Cabal Princess Pushing Agendas: UN, Multiculturalism, Gender Fluidity, Bisexuality, Open Borders (Kalergi Plan); UN Evil Agendas & Rape of 14 Year Old by Gender Fluid Trannie in School

Luke Rosiak@lukerosiak·Oct 11, 2021As Loudoun schools sought to pass a controversial transgender policy in June, it concealed that a 9th-grade girl was allegedly raped by a “gender fluid” student in a school bathroom just 3 weeks prior, The Daily Wire has learned.

Comment: Angie& her kids have private security, nannies, etc. so she couldn’t give a shit. I predict that soon all of America’s families will TURN ON HOLLYWOOD for the evil these cabal shills promote. For those who want to worship her as a great humanitarian everything she promotes has an EVIL outcome. Everything These Shills Say is SCRIPTED!!!

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Jolie’s collaboration with high-level government officials is not limited to her personal life, however. The 45-year-old Californian has also worked closely, and openly, with CIA officials as part of her movies.

Comment: Jolie works openly with CIA as a CIA ASSet. She has been a CIA Asset her whole life I believe. To me her HUGE mammaries on such an Underweight, skeletal body HAVE TO BE IMPLANTS.

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Beautiful Spokeswoman for the Deep State Satanic Mafia.

The Satanic Mafia BIG AGENDA is for the UN to take over the United States and Form a North American Union With Canada, and Mexico. Then we would have NO constitution to protect us but UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS forcing stuff down our throats like the EU (European Union). Jolie is a Satanic Cabal Frontwoman to promote the United Nations under the guise of humanitarianism. It is nothing of the sort being rife with Pedophile Rings and Missing Children. A small core of pedophiles are Satanic Sadists who enjoy abusing and murdering children. Thousands of Refugee children disappear and are never seen again. The Peace keepers of NATO are full of child molesters. Where they go child abuse follows.

In Hollywood the A listers promoted have to push the Synagogue of Satan Agendas of Bisexuality, Open Borders-Kalergi Plan, Outright Wars, UN Agendas, &/Or Abortions. To me, for obvious reasons, Angelina Jolie cannot promote Abortions as she is being promoted as a Family Model. Angelina Jolie has a drug riddled past. Here it is:

She describes Satanic Rituals in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie Exposes Hollywood Satanic S&M Rituals in Leaked Video

 November 4th, 2016  Wake Up FoolsA stunning video has surfaced in which a 23-year-old Angelina Jolie reveals the true inner workings of Hollywood as she describes her experiences participating in Satanic S&M rituals to close friends.

In 1999 an anonymous source secretly filmed Angelina Jolie, then aged 23, speaking to two close friends about the initiation rituals she had recently taken part in while attempting to establish herself in Hollywood.

In the following video (below), Angelina describes in detail the gruesome ritual celebrities must go through.

During the ritual you are tied up, raped, and tortured by other members. She compares the secret society rituals to S&M, but claims there are differences.

At times Angelina looks crazed and possessed while describing to her friends the experiences she had with the Satanic secret society.

She explains that she killed a snake as a sacrifice and was tattooed as part of the initiation ritual.

Young Man Claims He Was Required to Sacrifice a Child as Initiation to an Elitist Masonic Lodge

It is well known that many members of various Secret Societies get tattoos as part of the ceremony, as a way of sacrificing more blood to Satan.

“My snake, I tried, I had to kill him,” Jolie said.

It has long been claimed that Hollywood stars and other celebrities need to join the Luciferian secret society in order to establish their career in the cutthroat business and make it to the top, and in the secrets filmed video Angelina can be heard telling her friends that she has encouraged other celebrities to go through the initiation and join the secret society.

Shocking Expose: I Was in the Illuminati I’m Going to Tell You Everything

The tape also reveals that Jolie showed a recording of a ritual to one of her friends. Her friend, speaking in halting tones, describes viewing the footage, saying:

“I only saw that film that she [Angelina] bought over that night. People who are, like, darker… It’s great to be able to see everybody’s sexuality, but it’s so weird when you just… I have the most amazing compromising pictures of people.“

The video has now been posted online, with the identity of her two friends redacted for their safety. Here it is:

By Baxter Dmitry

Source Article from Posted in Jewish NewsWorld News« Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 23 – Why the globalists will announce Trump as the winner of the election (restructured, with Update 22 added as a P.S.)Security Cameras: Is There Much Personal Privacy Left? »You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

In Hollywood The Children are Used as PROPS.


Why Angelina Jolie Needs To Go To Prison!

Comment: Grande Dame award is for representing BRiTISH interests. This is supposed to be TREASON. Since the Cabal owns our media and Cabal is in City of London/Vatican/CIA/British Monarchy/ZIONISTS don’t you think Cabal would promote one of their own as our hero? If she is ever given the Power she wants America’s death sentence will be guaranteed. The Dames in Hollywood are ALWAYS promoting the British Empire/ZIONISTS Agendas. They mask it as a charity but the reality is no one would get these awards from the Queen unless they were representing HER.

The Real Angie rubs shoulders with the “Pol Pots” of the world (my words).

 “she has spent an inordinate amount of her free time rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s worst human rights abuses”

Shares stage with Condasleaza Rice:

World Refugee Day in 2005, Jolie shared a stage with then-U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Rice was a key player in the Bush administration, responsible for the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, two of the world’s worst humanitarian and refugee crises that continue to plague the planet to this day. Jolie herself has slowly become a leading member of the U.S. national security apparatus, joining the influential and well-endowed Council on Foreign Relations think tank in 2007, and penning a joint op-ed in The New York Times with John McCain two years ago calling for U.S. intervention in Syria and Myanmar. 

Comment: Her Refugee work is simply a photo op to promote her “Humanitarian” image all based on lies by Media of Lies run By Cabal Liars. Calling for U.S. intervention in Syria is calling for WAR and eventually WW3 which biblically starts with the destruction of Damascus, Syria!

Angelina’s Masters:

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Promotes Incest Being In Love With Her Brother French Kissing Him:

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