What Elements of The Lockdown/Vaccine Resistance Are Reminiscent of QAnon’s “Trust the Plan”? Mallificus Scott REAL MEDIA

ACH (1566) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #32 – What Elements Of The Lockdown/Vaccine Resistance Are Reminiscent Of QAnon’s Trust The Plan?by achitchcock

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 26 2021, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “What Elements Of The Lockdown/Vaccine Resistance Are Reminiscent Of QAnon’s Trust The Plan?”

We discussed: the Gabriel Rossi TikTok video that we played during the show intro segment; Eric Clapton’s views on the vaccine and the vaccine passport; how the Covid Op has re-ignited the peoples’ desire for freedom of speech; this week’s Strange Bedfellows – Bob The Builder, the Marquis De Sade, Jerusalem’s First and Second Temple, and the Church of England; how we are now up to 1,490 deaths and 324,906 people injured from the vaccines according to figures off the UK Government website; the UK Government’s “Sage Covid-19 Register Of Participants’ Interests” that Mallificus discovered; why haven’t the mainstream media reported on the people who regret having the vaccine, yet continue to report on people who regret not having taken it; the article that claims the vaccine could be administered via the PCR Test; why we need to be careful what information we take on board from elements within the Anti Lockdown Vaccine Resistance Movement; and many other topics.

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Click Here For The Gabriel Rossi TikTok Video That We Played During The Show Intro Segment

Click Here For The BrandNewTube Video In Which Eric Clapton Talks About His Experiences With The Vaccine

Click Here For Paul’s New Odysee Video – England At Play

Click Here For The British Government’s Page “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine Adverse Reactions” And Click On The Three Analysis Prints That Claims An Aggregate Total Of 1,490 People Have Died And 324,906 People Have Been Injured After Taking The Vaccine

Click Here For Proof That The British Government Expected A HIGH VOLUME OF ADVERSE REACTIONS TO THE COVID-19 VACCINE. Scroll Down To Point II.1.4 On This European Union Website

Click Here For The UK Government’s “Sage Covid-19 Register Of Participants’ Interests”

Click Here For The Article That Claims The Vaccine Can Be Administered Via The PCR Testachitchcock | July 26, 2021 at 3:09 pm | Categories: Shows | URL: https://wp.me/pa6C6A-2aq

Comment: Trump is a hot air bloviator that is a Fake. He is there to give people False hope w/o any real change. Sadly even he is a better alternative to what we have now but not much better. Bloviator=

bloviate[ˈblōvēˌāt]VERBUSinformaltalk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.

The biggest change he made was a lifelong tax break to globalists who will never pay taxes again as if they didn’t milk the taxpayer enough with their gov’t contracts!

Trump Tax Cuts Helped Billionaires Pay Less Taxes Than The Working Class In 2018 (forbes.com)

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