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Angelina Jolie is a MAN! Like Sailors This One Has Multitudes of Tattoos too!

From: OneTrickyMan

Comment: Ab, you appear to be open to the idea that EGI is prevalent in our world. You’ve shared MrE videos, so I’m making an educated guess. Anyway I’ve compiled a lot of information that you might find interesting so in the spirit of sharing see the links below. Most of this is not my original work, but I am the archivist. I enjoy your blog and daily emails, so this is me just giving back somewhat.

Everything in this world is inverted, the opposite of what we are told it is, including the genders of the people we see on our screens. This is the missing link.

It’s now clear to people familiar with EGI (elite gender inversion) that most, if not all, major celebrities (actors, musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, elite athletes), politicians (presidents, governors, judges, legislators etc) CEOs (and other high-level business executives) and even the people who deliver the news are covertly transgender. Through their influence, these people desire to transform and invert our world morally, spiritually, and biologically – all into something akin to their own image and they do it through deception. It’s a multi-generational practice going back centuries.

Learn anatomy. Study the skeletal markers, and the differences between male & female skeletons. Skeletons don’t lie. Once you see you can’t unsee.

The tools used to deceive us include: HRT (hormone replacement therapy), hormone blockers, puberty blockers, HGH (human growth hormone), surgeries, makeup, clothing

Download the following links (PDFs). Study the photographic evidence. See and learn for yourself.


One short video clip
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