Marxist Teachers Now Control the System (Rothschild Zionist NWO Goal is World Wide Communism)

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___________________________________________________________________JANUARY 2019   1 FED RESERVE NOTE___________________________________________________________________ “We read and rebut their vile crap so you won’t have to!”*****************************************ALL ARTICLES FOR ANY GIVEN MONTH APPEAR ON SAME PAGE — MOST RECENT FIRST —  SCROLL DOWN FOR PAST DATES.THURSDAY / JANUARY 24, 2019 Striking Los Angeles teachers-in-red stick it to the taxpayers.
 NY Times: Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike to End as Deal Is ReachedREBUTTAL BYOnce again, thousands of noble, empathetic, altruistic teachers have made the ultimate self-sacrifice of going on strike  — for “the children.”  And once again, justice for “the children” ™ has prevailed, albeit at a steep price for the taxpayers of Los Angeles and the rest of suburban California, which will have to chip in more money at the state tax level.Of course, the fact the teachers’ unions won a generous 6% payraise and a diminshed workload was only the natural byproduct of this latest victory over the penny-pinching, anti-child taxpayers. The true purpose of the strike was, according to Ms. Randi Weingarte(cough cough) of the American Federation of Teachers, all about improving Los Angeles public schools.The article quotes Rancid Randi:“We’re now seeing a mainstream shift toward neighborhood public schools with the goal being: let’s make them work for all kids.”Yes, any year now, as a direct result of all this new “investment,” Los Angeles school kids will be scoring perfect SAT scores by the thousands (rolling eyes).1. The lovely Randi Weingarten heads the Marxist “American Federation of Teachers.” The AFT Union boasts 1.6 million dues-paying members! // 2. Lesbian Weingarten is “married” to a lesbian “rabbi.” // 3. Weingarten and her Communist union went all-in for Killary (who is also a dyke). In addition to engorging themselves at the expense of taxpayer while reducing their class sizes, the competition-hating Communists also succeeded in forcing the Los Angeles School Board to schedule a vote on a resolution asking the state government to “establish a charter school cap” and create a Governor’s committee on charter schools. A “charter school” is still a public school, but with choices. Families can actually choose one for their children. The schools function with freedom from many of the stupid regulations that are imposed upon district schools, and they are are held accountable for academic results and for achieving the goals set forth in their charter.The continued growth in the charter school model nationwide is onviously viewed as a threat by swine like Randi Weingarten and her lazy-ass legions of libtarded lecturers.That, even more so than the extra money, is why we have witnessed so many large teacher strikes over the past few years. Again, quoting from the article:“The Los Angeles strike was the eighth major teacher walkout over the past year. A movement that calls itself Red For Ed spread like wildfire from West Virginia to Oklahoma, Arizona and beyond.”“Red for Ed, eh? Cheese & crackers! These degenerate sons & daughters-of-Marxist-bitches don’t even try to hide it anymore, do they now? Kids in inner-city charter schools are made to wear uniforms and actually learn something. Yet the very same Marxists who profess to love “the children” so much (especially the black & brown ones) are hell-bent on stopping them from spreading.  “Red for Ed” wants more money, more taxes, less work for union members, and less charter schools to have to compete against.
 It is no exaggeration to state that Communist Jew Lesbian Weingartnen is a major prime-time power broker of the Demonrat Party, whose endorsement is coveted by hundreds of ambitious low-lives seeking political advancement. But the full extent of Weingarten’s power lies in her influence on shaping curriculum nationwide. Under the stewardship of her AFT — and also the larger but just as leftist NEA (National Education Association) — the deliberate dumbing-down, deliberate moral corruption, and deliberate libtarded politicization of the nation’s children have reached terrifying proportions.In 1952, at a time when not too many Americans could see where the slowly emerging trend in “education” was heading, the late great St. Joseph McCarthy wrote the following prophetic words of warning:“Every man and woman in America can appoint himself or herself to undo the damage which is being done by Communist-minded teachers and Communist-line textbooks.Countless times I have heard parents throughout the country complain that their sons and daughters were sent to college as good Americans and returned four years later as wild-eyed radicals. The education system of this country cannot be cleansed of Communist influence by legislation. It can only be scrubbed and flushed and swept clean if the mothers and fathers, and the sons and daughters of this nation individually decide to do this job. This can be your greatest contribution to America. This is a job which you must do if America and Western Civilization are to live.I warn you, however, that the task will not be a pleasant one. When you detect and start to expose a teacher with a Communist mind, you will be damned and smeared. You will be accused of endangering academic freedom. Remember, to those Communist-minded teachers, academic freedom means their right to force you to hire them to teach your children a philosophy in which you do not believe.To Communist-minded teachers, academic freedom means their right to deny you the freedom to hire loyal Americans to teach your children.We cannot win the fight against Communism if Communist-minded professors are teaching your children. We cannot lose the fight against Communism if loyal Americans are teaching your children.”  Tell it Joe, tell it!  — Unfortunately, not enough of us heeded his warning.    1 & 2. Former “labor activist” Lily Eskelsen Garcia (woman in blue, with Killary) is boss of America’s other big teacher’s union, the NEA. Like Weingarten of AFT, Garcia puts her union’s clout behind Demonrats like Killary. // 3. In his 1952 booklet, “The Fight for America,” St. Joseph McCarthy warned us about the dangerous direction toward which “education” was heading.  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Los Angeles teachers’ strike just ended with them getting a payraise.
Boobus Americanus 2: Well, if we want the children to be educated, we have to pay the educators.

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