Jon Voight Has a Long History With Movers & Shakers; Here He is Portrayed As He Is-His Daughter, In Real Life, Is A Cabal Princess


Randy TurnerEndocrine is the real name of the drug which is produced by glands in the brain. Adrenochrome is a slang or street name for the combination of Endocrine chemicals and plant based drug/chemicals created by the CIA in the MKULTRA program. I first heard the name from Jon Voight when Reagan molested me while I was doped up on it. Most people think MKULTRA stands for Mind – Kontrol – being a German word but that was a story created by the CIA to lead people away from the truth. MKULTRA stands for Manufactured Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations.

Randy TurnerSeems that way. It all leads back to a drug known in Hollywood as Adrenochrome which is actually endocrine brain chemicals used by the CIA in the MKULTRA program, Hollywood ended up with the drug after a CIA agent shared the info on the drug with some celeb he was a fan of. The chemicals are extracted from the brain of children or young teens. The brain has a number of glands in it, these glands release chemicals that control the mind, body and emotions. They combine them with another drug from plants that places the victim into a trance like state at which point they are programmed. In Hollywood and in Government/military they own slaves, these slaves are kept on the drug. One sign of them being drugged is large dilated pupils similar to when you take acid, Magic mushrooms, MDMA and other psychedelic drugs. The combination allows them to program the victim who will be in a hypnotic state. Many of your Hollywood stars and performers gravitated to becoming actors because they have been acting all their lives trying to fit in with people. They had to learn how to react to every situation. I found that many of them will smile or laugh when they see somebody hurt instead of showing concern. They learn to show concern and happiness to fit in. In court I had to prove Angie was a sociopath and used a joke and told everybody to laugh at it even though it wasn’t a joke to see Angie laugh along with them when the joke had no funny punchline. She laughed and then I had her explain why and she was unable to and began to fake being wounded by everybody finding out she was a sociopath. I have known her since she was a baby and it was sad to see her grow and not know how to react trying to teach her to be good then have her mother and father teaching her to be evil and ruthless because that is the only way you make it in Hollywood or in political office. Many of them at also sociopaths or psychopaths.

Randy Turner

Semptemb0erS1 1g,t13 o2n0t2ea0t5  · The drug used in the MKUltra program was not LSD it is Chemicals extracted from the human brains Endocrine system glands. Street name for them is (Adrenochrome) These chemicals are what control the emotions and physical desires. They can combine these drugs with hypnosis to create a mind control assassin, sex slave and anything you want them for. MKUltra stands for – Manufactured Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecrat Requiring Assassinations. They would end up using some of these drugs from the Pituitary gland for sex slaves the Elites use. One of the effects the drug has is blocking memories from forming and if memories were recalled the victim would think it was some weird dream in most cases. The biggest cover up in the history of America is the use these by deep state compromising those who are placed into positions of power then controlling them with videos of them either having sex with minors or killing somebody on video. They have complete control over the person they compromise using these drugs. With MKUltra’s they add suicide programming so if they begin to recall they will end up killing themselves in most cases. The US Government wants to cover up what they did to us and they have help from the mainstream media who employ CIA assets and also control most of your Hollywood celebrities. If they can not control you then you do not make it in Hollywood or in Government office. Anybody who has influence is controlled by them. CIA cover up in my court trial they claimed these came from Penguin Pineal glands. They didn’t – They came from human Pituitary glands, Pineal glands and other glands in the human brain that control emotions and desires.

Randy Turner

JSulcy 1088,o1 2rg5g020e  · Interesting talk about MKUltra but he doesn’t have information about creating a MKUltra using torture programming. They tortured me to the point my brain had a psychical change stopping all the pain as I was being tortured. The Neuroscientist who testified said the brain actually makes this physical change to stop receptors from transmitting signals that cause the pain during the torture programming. He does talk about the hypnosis which is what was done to me in 1976 and the torture programming happened in 1978-79 by Bush Sr. Carter and a CIA asset named Bill Day.

Randy Turner

Something people don’t realize about many of these actors and being a sociopath, a sociopath mimics people so they fit in because they don’t feel which is one of the reasons Angie would cut herself wanting to feel something and even said this in some video out there. The reason sociopaths make good actors is because they have done it all their lives, being gay or bisexual is another trait of a sociopath, if they can’t feel love and don’t feel emotions like we do it doesn’t matter to them if a person is male or female. think about the kids who were gay growing up and the stigma and shame others place on them, they have to spend their lives acting like they are not gay and hiding it so they don’t get bullied. Acting comes much more natural to gay people and a sociopath doesn’t know anything but acting, if you tell a joke to a sociopath they will only laugh if you tell them its a funny joke but if you just start telling a joke and they have no idea its a joke they won’t laugh. Don’t take away from this that gay people are sociopaths because that’s not the case in fact most gay people I have met have more empathy than non gays. I think sociopaths are more apt to be bisexual like Angie and many others in Hollywood.

Randy TurnerHelen Charnley don’t get your hopes up. They have compromising video on everybody in congress and on judges. it will be covered up the same way they covered up Hollywood scandal which also exposed Endocrine chemicals used on sex trafficking victims and on MKULTRA victims. The drug people are calling Adrenochrome is actually Endocrine and it is extracted from the glands inside the human brain then used on MKULTRA and Monarch sex slaves. It is a mind control drug first used in project MKULTRA. look up penguin pineal glands on wikileaks. that document was used in my court trial to cover up them using human Endocrine chemicals.

Julie Miller

Why do you think Michel Obama is a woman Randy?

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  • Because she used me for sex when my alternate was being used by Angelina Jolie who was one of my handlers.
  • Comment: All the Elite including Hollywood El-ite USE SLAVES. They have contempt and disdain for humanity and many of them actually HATE their fans.

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