By :The-Unhived:Mind @ 22nd December 2019
In response to words from Eric Jon Phelps

On July 1st 1875 mother Russia no longer existed as a Country as it became captured on the same day as Britain, America and Germany.  This means that the Sabbateans through the Rothschild family took control of Russia a long time before the Romanov assassinations.  The Jewish Revolution in Russia came about to force social change and enforce the world of fiction by removing prepositional phrasing from language.  Russian and Irish history have both been highly suppressed and why is this?  In order to create a fraudulent history to supposedly backup the claims that come forth over decades and centuries of deceptions.  So as an example the so-called Jewish Torah isn’t even Jewish since the Torah is word-for-word exactly the same as documents which were present in Russia over forty-thousand years ago.  So if you destroy the history of Russia and remove this fact then you can continue your fake claims of being ‘God’s chosen people.’   The true ancient history of Russia got censored and replaced by Germanic Jewish nonsense which tries to portray Russians as some backward barbaric race when nothing could be further from the truth.  So we can add another Sabbatean example of the destruction of the Middle East by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.  Why?  The idea is for this group to go around and destroy as much Middle Eastern historical records as possible so that the Sabbateans can then make up their future false claims then making it difficult for you to question their new narrative. 

The Donmeh of Turkey housed the ISIS terrorist group whilst Jordan trained the group aided by logistical help from Pakistan.   The funding for the ISIS group came from both Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  The ISIS group’s fundamentalist mindset comes from Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia. We must not forget the Muslim Brotherhood when it comes to the ISIS group.  On the ground Israel runs ISIS using U.S weaponry and British intelligence.  The U.S Dept of Defense contract out to the Ministry of Defence who then use British SAS subsidiaries (like the old Keeny Meany Services) to create, train and guide these terrorists groups. 

The Sabbatean/Rothschild-led Russia Post dominated Russia whilst one of the strongest postal gangs in the region (esp Moscow) are the Chabad-Lubavitch who’ve been in the region since 1920.  I would even go as far as to say that the Moscow division of the Chabad are more important than those in Brooklyn, New York City which claims World headquarters status.  I say the same is true with the Dallas division of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry over the so-called world headquarters based in Washington D.C. and I base this one on certain data I’ve received plus the fact that Dallas is higher against sea level than Washington D.C. (a region which has become almost totally irrelevant since Nov 8th 1999 with the end of the International bankruptcy).  I will also say the same is true of the Richmond Federal Reserve being over the so-called New York headquarters.  So the moral to the story is you can never trust any deceptive devil (Jew) of any kind.  There are no good Jews it’s just this simple as they’re all deception artists tied to either the evils of the Talmud and/or the Zohar.

Israel is a rogue-state that needs avoiding and boycotting just like the Jews love to do to their enemies who won’t bow down and meet their demands.  A perfect example of this was when the U.S based Jews called for a worldwide boycott against products made and exported from National Socialist Germany.  The same Jews who called for a Holy War on Germany that caused millions of white European Christians to lose their lives in a bloody sacrifice.  The war aided in both the white genocide program by the Jews as well as further destruction of Christianity by the quick purging of sixty-three million Christians.  Whilst I support boycotting Israel at every level this doesn’t mean I support the BDS Movement.  Why?  It’s simply because the BDS Movement is itself controlled by Sabbateans creating sympathy for the Jews whilst being able to weed out those who’re against the devils cause.  Both the Sabbateans and Jewry are very good at weeding out their enemies both from within or out just as we’ve seen with the Jesuits who’ve purged many of their own members this way.

Israel has threatened the entire world including Russia with the Samson Option if Israel is ever attacked with true force threatening its vile existence.  Today there’s no need for the nuclear option since the 2.0 version of the Samson Option lies within the Talpiot program especially as the world turns to the Internet of Stings (things IoT).  Israel shares classified technology with China, Iran and Russia whilst the U.S chattel taxpayer foots the bill for programs like the F-35 Jet (used to funnel x-amount of those funds into other black projects).  Israel is the world’s biggest spy and controls the kill-switch to most of the world’s technology.  Israel is fully controlled by the heads of the Israel Postal Company under the Rothschild family and it’s been this way since the 24th of December in 1949.  At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who founded Israel the fact is that it’s a terrorist state defying the agreed world laws and this means we should not have any acknowledgement of the state.  All funds must immediately stop going into the Israeli economy.

Winston Churchill may have supposedly made a quote about the Jews but he was himself was a Jew.  Why?  Churchill’s has the blood of the Rothschild family and this goes back two-hundred years kick starting after the Battle of Waterloo when the Rothschild family took control of the breeding rights of the British Royal family some sixty-years before the Rothschild’s captured Britain lock, stock and barrel.

