Ethical Whistleblower Serving Time in Prison (USSA)

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Drone Whistleblower Hale Sentenced to 45 Months

July 30, 2021 (EIRNS)—On July 27, former military intelligence analyst Daniel Hale, who leaked details about the U.S. drone warfare program, was sentenced to 45 months in federal prison, after pleading guilty on March 31 for one charge of violating the Espionage Act. The documents Hale leaked to Jeremy Scahill included proof that Obama was running a targeted assassination program, revelations that 90% of people killed in drone strikes were not the intended targets, and details on the criteria the White House used for putting people on kill lists.

In a brief statement before his sentencing, Hale explained, “I am here because I stole something that was never mine to take—precious human life. I couldn’t keep living in a world in which people pretend that things weren’t happening that were. Please, Your Honor, forgive me for taking papers instead of human lives.”

Hale’s home was searched in 2014 before The Intercept, where Scahill is a founding editor, published articles based on the documents Hale leaked. Hale was arrested in 2019.

Although a First Amendment defense, based on the public interest served by revealing government secrets, was forbidden, Hale explained his motivations prior to sentencing: “With drone warfare, sometimes 9 out of 10 people killed are innocent. You have to kill part of your conscience to do your job.”

The use of the Espionage Act, greatly expanded by Obama and continued under the Trump and Obama administrations, is a marker of the drift towards authoritarianism in the United States, in which the courage to tell the truth is met with prison.

The Dissenter newsletter made Hale’s July 22 hand-written letter to the judge is available, as well as its own transcription for clarity.

British Give Awards to Black Lives Matter and Greta Thunberg B/C They Have Done An Outstanding Job Representing the British Empire CRIMINALS

HM’s Chatham House Bestows Awards on Black Lives Matter Movement and Green Fanatics

July 30, 2021 (EIRNS)—In celebration of its 100th year at the service of Her Royal Majesty, Chatham House—officially, the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), Patron Queen Elizabeth II— yesterday awarded three “Centenary Awards” to individuals and organizations who have “played a significant role in progressing the Chatham House mission,” their actions “redefining” how to achieve the global change its royal patrons seek.

The two individuals awarded are among the Monarchy’s favorite anti-human “green” propagandists. Greta Thunberg “won” the Chatham House Centenary Changemakers Award for “focusing the world’s attention on environmental injustices,” and Sir David Attenborough, the Chatham House Centenary Lifetime Award, for having “sounded the alarm on the devastating impact humanity has had on the environment.”

The organization singled out for an award is none other than Black Lives Matter, the Soros-funded movement deployed to hijack honest outrage against racism and rotten, unjust living conditions into a proto-terrorist strike force against the United States republic and people. BLM received the “Chatham House Centenary Diversity Champion Award” for its “momentous work,” and Melina Abdullah, co-director of Black Lives Matter Grassroots, accepted the British Monarchy’s award on behalf of the movement, Chatham House announced.

So much for Black Lives Matter’s “grass roots.”

Chatham House Director Dr. Robin Niblett waxed eloquent: “The vision and achievements of each of the winners echo Chatham House’s own goals for its second century and demonstrate a shared commitment to building a more sustainable and inclusive world.”

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