So Much For Global Warming: Antarctica Has Coldest Winter on Record

Antarctica’s coldest winter on record doesn’t disprove global warming…2:15 PM · Oct 17, 2021·True Anthem


China’s energy crisis deepened as cold weather swept into much of the country and power plants scrambled to stock up on coal, sending prices of the fuel to record highs PM · Oct 14, 2021·SocialFlow


I’ve been hearing about all these environmental doomsday theories my entire life and not one of these have come true. None of it is based in actual data, it is just propaganda used to implement evil globalist political agendas for world domination. Scientists that don’t go along with the narrative are blacklisted and not given funding to do their work. The entire field of science has been corrupted and is no longer something that can be treated seriously.

There is simply no proof that emissions from fossil fuels are creating some type of environmental apocalypse situation. I wish these morons would stop pushing unproven theories about it.

Besides, we have much more pressing issues to be concerned with. Namely the fact that governments around the world are trying to genocide people with deadly experimental shots under the guise of a fake pandemic.

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