Josef Stalin was a Georgian Jew who’s real name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (Ioseb Besarionis Dze Jughashvili) and who’s mother’s roots are from Khazar whilst his true father was David Papisnedov.  Stalin’s mother and fake father Vissarion Dzhugashvili were crypto-Jews pretending to both be Catholic.  Stalin trained for seven years as a Jesuit soldier at the Seminary of Tiflis until 1899 in Gori after he’d been trained as a child in Gori by the Franciscan Order.  Stalin’s classmate Agagianian later became a Cardinal under the Pope and Agagianian became the head of the Siberian death camps which saw the death of many Russian Christians in a real holocaust (not a holohoax as in the Jewish lies of World War 2) with the death of around sixty-six million Russian Christians.  Ask yourself why you constantly hear the whining of the lying devils about their Holohoax (used to protect their wicked deeds) whilst no one talks about the real murders in Russia executed by Jews.  Once Stalin was a Jesuit of worth he was heading the Georgian Social-Democratic movement with the backing of the likes of David Papisnedov who referred to Stalin as ‘Soso‘.  In 1902 over in Batumi, Georgia the Rothschild family protected Stalin from the powerful Russian Department for Protecting the Public Security and Order.  Stalin entered back into Tbilisi, Georgia in 1904 after being exiled from Butumi over into Siberia in 1903.  The idea now was to use Stalin to create a schism with others (Lenin) who were once on a similar Marxist mindset.  Lenin started to fall for the games of Stalin by 1907 which would backfire on Lenin from 1909.  The Sabbateans put Stalin in as the General Secretary of the Central Commitee and this was a condition to get funding from the Rothschild family through the British-run Wall Street.  in 1939 Stalin had dramatically increased Christian followers over from the now destroyed Orthodox Church into the hands of the Pope and the Vatican.  Stalin would protect the Jews just like Donald Trump as both were shabbos goyim working under the Rothschild family.  Stalin would execute people who were anti-Semitic whilst Donald Trump now has an Executive Order making illegal all anti-Semitic talk now bear-in-mind the fraudulent broad-based definition of the word.

The Vatican may still have a hold on Jerusalem but who controls the Vatican?  Since 1834 the Rothschild family took over the Vatican.  The Rothschild family lured its way into the Church after the family helped get the Jesuits reinstated nine years earlier in 1814.  In 1823 the Rothschild family became the official Guardians of the Vatican Treasury as highlighted in the Jewish encyclopedia .  The Rothschild’s took a grip on the Vatican via the usual method of debt from 1834 leading to the downfall of the Church.  The Vatican was fully captured by Sabbatean Freemasonry on the 1st June 1929 and then on the 28th of October 1958 the Masonic Order placed one of their Brethren as the (anti)pope.  This same Masonic (anti)pope who outright destroyed the Catholic Church by setting up the Second Vatican Council (Jesuit renewal) from 1962/3.  This was the same time most of the New World Order (Ernst Heinrich Wilhelm von Stephan in 1874 but its roots go back further to 1871 with Rothschild family and Hawaii.  The Masons finally captured the Island of Hawaii in 1874 and by putting it under the control of Charles Emory Smith in 1898 who himself served nine governors of the United States Post Office Department controlling the entire United States).  In this time period as an example the Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem formed removing the schisms of the powerful Catholic/Protestant Knights of Malta factions.

The Jews do not work for the Papacy this is a mindset etched back centuries that still believes the Vatican dominates the planet through tentacles of the old Roman Empire.  Jews and Sabbateans have infiltrated Europe for centuries including the Vatican.  Why?  The Vatican was the centre of power and still holds a lot of power today but it’s all infiltrated and so what was once is still today but instead it’s run by different caretakers thus the Rothschild’s and the Jesuits the later of which stem from Etenoi (Venice) and thus have Menes-heh roots.  There’s no denying that the Jesuit Order was a Jewish creation as proven by the first Superior Generals all being Jewish.  Now don’t believe in the Jesuit ban on Jews as this was yet another cover just to pretend the organisation was Catholic.  The Jesuits were never formed to protect Catholicism but the idea was for the Jews to start to take down the Catholic Church like a parasite from within using the Jesuits whilst giving the impression the organisation was trying to protect the Church within the farce Jewish-led game called the Reformation which used Contarini and the Venetians for their publishing power.  It’s no different to the BDS Movement, the Jews will create organisations that look opposite to Jewish goals but which ultimately help bring about Jewish goals whilst also bringing sympathy for the Jews.

The Jews run all worldwide Commerce which means they run the world and this is the same for their Freemason-run Universal Postal Union dominating planet Earth as a vessel in the sea of space with the Post Office controlling all vessels on this vessel meaning they control everything on the planet and since 1969 even the planet after the faked Moon landing.  The Jews run all the media, banking, entertainment, pornography, distribution and publishing.  It’s said that all you need to control the people is the media and so this will mean the Jews have easy control when you add up everything else that they own.  All you have to do is look at devils like Sheldon Adelson who is the big player behind Donald Trump just as Haim Saban was the main player behind Hillary Clinton.  Hellyweird isn’t run by Jesuits it’s openly run by almost all Jews and this fact is easily proven if you know where to look and listen to people within the industry.  The original Hays Code for Hollywood came from the Catholics but the Jews sidestepped this by introducing the MPAA film rating system.  With the rating system this meant the Jews could bring forth their filth, sick and violence movies to degrade society and no longer be subject to the Hays Code.  Now the Jews could destroy the adult mindset and desensitise it to evil and death whilst the Jews also knew children would get their hands on the filth either through bad parenting or pirate copies etc.

