Who Rigged the Twin Towers? The Crooks & Criminals at the Top & Larry Silverstein Committed Insurance Fraud!

Comment: FEMA was created by BUSH as well as the Department of Homeland Security. They are EVIL criminals. No one should EVER vote for a Bush or Clinton Criminal. Marvin Bush responsible for Security of Trade Center? Great! Note the sarcasm. Bush Jr. installed in a stolen election from Gore to cover up their crimes and fraud. The election was thrown in Florida as the Commissioner was a Bush friend and Colleague-about 17 Districts in Florida didn’t even COUNT the votes or Gore would’ve won. The Supreme Court (Corrupted) decided NOT to hear the case; they would’ve had to make Gore the President if they had.


What role did the US Supreme Court play in the 2000 Presidential election?

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The Supreme Court heard proceedings on whether or not to issue a recount of the closely contested 2000 election. The Supreme Court voted in favor of letting the original results stand, putting George W. Bush in the White House. Bush needed the votes from Florida to achieve the required majority in the electoral college.

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