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AUGUST 20, 2021

NY Times: Tom Hanks Sells 4 Vehicles From His Collection


The accused Hollyweird pedo-monster Tom Hanks — or maybe “White Hat” operatives controlling or impersonating him — just sold off a half-million dollars worth of vehicles said to have been cherished by the grossly over-rated actor. Did Hanks really need what is for him such “chump change?” Or, is it a case of a man locked up in Guantanamo Bay prison — as rumor has it — now being dispossessed of physical assets? We can’t say for certain, but news of the vehicle liquidation is intriguing.

As for this miscreant Hanks, perhaps no celebrity other than serial rapist Bill Cosby has had built for him by the “powers-that-be” such a false persona of a really nice and universally liked man. In Cosby’s case, he was “America’s Dad” — all on the basis of his acting role as “Dr. Huxtable” on “The Cosby Show.” In the case of Hanks, his moniker was “The Nicest Guy in Hollywood.” Oh how the illusionists of Hollyweird (cough cough) love to mess with the mushy minds of Normiedom!

1. Hanks, in 2020, in Australia with what appeared to have been an ankle-bracelet-GPS monitor. // 2. “Dr. Huxtable” is actually a MONSTER who drugged and raped scores of women. // 3. “The Nicest Guy in Hollywood” is actually a pedo-rapist. (Image above shows juvenile Hanks mocking a passed-out young man.)

Hanks’ remarkable rise from clownish acting roles to “serious actor” and star of countless blockbuster movies was not only consistent with the manner in which the evil Hollywood Cabal recruits and skyrockets its loyal underlings — but was foretold in a 1988 comedy film, starring Hanks, that was produced just before Hanks really became “big.” The name of the film — not so coincidentally — was “Big.”


When 12-year-old boy named Josh told that he is too short to board a carnival ride while attempting to impress an older girl, he inserts a coin into an  fortune-teller machine called Zoltar. He tells Zoltar that he wishes to be “big.” Zoltar, although not being plugged in, then dispenses a card stating “Your wish is granted.” The following morning, Josh awakens as an adult man — played by Hanks — but still wearing the boy’s underwear. His horrified mother — believing that Hanks is a pedo who has kidnapped her son — chases him away. The film spends a bit of time featuring the anguish and terror that the mother is going through. And of course, as a “grown man,” who is actually still 12, Josh eventually has sex with a grown woman.

There’s more to the story. But for our purposes, the occult nature of Zoltar; the pedo-monster hints; and Hanks becoming “big” soon after this film are the three key elements which would be consistent with an ambitious low level star — spawned by dysfunctional parents — eagerly selling his soul to the dark side (Think “Rosemary’s Baby”) in exchange for fame and fortune. Hollyweird, Quackademia & Government are full of these types.

“Big” was made into a huge commercial success and, as Hanks himself admits, proved to be pivotal to skyrocketing his career and establishing him as perhaps the #1 Hollywood Super Star of the past 30 year period. Incredibly, His performance in the goofy comedy film actually got him nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

1. Movie poster for “Big” — “Have you ever had a really big secret?” — Your secret is out, Tom. // 2. “Josh” shows his mother his boyish underwear in an attempt to prove to her that he really is her son and not a kidnapper. // 3. Josh’s hysterical mother pulls a knife on who she believes is the man that has stolen her son.

1. Boy Josh had asked the demonic Zoltar to make him “big.” // 2. And Hanks then really became “big.” // 3. And bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

The lingering pedo rumors about Hanks — whose son, Chet, is plastered with NWO / occult tattoos — are bad enough. But a strange death which occurred on May 13, 2019 leads us to believe that Hanks may also have been involved in a conspiracy to murder a much lesser known actor named Isaac Kappy. The eccentric Kappy attracted quite a following by exposing Hollyweird child molesters on YouTube. Starting in 2017 — and in addition to schooling his viewers about Jeffrey Epstein, The Rothschilds, child rape, elite cannibalism, etc. — Kappy directly accused famed Director Stephen Spielberg and Hanks of being “pedophiles.” (here)

Just 5 weeks before Kappy committed “suicide” by jumping off of a bridge that was part of Route 66(Satanist Alert! Satanist Alert!) in Arizona, Hanks had hinted at the coming death of his Internet tormentor by tweeting an image of a lost glove, with the message:

“Historic Route 66.  Roadkill?  I hope not!  Hanx.” (here)

Coincidence? We don’t believe so. Though Hanks himself may not have had the type of clout to order a professional murder and “suicide” cover up like that — you better believe that his buddy Spielberg — that mega-Jew Gangster of “Swindler’s List” fame — sure as hell did. Poor Isaac. He learned the hard way that if there’s one thing the Jewish Mafia hates more than an opposition “Goy” — it’s a righteous whistle-blowing “lesser brethren” in their midst.

1. Kappy outed Hanks and Spielberg as child rapists — then “forced himself off” of a Route 66 bridge and was struck by a car. // 2. Hanks foretells of the murder: “Roadkill Route 66,” just weeks before Kappy commits “suicide” there. // 3.  Men like Spielberg can create men like Hanks out of nothing — and kill men like Kappy with one phone call to Mossad. 

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