The Federal Reserve is the main Central Bank of the world supplying all the fake Jewish shekel promissory notes under the United States Postal Service.  The Federal Reserve Notes having the Eagle symbolism with the wings upwards meaning U.S. Postal Service power.  If you look at the logo of the Federal Reserve you’ll see that it’s really a Rising Phoenix as the wings are facing down which means Vatican Banking.  So from this data does it mean that the Jesuits/Papacy run the Federal Reserve?  Yes somewhat but it doesn’t own the Federal Reserve since it’s owned by the board meaning Rothschild and others like Warburg.  Since the very creation of the Federal Reserve on Jekyll Island the ownership is for life.  Who in the system controls the Federal Reserve?  The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland control The Fed like all other central banks.  The Universal Postal Union controls the Bank of International Settlements.  The Federal Reserve is also mastered by the U.S Postal Service in joinder with the Universal Postal Union.  The (anti)pope Francis I is a Postmaster General for the Vatican.

The glue to the system comes from two organisations and these are both the Universal Postal Union and the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.  The International Bureau of Weights and Measures decide the forming of matter and its value so without any matter or value where would your life, economy and system end up?  Since 1959 the Secretary of State offices across the world all use the pasi-graphy to communicate with one another on how to move elements in the banking construct in the periodic function form to create matter through the Trust of the International Maritime Organization based in London.  This is why if you threaten the system of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures even with improvement (leads to a propelling of humanity thus goes against the Club of Rome agenda) then you’ll be threatened by the intelligence services of your corporation (UK Plc, United States of America Corp [NSA/CIA/Dept of Defense/Secret Service] etc).  Try removing the periodic table out of a box (everything in a box is void under the International Styles Manual) and instead of the box you expand them with tetrahedrons and have a mono-atomic periodic table in the middle of the tetrahedrons.  If you publish such a periodic table you’d be creating now time expansion changes which threaten the rule of the 0.000001%.

Yes the Jews love anti-Jewish fury because like Gilad Atzmon has always explained it’s about stirring up sympathy for the Jews in the long run to further their goals and false claims.  So yes Jews are whipping up hatred against themselves but they don’t lie about what they control.  You’ll notice that Jews only openly brag to themselves so this means personally and within their own media such as Haaretz run by the MOSSAD who’s controlled by the Israel Postal Company.

I‘ve had dealings with Barry Chamish some of which were useful and others which were a downright waste of time and space.   Today you have some independent media trying to imply that Chamish’s death was an assassination but in truth Chamish had very poor health.  I had zero sympathy with the man over his health as Chamish was pig ignorant of independent natural healing.  I’d often argue with him over well proven healing of herbs which I’d had personal experience with.  So I’m not surprised his health continued to deteriorate.  For me anyone who’s ignorant on this subject isn’t worth my time so from then on I disassociated from the tunnel vision guy.  If Chamish had taken my advice he might have stuck around a while longer.  If I’d studied these devils at that time then I wouldn’t have even talked with Chamish let alone offered him important healing knowledge.  I could never help anyone who follows the Talmud or Zohar as they’re all devils.  Barry Chamish was a devil just like the rest of them as he admitted he took his inspiration from the Talmud.  People really need to study the Talmud to get an understanding of what I’m trying to say about the fact that there are no good Jews and that all of them regardless of the side of the coin are in fact just the one Talmudic coin.  The Zohar is just a fork of the Talmud and the Zohar simply goes another level into accepting sin but not even seeing the sin.  The Sabbatean Frankists use the Zohar as a platform for their ‘redemption through sin’ agenda.  Barry Chamish never admitted that the Sabbateans were a creation by the Jesuits but he may have agreed that Jesuits and Sabbateans have worked together at times.

The origins of the Zohar are far older than the young Jesuit Order.  The origins of the Ashkenazi go way back into the Nile-Delta so when it comes to it then there’s no who came first the chicken of the egg? The facts are that the Menes-heh came first and the rest are all products of the original.  I’ve highlighted in this article some of the connections between the Sabbatean and the Jesuits but this doesn’t mean that the Jesuits run the Sabbateans or that Sabbatai Zevi was a secret Catholic.  The Catholic following that Sabbatai bought over to the Church was a boost to the Vatican but it was at a point-in-time to meet the needs of the Sabbatean when the other fraudulent Jewry (to me both are frauds) turned against Zevi.   Opposites do have alliances and sometimes opposites will use each other either through agreement or deceptions to meet their needs and defend against struggles.  The Sabbateans follow Shimon bar Yochai’s work of the Zohar that later manifested in Spain by Moses de Leon in the 13th century.  Freemasonry is nothing but Jewry based on the teachings of the Lurianic Kabbalah behind the Zohar.

The roots of Freemasonry go back to ancient Egypt during the 18th Dynasty of Amenhotep IV which means Freemasons follow Akhenaten.  The followers of Akhenaten became the followers of fake Moses and thus the so-called Jews.  This is why you see so much pharaoh symbolism in important places like Switzerland.  Switzerland is the home of what?  The Universal Postal Union in Berne running all commerce, the Bank of Int’l Settlements in Basel running all central banks for the UPU and finally the International Telecommunication Union which runs all worldwide communications.  The only other system glue outside of this region is the International Bureau of Weights and Measures over in Paris, France.

