Nuggets of Truth in Fundraising Mail


The power structure’s ace card continues to be the manipulation of the currency and their ability to use it to control society through the economic boom and bust cycle.

Despite the public becoming very weary of inflation and starting to blame the massive multi-trillion-dollar bailouts of the last 15 months, the Biden administration plans more of the same in what looks like a brazen attempt to destroy the U.S. Dollar as a means to their globalist end.

Sadly, we can also expect more of the same from the Republicans in Congress, who act as nothing more than a speed bump to historic levels of debt and unsustainable spending.

There’s another $Trillion-plus “compromise” spending package on the table under the guise of “infrastructure,” which could be the tipping point to a collapse.

And that doesn’t even mention the up to SIX TRILLION DOLLAR “human infrastructure” package Democrats hope to ram through under budget reconciliation where they will only need a simple majority to pass another monstrous spending bill!

The good news is, not every Democrat is in lockstep on either of these budget-busting proposals, so there is a fighting chance to stop them.

But you and I MUST demand an end to this nonsense or President Biden and the far left will get their way on every single dime they want to spend with some turncoat Republicans as their willing accomplices.

Fighting these battles throughout 2021 has not been cheap, and Campaign for Liberty is still facing a funding gap of $8,352 for the June 30th end-of-quarter deadline.

That’s why I am counting on you to help us get caught up and let us know where you stand.

Please fill out your supporter ballot so we know where you stand on the massive spending and other very pressing issues.

Then consider your most generous donation of 2021 to keep Campaign for Liberty running strong in the second half of this very dangerous year.

For liberty,


________Forwarded Message________

Liberty is under serious assault in 2021.

COVID tyranny, attempts to federalize elections while gagging grassroots organizations, extremely dangerous gun confiscation bills, and runaway inflation caused by a Congress who looks hellbent on destroying our currency and our Republic along with it — these are just a few of the threats you and I are facing.

You’ve stepped up in a big way to join the fight, but we are FAR from out of the woods.

That’s what makes writing this letter so difficult. We’ve been fighting tooth and nail against the Biden agenda, but I’m afraid at the rate we are going, we won’t have enough resources to continue our efforts on every front.

According to my staff, we still need to raise $15,971 to reach our quarterly goal.

As a top-tier supporter, I am asking you to take two very important actions today to keep Campaign for Liberty fighting for your liberty.

First, fill out your End of Quarter Supporter Ballot so I know where you stand on the most pressing issues we face.

Then, please make an immediate contribution to help us meet our quarterly goal to give us the resources we need to keep going.

We’ve never had to fight this many difficult battles at the same time, and giving up on any one of them could spell disaster for medical freedom, gun rights, free and fair elections, and even our very Republic.

The last time we were in this position with the far left controlling the House, the Senate and the presidency, we ended up with the near destruction of the medical system through the passage of ObamaCare.

Twelve years later, we are still trying to undo the tremendous damage.

With so many liberty-shredding bills in the pipeline, there is even more danger to us now than back then.

And we’re just about a year away from the midterm elections heating up.

Will you and I be able to fight on all fronts? Campaign for Liberty needs to know where you stand.

Fill out your End of Quarter Supporter Ballot!

Then, would you please step up with your most generous contribution? We still need $15,971 to make sure we’re fully funded for the coming fights against the radical Biden agenda!

After all the controversy surrounding the 2020 elections, instead of opting for transparency, Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) Senate and Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) House are attempting to ram through a statist’s dream come true which would nationalize elections and permanently transform this country, known as H.R. 1/S. 1.

Not only do they want to make the biggest opportunities for fraud — such as universal mail in ballots, prohibitions on cleaning voter rolls, and same day voter registration — REQUIRED in every state, but they want to crush free speech about the political class and their voting record.

The so-called “For the People Act,” which is more accurately titled the “Legalized Election Theft” bill, attempts to destroy any ability for the people to hold the political class accountable during the election process, opening the door for permanently tilted elections.

Nancy Pelosi and her leftist mob in the House has already passed the bill, and the only thing preventing it from landing on President Biden’s desk is the Senate filibuster rule, which requires 60 votes in an evenly divided 50-50 Senate.

patty, after Campaign for Liberty supporters like you helped defeat the first attempt to pass this in the Senate yesterday, I fear Democrat leadership just may “go nuclear” and eliminate or water down the filibuster just to pass the Legalized Election Theft bill.

But if election integrity is not that important to you, please mark “Cut programs to protect the integrity of elections” on your supporter ballot.

You and I have suffered for over a year at the whims of “experts” such as Anthony Fauci who has lied at every turn about the origins of COVID, forced masking, and the destructive lockdowns.

Governors, mayors, and health bureaucrats used Fauci’s words as the excuse to exercise authoritarian power and destroy businesses, close churches and schools, and ruin countless lives in the process.

And they can’t prove any of that made any bit of difference in the health outcomes.

His “guidance” has led to a nearly $4 Trillion transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthiest people and corporate fascists in our country.

Worse yet, they want these expanded powers to be permanent!

You see, they’re also using the COVID-19 panic to create momentum for their socialist “Great Reset.”

