The Deep Rig (Obvious Corruption Run By Our AshkeNAZI/Khazar/Zionist/BritishEmpire MAFIA

My Comment: We have an organized CRIME SYNDICATE RUNNING AMERIKA. We Are Run by ZIONists or Rothschild ZIONISTS of British Empire. They are actual NAZI creators. The Cabal that ran this voting Fraud via George Soros, ZIONIST Crime Syndicate Money Man, OWNS OUR MEDIA Mainstream as Well As Alternative Media! Deep State FBI, CIA and Dept. of Home [In]Security NAMED! All Parties and ALL people, Democrats, Republicans, Independents Should ALL CARE about HONEST Elections. The Covid Pandemic & Shutdown Were Exploited For Political Means: For Fraudulent Mailer Voting Process, to Enrich ZIONIST Cabal Members, to Disempower Family Businesses and MANY Went out of Business. Ultimately It is Throught the Mail-in Voting that These Elections Were Stolen Along With Soro’s Dominion Voting Machines Which Ensured Corruption.

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