The Jews, Sabbateans and Freemasons are all cursed and this goes back to their roots in ancient Egypt after destroying the Hyksos Kings and raiding the tombs of the Kings by the Menes-heh pirates of the Nile Delta.  Who’re the Menes-heh?  The Sabbatean frankists of today known as the Ashkenazi (Knights [Nazi] of the Flame[Ashke]) who originated from both Khazar and Etenoi (Venice) but who’s roots go back further to the Nile Delta as the thieving Menes-heh.  So as you can see the Jewish coin has always been spinning for thousands of years before both the Vatican and the Jesuits formed.

For decades the Jesuits were in a schism since the end of World War II.  The Jesuits have since had a truce but there’s a new schism today between some European and Trans-Atlantic elements.  The Jesuit Order itself has become dysfunctional just like how the Jews have turned the West into a basket case.  This dysfunction in the Order is the main reason for the modern schism.  So knowing about these schisms and dysfunction do you still believe this order has anywhere near the power it once had?  Now go and study how the Jews work and act.  The tribe aka the Jews are a perfectly oiled bike chain and this is why they dominate the world.

The Farnese and Spanish Borja families were always connected with each other and this is how Francis Borja had the Jesuits Commissioned by Alessandro Farnese who was the brother of Giulia Farnese the concubine of Rodrigo de Borja who was known as Pope Alexander VI.  Alessandro became a power over Loyola in 1534 and Loyola had the Medici pope poisoned using Borja poisoning skills and this resulted in Farnese becoming the pope and taking the throne away from the Medici family.  The Spanish Jesuits were always the most powerful and there cannot be any denial of Charles V with the origins before the forming of the Jesuit Order.  It wasn’t until 1526 when Loyola fell out of favour with Charles V of Spain.  At one time Spain was also one of the biggest haunts of the Jews in Europe.

It makes no difference where something is actually formed such as the Jesuits in Paris as this doesn’t alter the fact of the Order’s real masters being over in Etenoi (Venice), Spain, France and even Britain.  The French connection came about when Loyola was transporting King Francis I back to France after the King’s released by Spain.  The Jesuits are an unofficial recreation of the original Knights Templar and going back to the Kingdom of Aragon after the Pope allowed a few Templar Knights their freedom but only if they went to Aragon and never came together under the Templar banner.  These people went to Aragon and then you had come forth the likes of the Order of the Montessa and the Order of the Calatrava who’re today both controlled by the Spanish Monarch of the Bourbon bloodline which is the second oldest Monarchy in the world behind the Japanese Emperor.

The Jesuits never had any real power until Francis Borja became the Superior General and it was him alone who in 1572 bought about the revival of the Templars and this was when there became a ‘Black Pope’ and the Jesuits started to deal in commerce (such as owning the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie worth far more back then than Apple is worth today).  Who do you think murdered both Pope Pius IV and Diego Laynez?  Yes it was Francis ‘Mother Goddess’ Borja!  Do not be fooled by the hype about Ignatius Loyola as he’s just a diversion away from the Borja family the true power within the Jesuits and any Jesuit of worth will tell you this.  The Jesuit world headquarters is within the Borgo Santo Spirito named after the Borja family who built the large area around the Vatican.  Even Alessandro Farnese takes centre stage at the House of Gesu with his name being plastered across the front but not Loyola.  If you look at the second Superior General of the Jesuits it was another Jew like Loyola and his name was Diego Laynez.  Francis Borja assassinated Diego Laynez and this put the fear of god into fellow Jesuits and the Papacy who all jumped to attention or else.

If you want to see the clear connection of Spain to the Jesuit Order then just study history of the region known as Navarre and Loyola’s strike force which policed the region.  In this strike force you had Bobadilla, Loyola, Laynez, Salmeron and Xavier so now study and connect the power heads within the original Jesuit Order.  Loyola created the world’s first police force which was in France and known as the connétablie et maréchaussée de France.  The original connections to Etenoi (Venice) come from when Ignatius Loyola was over there as a guest for over six months as the emissary of Charles V.  The King of Spain sent Ignatius over to Venice to bring about a Treaty with the powerful Andrea Gritti the then Doge of Venice who along with Gasparo Contarini (a protestant founding the so-called counter to the protestants) would later in 1534 become the masters of Loyola and who tied Loyola into the British connection.  Loyola left Venice for Jerusalem on board of a Venetian ship then he even went back to Venice and became close to Pietro Contarini.  Loyola was then committed to hindering the Lombards and the Medici family the latter of which used to fund Elizabeth I and Britain for many years.  The argument was that Charles V was too close to these banking powers and Loyola was then manipulated into being against the Spanish King.

Loyola had a grudge with Charles V due to the Spanish Monarch dropping Loyola and ignoring all his hard work which had once proven of much worth to Spain.  So now Britain, France and Venice created the League of Cognac utilising the Colonna scion which hammered Italy and the Papacy whilst reducing by two-thirds Rome’s population and then blaming the Spanish.  It was never the Spanish who sacked Rome but it was the British, Venetians and French.  Now you know why Giulio di Giuliano de’ Medici when he became pope took revenge on the Venetians (Menes-heh).  The Doge of Venice then used Loyola again against Charles V and the Medici Pope and now you find the next connection this time for mother Goddess Francis Borja.