They want to track your every move and make you submit to sinister vaccine passport schemes that force you to take an experimental shot just to go about your daily life.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot think of anything more frightening than making the last 15 months of our lives the long-term standard.

But if you think C4L should give up on fighting these battles on COVID tyranny in the second half of 2021, please mark that on your ballot.

We must also not forget about the rabid gun confiscation push with dangerous bills like H.R. 8, H.R. 1446, and H.R. 127, and the nomination of anti-gun zealot David Chipman to run the ATF!

Based on his decades of support for even the most radical gun control schemes, Joe Biden is already the most anti-gun president in American history — by a long shot.

When asked by a reporter if “a Biden administration means they’re going to come for my guns,” — he responded “BINGO!” without hesitation.

As you know, Joe Biden supports virtually every conceivable form of government restriction on the Second Amendment you can imagine.

And if the destructive bills he supports don’t end up making it to his desk, he’ll just use the “power of the pen” to ban and confiscate weapons using federal agents at the ATF with David Chipman as director as an end-around Congress — if he can get away with it.

But if you think C4L should STOP protecting our Second Amendment freedoms, please mark “Cut programs protecting The Second Amendment” on your Supporter Ballot.

patty, there’s another issue I hope you will consider.

President Biden and the democrats in Congress have fully embraced Soviet Russian and German Stasi tactics to turn citizens against each other over their political views, encourage them to snitch, and then use that as an excuse for a MASSIVE expansion of the surveillance state and bloated domestic spying apparatus.

The worst part about it is they use the leftist social media and tech tyrants to do the dirty work of collecting all the data many of us give them on a daily basis as a cost of using their platforms to communicate and do business.

Talk about entrapment!

The Democrats are also trying to use the melee that occurred at the Capitol on January 6 as an excuse to ram through the so-called “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” — better known as the “PATRIOT Act 2.0” — to achieve their longtime goal of turning America into an Orwellian police state where your every move is tracked, traced, and monitored by government bureaucrats.

I’m not surprised.

After all, President Biden publicly brags about writing the original “PATRIOT Act” — even claiming that “the bill John Ashcroft sent up was my bill,” referring to The Patriot Act.

And now the Democrats are waging a domestic “war on terror” targeting Trump supporters, libertarians, and anyone else who doesn’t toe the “woke” line.

My son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), has introduced a bill with Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) to stop Big Tech from being able to hand over all your online data, just because they listened to President Biden and snitched on you.

That bill is called “The Fourth Amendment is Not For Sale Act,” which Campaign for Liberty has pressured the Senate to consider, because we must push back on this insane expansion of the surveillance state combined with domestic crackdowns.

Without your continued action, I’m very worried the America you and I love won’t be around much longer.

It will be unrecognizable.

And freedom will exist nowhere but in our memories.

But if you think we should stop battling government’s attacks on Americans’ privacy, please mark, “Cut efforts to stop domestic crackdowns and spying” on your Supporter Ballot.

Then please strongly consider helping us close our funding gap of $15,971 for the end of the second quarter, so that we can keep moving to meet the statists with a full head of steam.

Ever since the mandatory economic depression ushered in by the draconian lockdowns on businesses and just about everything else, Congress has used it as an excuse to inflate the dollar through more than $5 Trillion in new bailouts.

Whether it was the “CARES Act,” which was rammed through in March of last year, the “Stimulus” bills, or the latest excuse which is “Infrastructure,” Congress and President Biden are spending us into oblivion while throwing a pittance at regular Americans.

The results have been disastrous with inflation that we haven’t seen since the first government bailouts of big banks, the auto industry, and others starting in 2008.

The Audit the Fed bill has been introduced by both Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) in the House and my son, Rand Paul, in the Senate. A full audit of the Federal Reserve is needed now more than ever.

There’s no mystery about what will happen if we keep pumping Billions or even Trillions of dollars into the hands of the wealthy without any accountability whatsoever.

patty, we are headed for a worse economic disaster than 2008 by far, and Campaign for Liberty will continue the fight against these policies with Audit the Fed, but only with your continued support!

So if you think we should stop fighting the Federal Reserve and Congress for their currency destruction, please mark it on your supporter ballot.

As you’ll see, there are no easy choices.

I would hate to give up any ground, but I need to know where you stand.

If you’re like me and don’t want to back down on any front, there is one final option to select, as you’ll see:


But please recognize how serious this is.

We simply must close the gap of $15, 971 or I simply won’t be able to run a full program on some of these critical battles, let alone all of them!

Regardless of your choice, your generous donation is badly needed today.

So can I please count on your most generous contribution of $100, $50, or whatever you can afford TODAY?

patty, this could not be more serious. The stakes are higher for our country than ever before.

I’m counting on you to rise to the occasion.

So please respond right away and tell me how to proceed.

In liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul

P.S. In the next few days, I must nail down Campaign for Liberty’s most crucial plans for the coming weeks, but I can’t do that without hearing from you first. As we near the end of the second quarter of the busiest year in Campaign for Liberty’s history, we are $15,971 short of our budgeted goal.

With so many battles already fought, and many more staring us in the face today, there isn’t time to waste.

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