to stand with the workers behind their demand that technology be used to bring people together, not enable apartheid and violence.  Join the workers by sending an email to Amazon and Google execs & let them know that there’s still time to do the right thing: Cut Project Nimbus, and stop doing business with Israel’s apartheid government.Project Nimbus allows Amazon and Google to profit from making the Israeli military more oppressive and deadly for Palestinians and the Israeli government more efficient at carrying out the daily business of apartheid.That’s not hyperbole. Under Project Nimbus, the technology and infrastructure provided by Google and Amazon may make the data-powered surveillance of Palestinians more state-of-the-art. In addition, this cloud tech may build data capacity for the Israel Land Authority (ILA), the Israeli government agency that manages the expansion of illegal settlements and confines and segregates Palestinian communities.Both Amazon and Google pay lip service by having so-called human rights commitments. Let them know that facilitating and profiting from apartheid is unacceptable.Google and Amazon execs signed the Project Nimbus contract this past May as the Israeli military leveled entire residential buildings (2) and clinics (3) in Gaza, and threatened to push Palestinian families out of their homes in Jerusalem. (4)This is just the most recent example of a long history of how Big Tech sells war (5)ICE, the US military, and local police departments have used Big Tech’s data-maintenance tools to deport and surveil Black, brown, and immigrant communities, especially Muslims both in the US and around the world after 9/11.But we’ve also seen communities and workers fight back and win against awful Big Tech contracts like this and win before — and there’s every reason to believe we can make Amazon and Google executives listen to those calling on them to be on the right side of history.Following in the footsteps of those who fought for divestment from apartheid South Africa and won, it’s our responsibility to say no to Amazon and Google’s powering of state violence. We know that, together, we can win, too.Let us know you’re on the side of workers and Palestinian liberation. With one click, email Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Amazon CEO Andy Jassy.Let’s declare together: #NoTechForApartheid.Thank you for everything that you do to further justice.In solidarity,Jess, Tracey and the rest of the ACRE teamSources:“We are Google and Amazon workers. We condemn Project Nimbus.” The Guardian, October 12, 2021.”Israel’s bombing of Gaza apartment buildings could be a war crime, human rights groups warn,” Business Insider, May 13, 2021.“An Israeli airstrike damaged Gaza’s only lab for processing coronavirus tests, officials said,” New York Times, May 18, 2021.“Sheikh Jarrah residents speak out on Israel’s forced expulsions,” Al Jazeera, May 11, 2021.Big Tech Sells War, Action Center on Race and the Economy, September 2, 2021.
Action Center on Race and the Economy 

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