I used to think the Jesuits were known as the Knights of the Virgin Mary but in truth they were known as ‘Soldiers for Christ’.  So here we see that the Jesuits were not formed in 1540 but they were in fact formed in 1534 and their roots go way back to strike forces in Spain and then the first policing in France.  The reason for the 1540 date is because it took three years for the Pope to gain the trust of the Jesuits because the Cardinals disliked the power of this Venetian organisation but in truth the real trust started from 1543 thanks to the work of Cardinal Gaspero Contarini using Loyola as his personal adviser and confessor.  In 1545 this is when Farnese really empowered the Jesuits by making them a law onto themselves a bit like the more modern Special Group in the White House which Kennedy tried to reel in.

So you can say all police forces originate with the origins of Jesuit Order and their system which funny enough brings you into Freemasonry.  The connections of the Police to Freemasonry are well known and now I’ve highlighted the Jesuit connection so we now have to understand how the hidden rituals of the Jesuits are exactly same as the ancient Egyptian based Freemasonry of Akhenaten with the dead (Osiris) rising.  The Doge of Venice had Loyola create a band of sea knights known as the Marine Corps which some would know as the Fanti da Mar to protect Venice from its enemies.  In 1537 Loyola and his people were all empowered by the Gray Pope of the Franciscan Order making them Franciscans in Venice which isn’t something that Leo Zagami has ever mentioned.  The Gray Pope is of course the Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor who at that time was Vincenzo Lunello.

The FBI’s Gordon G. Liddy and Edward Howard Hunt of the Central Intelligence Agency were both connected with one another.  It was Edward Howard Hunt who said that “The Jesuits have the greatest ‘intelligence’ abilities in the world.’

It’s not the white gentiles who want an end to the white race but it’s the Jews who also want an end to Christianity.  The Jews openly call for a white genocide which people like myself highlight and fight but we get called Nazis (not realising it really means knight) for sticking up for our race, people and culture.  It’s not the Vatican which wants to destroy white Christian culture regardless of Protestantism.  The Vatican to a large degree would rather merge you back into their system but the Jesuits have Jewish plans.  What we’re really seeing is the utter destruction of all of Christianity through the likes of the Scottish Rite.  The Jews created all their divisions and they’ll use them until their agenda goals are complete and then they’ll destroy the division.  You’re seeing this now with the Atheists being made and then used against the religious.  Once the religious have been mostly destroyed by the Jews then the Atheists will end up being bought back into the religious fold of the new one-world religion.  It’s laughable really because these Atheists today are already worshipping a pagan mother Gaia worship but in the form of the Rothschild-led climate change scam.  The Reformation itself was another scam pushed by the Venetians to divide and then break up Christendom and over hundreds of years bring us into the chaos we see today.

The Jews have always been the problem is Europe whether it was the European Monarch’s using the Jews and then being able to blame them for everything or the Jewish takeover and infiltration ever since.  A hotbed of the Jews was Etenoi known as Venice and this is where the Menes-heh came into Europe after their origins in the Nile-Delta.  Now I hope you can see why all the troubles stemmed out of Venice which used Holland as a ground in Europe before Venice took over Britain which is known as New Venice.  This is why I call Elizabeth II the New Doge of New Venice as she’s certainly not a Queen since one she has no Royal Marks (a Monarch has three Royal Marks) and two the title’s surrendered to the Eastern Star Freemasonry.  Elizabeth II is a Sabbatean and her blood scion contains Rothschild blood again going back to the Rothschild family taking over the breeding rights to the Royal family.  Elizabeth II is of  DNA from Winston Churchill another Rothschild.

Now we’ll look into the Jewish Venetian Count known as Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi who was a significant player behind the founding of the European super-state.  Kalergi gave you the Jewish agenda on a platter back in 1925 whilst in Vienna when he spoke of ‘Practical Idealism’.  The agenda is to negroid-mongrelize Europe and create a mixed race on the lines of that of ancient Egypt (Persian/Greek/African).  This new European species would then be ruled by the Jewish race claiming a master race status.  All we have to do is search on the facts about the Jewish agendas and you’ll get it right from the Jews themselves.  Yes we’ve seen white gentiles destroy each other through Jewish manipulation and greed using their usual devious tactics such as false flags.  A great example of Jews controlling and destroying the white races and Christianity is World War II which wiped out a large percentage of the white population across Europe.

Now what the Jews have done recently is another good example of long-term planning.  One example of Jewish long-term planning is the kick starting of ‘The Time is Now, The Match is Hot’ meta-bridge event known as 9/11.  George W. Scherff Jr (BushFRAUD 43) then signs off on the Patriot Act which allows in their mind the U.S Military to go into any corporation (no such thing as nations only vessels/corpses run by the Postal Union) on Earth under the guise of the War on Terror.  So now the Jews from AIPAC can send in the U.S Military to do their bidding in the Middle East and destroy the Israeli enemies who wont conform and be shabbos goyim.  So now the Jewish run intelligence services under the Postal Union end up going in and displacing millions of people from their homelands.  What does this do?  The Jewish then create easy routes and methods as well as funding to send the displaced over into Europe who’re greeted with open arms by all the Communist corpses of Europe (read the Ten Planks and see how you’re all Communist aka JEWISH).  So now Israel hammers its Middle Eastern enemies whilst at the same time attacking white christian Europe.  Now whats even worse is that Turkey held most of the true Syrian refugees whilst Europe ended up forced to take in all the African male war minded filth coming through from Libya.

