7.52 Afghans Have Child Sex Slaves Just Like Our Elite Do; These Elite Protect Each Other


Comment: Bet Poppy Herbert Bush told Afghanistanis to grow Poppy in 2001! Our government only gives a crap about Rothschild Zionist Israel and Rothschild ZIONISTS funding our corrupt politicians who are basically 99% Secret Society Members and guess who creates and controls these Secret Societies? Rothschild ZIONISTS and the British Empire is a ZIONIST cult empire. They are hard core Satanists and they are strangling the United States.

For More Information on Our Pedophile Cabal Members go to these Sources:

Comment: In Above You Can Read How Two Presidents Were Involved In Torturing a 13 Year Old Teenager Making Him a Mind Controlled Assassin and Sex Slave-Bush Sr. & Jimmy Carter


Comment: More torture in book above to create a Mind Controlled Slave


Comment: Actual court records in book above on testimony of a Monarch Mind Controlled Slave used in drug dealing and to kidnap children for D.C. pedophile Rings.

Page 38 describes Cathy O’Brien’s horrible Sex Slave Experience.

Page 45 Thanks For the Memories written by another Slave to Western Elite.

Torture of Slave on youtube.com

GRAPHIC WARNING Hillary Clinton Rape Victim, Cathy O’Brien-Most
Dangerous Game on youtube.com

How to Create a Totally Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier

Page 284 of Brutal Proof pdf book is where the Franklin Case involving a Monarch Mind Controlled Slave testimony begins.

Pages 291-295 are especially important in this testimony.

Comment: The President Pedophiles such as Bush & Clinton were also actively involved in Bringing drugs into the United States using military cargo planes and military bases.

Page 309 elaborates U.S. Presidents Clinton & Bush staying at major drug lords estates in Mexico.

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