The Libyan War was yet another Jewish attack this time on Qaddafi through the French and the petrified La Poste.  La Poste feared the plans for a gold Dinar on the African continent as well as the feeding without USAID food conditions etc.  If the Jews were truly removed from the planet or imprisoned and isolated then the world would have a major heart bypass and we could get our needs such as cold fusion energy demonstrated in 1957 by George Merkl.  The Jews are nothing but a cancer on the Earth!  The Jews are the masters of materialism and they do everything they can to undermine humanity and natural law in their goal to destroy everything.  When the Jews destroy us all they’ll then turn on themselves as the don’t know any other way.

I’ve already proven connections of the Jesuits to Britain (New Venice) a long time before 1773.  The dealings with Britain go back to the early 16th Century tied in with Venice.  The Jesuits had to move their remaining funds around after the great Pope Clement XIV almost destroyed the Jesuits.  I’ve already highlighted how just nine years after the order entered back into the Church that they got the Rothschild family in as the Guardians of the Vatican Treasury.  It was the Jesuits who created the ethereal slavery tied in with the Rothschild currency/promissory note system now used worldwide meaning just a promise-to-pay.  So now everyone’s cursed just the same as the Akhenaten followers and the Menes-heh Sabbateans and that’s thanks to the Jesuits.  The Jesuits used the Papal Bull back from 1537 by Pope Paul III which removed your soul and turned you into a vessel/cargo which then tied you later on into the Admiralty system.  Pope Paul III was the pope who bought in and made Gasparo Contarini a Cardinal.

The sabbateans and the Jews both only worship gold that’s their deity and in truth since the end of World War II the sabbateans had a big reset meaning they worship themselves as deities.  If you go into a store with a promissory note you’re actually committing a robbery because you’re not paying and instead you’re just handing them an IOU.  The way the Jesuits got around this was to steal your soul and make it the surety and performance for the right-to-use the promissory note.

There are no Gray Jesuits this was something made up by a fraud going under the surname of Vivaldi who would con the truth movements who were against the Vatican.  Vivaldi made up nonsensical claims of Pepe Orsini being the Gray pope and I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t even a being called Pepe Orsini.  I’ve even seen this disinformation continue to this day with one video even posting a picture of Urbano Barberini and claiming he’s the Gray pope.  If you want a factual Gray pope then look to the Minister Generals of the Franciscan Order.  The Vivaldi character had ties with the Department of Homeland Security and I know as he accidentally forwarded an email to me along with a long list of DHS agents.  Leo Zagami was a close associate of Vivaldi.

Leo is a postal gang member tied to the Central Intelligence Agency as highlighted by his past connection to the Gulen Movement as well as his current connection to Infowars.  Leo Zagami is still a worshipper of Akenaten since he’s still a practising Freemason who open promotes Freemasonry everywhere he goes including his website riddled with Masonic symbolism such as Jachin and Boaz.  It’s one thing to follow a former Mason but one should never trust a practising Freemason.  The next question you should have is how can Zagami be allowed to speak about Freemasonic secrets if he’s a genuine practising Freemason?  Why is Zagami excluded from the Masonic Oaths on their secret teachings?  This is why I disassociated from all of them and I had to use certain techniques to do so even if those techniques hindered me in other ways but they certainly worked.

Alex Jones is an asset of the Central Intelligence Agency which is very obvious since the Trump (shabbos goy) campaign and the connections with Steve Pieczenik the mind bender.  Zagami defends Alex Jones and tries to imply Jones is now censored because together both he and Zagami touched on the Vatican data.  The censorship of Jones has only come about because of his ties to Pieczenik and Roger Stone so in other words it’s all just over the current civil war over Trump who’s yet another shabbos goyim serving the Jews.  If you want to know about Alex Jones then listen to William Milton Cooper’s honest thoughts on the guy.  Alex Jones deals with prostitutes and takes Methamphetamine so he’s nothing but a dope fiend (watch his over heating, look and hyper actions).

The holographic Universe itself is twenty-one trillion years old and we’re made up of over one-hundred-billion galaxies across all eleven now twelve dimensions.  The Moon has been in place as an artificial satellite of Earth for eleven-thousand years but this object is actually of an age of over six-billion years old.  The first intelligent life on the planet started in New Mexico almost nine-hundred-thousand years before Christ in the first Eden.  This then continued with life in China some seven-hundred-sixty-three-thousand years before Christ, followed by life in southern Chile around seven-hundred-forty-one-thousand years before Christ.  The first human life came to Libya some seven-hundred-thousand years before Christ.  Next you have life in Algeria some six-hundred-four-thousand years before Christ followed by life added into Cairo, Egypt some five-hundred-eighty-thousand years before Christ.  The next seeding takes place in Perth, Australia some eighty-seven-thousand years before Christ.  Humans were back again in Basque some eighty-three-thousand years before Christ.  Intelligence showed up now in Venezuela some seventy-three-thousand years before Christ.  Lemuria existed nearly seventy-two-thousand years before Christ and it ended some thirty-one-thousand years before Christ.  You had Atlantis some fifty-seven-thousand years before Christ but that ended this time twenty-seven-thousands years before Christ.  The Jesuits recognise Atlantis and for good reason.

Christianity hides the true history of Earth and humanity whilst the archaeologists do exactly the same thing.  There are many items that have been found that are thousands of years old but these things are hidden because it don’t fit the false narrative that has been spun by devious controllers.  If the people could find out the truth on these things then there would be an uplifting of humanity which would then destroy the grip the Jews have over us all.  For a start you’d have advance technologies thousands of years ahead of ours which could give you limitless energy, free humanity/animals of all disease and remove all the pollution and radiations (scalar waves in just nine minutes).  In truth humans have already recently developed these things which they could have had from civilisations thousands ago if it wasn’t suppressed, hidden and lost.

George Merkl removed the energy crisis with cold fusion and created you a new super immune system with Chondriana which also proved that Evolution was a complete lie.  The world’s imprisoned in an eight-thousand year old word prison which itself is well over seven-thousand years old.  It’s lunacy to think this planet is just seven-thousand years old.  Solar system engineering as well as geoengineering the Earth some eleven-thousand years ago gave us the Moon’s location until the seventeen-point-six-degree shift during September 2012.  Now if you go back to ancient documents of different cultures across the globe they all say the same thing about the Moon suddenly appearing and various Earth changes.  How can people all over the planet without communication all have known the same thing without it actually happening?  They couldn’t and thus it happened and people were on this planet eleven-thousand years ago.

There’s a weather machine/space craft over in Greenland which is fifty-five miles wide, three-hundred miles long and two-miles high covered by a two-hundred mile radius dampening field blocking all electrons.  Now this machine is over fifty-thousand years old and still works to this day whilst there’s a similar craft down in the Antarctic.  So there you go I’ve given you yet another example to prove my point and if people want to deny this fact then ask why the United Nations and the CIA etc are all over in Greenland tied with this craft.

Never talk to any religious being about true history of Earth.  I will say though that Islam gets extremely close to the level of God within the previous eleventh density.  Thinking that both the Earth and humans came about at the same time is simply ludicrous just like the Big Bang Theory by Jesuit Georges Lamaitre.  For a start off the planet had to have both geo and solar system engineering performed to later introduce life to the planet.  The jellyfish, dolphin and other creatures introduced to this planet did not originate on planet Earth.  A jellyfish has nine brains as well as three hearts and scientists will tell you it’s an alien life form not of this Earth.  When the long thirty-six year salination of the oceans occurred the lifeforms in the waters changed, transitioned/adapted to the new environment,1.  Yes, my wife is the daughter of a Russian Jew.
2.  Yes, I have been to Israel three times.3.  Israel was founded by the agents of the Jesuit papacy which includes the Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists as well as Gentile freemasons Truman, Churchill and Stalin, without whose recognition Israel would not exist.  Israel is nothing more in the eyes of the pope than the revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.4.  Orthodox Jewry hates the Messiah of the Torah and Tenach.  The Orthodox Jews have placed a curse on anyone seeking to identify the Messiah of Daniel 9:25-26.  For that Messiah clearly must have come to Israel in the forth DECADE of the first century.  The Orthodox Jews also believe Israel has no right to exist apart from the presence of the Messiah.  This is also an error as per Daniel 9:27, Ezekiel 38:8, Zechariah 12:10 and a host of other scriptures stating that Israel must be in existence in a condition of unbelief BEFORE Messiah comes to save the nation and people from total annihilation.5.  The Jews who claim to run the world are liars working for the Jesuit papacy in the creation of worldwide anti-Jewish fury.6.  The international postal system located in Berne is another agency working for the benefit of the Jesuit papacy.7.  The Jesuit papacy runs worldwide commerce.  666, the base for worldwide commerce, is a number unique to the Jesuit seal of the Superior General.  I can show you the symbols of what proves to be 666 on the Vatican doors.  I have that picture in my 2002 Power Point.8.  Barry Chamish knew full well that it was the Jesuits that ruled the Sabbateans in their form of the FRANKISTS.  He knew that the Frankists has been baptized into the RCC in Poland with the King being the sponsor.  Barry had a hard time believing the Archbishop of New York City ruled the CFR which is the FORDHAM Jesuit power in aiding the pope’s world rule via its enforcement arm, the CIA and NSA.9.  The Venetians had nothing to do with the creation of the Society of Jesus.  The Farnese family with other papal families created those “Knights of the Virgin Mary” in 1534.  The Venetians hated them and resisted them to the end that the beautiful Republic of Venice was destroyed by the Order in 1797 using its great avenger, Napoleon I.10.  The Jesuit Order was created in Paris, France.  Spain had nothing to do with it other than Loyola was a Spanish nobleman and an Aragon Templar as Craig Oxley rightly states.11. The Jews are not in control of the Jesuit papacy.  The Jesuit ORDER is ruled by White Gentiles who are in turn carrying out the White Genocide of historic White Protestant nations and peoples.  These White Protestant peoples were the greatest benefactors for the Jews in their Diaspora.  Hence to destroy them is also an attack on the Jews living in those nations—to drive them to Israel for THEIR calculated annihilation.12.  The Jesuits clearly pull the strings of the Vatican.13.  When the Jesuits were suppressed and extinguished by the pope in 1773, they went underground and hired the Rothschilds to do their banking.  Once the suppression was ended in 1814, the Rothschilds were kept in place, became the keepers of the Vatican Treasury, but do not control it.  The Gray Jesuits rule their banking system and when a pope gets in the way like John Paul I, he is terminated.  In fact, a soldier in the Colombo family has recently admitted to the assassination of JPI.  His book is “Bullet to the Bone.”14.  The Jesuits have absorbed all secret societies including the leaders of the Sufis.  The Assassins who were in the Kingdom of Jerusalem with the Knights Templars worked together with the Templars as they do today with the high Jesuits.  As G. Gordan Liddy said in his book, Will, “the jesuits rule the world and they enjoy it.”  I quote it in my VAIII.15.  The pagan Rus/Russians never had any writings that any way resembled the Torah.16.  The world and mankind is no older than 7,000 years.  Anything to the contrary is a lie based upon fraudulent propositions and inferences.17.  The race of the Hebrew/jewish/Israelites is a reality, not a fraud.  Their Messiah-denying religions of Reformed and Orthodox Judaism are Anti-Christ and thus satanic, but the people are still under the Promise of the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 15). “AS CONCERNING THE GOSPEL, THEY ARE ENEMIES FOR YOUR SAKE, BUT AS TOUCHING THE ELECTION, THEY ARE BELOVED FOR THE FATHERS’ SAKE” (ROMANS 11:28)18.  All unsaved men, Jews and Gentiles, are of their father the devil (John 8:44) and do the works of the devil (I John 3:10).  All unsaved men are energized by their father the devil (Ephesians 2:1-3).  Thus when unsaved Jews having uncircumcised hearts practice their satanic doctrines—–DENYING THE DEITY OF CHRIST—-in a synagogue, it is indeed a synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9).  When unsaved Christians, especially Romanists, practice their satanic doctrines—DENYING THE DEITY OF THE CHRIST OF THE REFORMATION BIBLE—-in a church, it is a church of Satan—especially the Jesuit papacy.19.  The racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites are under the national curse of Deuteronomy 28 during their Diaspora.  But that national curse will be lifted one future day when the nation turns to her Messiah IN REPENTANCE for national salvation at the second coming of Messiah (Zechariah 12:10; II Corinthians 3:15-16; Romans 11:25).  They are under no other curse as they cannot be cursed by God or Satan—due to the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 15).20.  The Ashkenazi Jews are indeed racial Jews descended from the 10 tribes that went into their Assyrian captivity in 721 BC.  They are not non-racial Jews.  Koestler’s “The Thirteenth Tribe” and Kevin Allen Brook’s “The Jews of Khazaria” denying the present existance of the TWELVE TRIBES OF THE racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites (Jews and Hebrews being synonymous terms (Jeremiah 34:9—as all Hebrews are Jews but no all Jews are Hebrews) are total lies.  All twelve tribes are being preserved to this day for the future millennial kingdom under Messiah as per Ezekiel 48.  Both racial Jews and non-Jews commit bad deeds.I trust this helps as I am unable to comment further due to a lack of time on my part.

Brother Eric Jon Phelps

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theunhivedmindJanuary 15, 2020 at 11:06 pm

“What’s the point in arguing over Loyola’s DNA? I’ve already told you who his bosses were starting off with the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in Spain and then on to the French Monarch Francis I leading then on into Loyola’s more director controller being Andrea Gritti and Gasparo Contarini. You then have to study the hidden Satanic roots of filthy Venice and it will lead you right back to ancient times with the Menes-heh. Eric will deny any proven Venetian history to the Jesuits whilst even trumping up the Venetians who were always SATANIC and this anti-Christ. Venice did everything possible to destroy Christendom and it has succeeded over hundreds of years through Holland and eventually and especially through New Venice which is Britain. Eric admires Oliver Cromwell who was a worm working for these Venetian Satanic swines and for status who’s family scioned into the Pallavicini criminal bloodline. The very same bloodline who funded the British v Spain battles into the millions. I’ve proven that Stalin was a Jew named Ioseb Besarionis Dze Jughashvili why won’t Eric admit that I’m right? Why does Eric continue to hide and protect these ancient criminals? No one has got to me, I’m free and independent of anyone except my gut sense and what it accepts. I will oust all the criminals whether Jew or their shabbos goyim but will Eric? Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Communist Jew. Lyndon Johnson was also a Jew. These devils just cannot be trusted. Eric be-lie-ves in the farce holocaust of the Jews whilst never speaking of the Jewish Revolution of Russia and what was soon to be a Jewish Revolution of Germany. Eric never speaks of how WW2 was a Jewish Holy War declared against Germany and which killed MILLIONS of Christians in their homelands whether Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox. All the troubles in the World serve one tribe of devils and they’re not European and certainly not Christian. The Vatican doesn’t exist as it once was, it’s a hollowed out shell host by a Jewish parasitic force kicked into play from 1534. Leo Zagami is an intelligence asset and a Freemason who cannot be trusted especially whilst he’s still one of their Brethren and whilst tied to Infowars a known ZOG outpost run by a Crystal meth user closely tied to Steve Piecnik and company.” :The-Unhived:Mind

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