The Franklin Cover-Up: Washington’s Pedo Cabal

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Three of the things I know for sure.

Lawrence King owes Paul Bonacci $2,458,293.26 with today’s interest. And Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino owes the Devil his soul, probably gladly. And while both of those men are guaranteed to pay up, neither ever will above mortal soil. Bearer of bad news.

Former Baptist minister and AIDS fatality, Gary Hambright may inform both of appropriate wardrobe for scorching temperatures. In hell. Stories of 3-year old boys with chlamydia sores on their rectums tend to garner such afterlife rewards.

As a native Nebraskan who came of age in the shadow of Franklin Coverup headlines in the 1980’s and watched careers obliterated and the political infrastructure of my home state strained and fractured by the quest for horrible truths in plain sight, it has been bittersweet misery to watch this broad awakening moment to the awfulness of reality. 30 years post-hence, It’s taken far too long for the societal Red Pill to arrive. I’m glad for the company. Pull a chair.

John DeCamp’s 40-year Fight to Expose an FBI Coverup of Child Sex Trafficking by the American Political Elite

Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp would have been glad for it, too, if only he’d lived long enough with intact mind to see it. God rest his tortured soul. As history so frequently inflicts on men who discover dangerous secrets while the world sleeps, DeCamp lived and died in the spotlight of a skeptical public, marginalized as a conspiracist madman by some, and by others as a hapless Quixotic figure jousting alone at the windmills in his mind.

And all because Vietnam veteran and dogged attorney John DeCamp had the audacity to believe the voices of victimized children, survivors of an ordeal too vividly remembered and relayed to be fiction. And too frantically chased, suppressed and intimidated by the government to be anything but true.Sadly, John died in 2017 in the grips of deep dementia of Alzheimers. Unable to fully grasp or appreciate the burgeoning awareness to the Epstein cult and the depths of depravity he labored so assiduously to expose, now bursting into open air.

He lived the last 40 years of his life, swept up into the center of a vortex like Dorothy on a journey to Oz, filled with visions of brutalized children, elite military and government players partaking in bizarre and grotesquely brutal bacchanal of pedophile orgy, ritualized rape and satanic child sacrifice.

And a river of dirty money generated by human trafficking, blackmail and graft, flowing from San Francisco and Washington D.C. and myriad points elsewhere into the coffers of Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska under the oversight of a barrel chested operatic baritone of a man many believed might have been destined to become the first black President of the United States. Lawrence King. If money laundering, wire fraud and tax evasion hadn’t ruined him first, and led to the inadvertent unearthing of a subterranean labyrinth of horrors only John DeCamp and a select few Nebraska lawmakers had the courage to plumb before being staunched and squelched, but never silenced.

From Boys Town to Strategic Air Command to Bohemian Grove and D.C.’s Embassy Row

From Father Flanagan’s Boys Town to Offutt Air Force Base to Embassy Row and even to the Reagan era White House. With stops at Bohemian Grove and a mysterious Colorado ranch belonging to “The Colonel.” The steaming open sewage pit of filth and depravity known as the Franklin Coverup, if you please. John DeCamp’s discarded life legacy, reborn and revived in the en vogue “redpilling” of a generation.

In heaven above and on Earth below, John is finally getting his due. Not that he ever cared about anything but the truth. And getting justice for his clients, no matter how long or how arduous the fight. Or, how highly placed and powerful the opponent. John never quit.

Testimony to that fact, John DeCamp’s outsized Hancock of a signature on a $1-million 1999 legal judgment against Lawrence King. Judgment rendered for an horrific eight year litany of imprisonment, sodomy and sexual torture, cigarette burns, broken fingers, forced drugging and participation in an endless catalog of sexualized Satanic ritual, including the forced killings of other children alleged against Lawrence King by DeCamp’s most famous client. Paul Bonacci.

As the most famous of DeCamp’s clients in present relief, Bonacci’s name should by now be more than familiar to partakers of the latent Epstein rabbit hole of the Luciferian cabal that has been harvesting the world’s children, sucking their souls, selling their bodies and burying their bones for blackmailed political power, fun and profit for generations. Bonacci’s courageous and incredulous telling of truth culminating in a February 1999 judgment of $800,000 for pain, suffering and damages suffered and $200,000 in punitive damages awarded and signed by Nebraska U.S. District Judge, Warren Urbom.

A landmark document relegated to the museum of irreconcilable and inconvenient artifacts of a “not quite complete” coverup by the power structure. A $1-million bill of lading both for the unspeakable pain and suffering of a young man and in John DeCamp’s pleading words to Federal prosecutors, a repudiation of cowardly unwillingness by the justice system for their failure to pursue criminal reprisal against King and fellow conspirators, child abusers and connoisseurs of a far flung network of corruption reaching to the highest levels of American government.

Though inelegant in language, DeCamp’s two decades of legal frustration bleed from every word in his urging of prosecutors to either charge his prevailing witnesses with perjury for their testimony in a victorious civil action, or use that testimony to reopen a criminal investigation and prosecution against Lawrence King and the larger fish in his network, no matter how far up the ladder it might lead.

I believe the U.S. Attorney has no choice but to either charge the witnesses with perjury having testified under oath to very material matters….or the U.S. Attorney has an obligation to investigate further into the Franklin saga and reopen matters.

–Nebraska State Senator and Attorney, John DeCamp

“I believe the U.S. Attorney has no choice but to either charge the witnesses with perjury having testified under oath to very material matters….or the U.S. Attorney has an obligation to investigate further into the Franklin saga and reopen matters.”

“It appears to me to put the judicial system on the horns of a dilemma and failure to act would…appear to be deliberate obstruction of justice at a minimum.” John DeCamp said.

Long before ubiquitous internet bulletin boards and the mushrooming largesse of grifters and would be scribes parroting the grisly adrenochrome chronicles (complete with often misspelled names and misplaced facts) Bonacci told his own story of being taken by military transport from Omaha’s Strategic Air Command to locations in Washington D.C., San Francisco, California, and to a Colorado ranch under the pimping thumb of Lawrence King and under the ruthless psychosexual methodology of a man known only as, “The Colonel.”

Satanist and U.S. Intelligence Czar, Michael Aquino and the Presidio Scandal

History will show that man to be Army Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino, who in addition to being the author of virtually every shred of Pentagon doctrine regarding modern informational “fake news” warfare is also a 50-year high priest in the Church of Satan, founder of the Anton LaVey satanic offshoot denomination, Temple of Set, author of “The Satanic Bible, 50th Anniversary Revision,” and nearly a dozen other occult books.

Aquino was implicated in the 1987 child sex abuse scandal at the daycare Presidio Child Development Center in San Francisco, after six children of military families tested positive for the sexually transmitted disease, Chlamydia. After a preliminary investigation, daycare employee and ordained Southern Baptist minister, Gary Hambright was initially charged with ten counts of child sex abuse after six boys and four girls accused him of raping them. The Associated Press reported that a three-year old boy who had tested positive for the STD told officers Hambright, “Mr. Gary,” had raped him. A medical examination showed the boy had indeed been anally raped and had chlamydia sores on both his mouth and anus.

In August of 1987, San Francisco police raided Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s home after reports that his house had been the scene of Hambright’s rape of a four-year-old girl.

According to published reports, one of the victims identified Aquino and his wife Lilith as participants and video documentarians in the child rape. The little girl told police that the Aquinos had filmed scenes of her being fondled and manually penetrated by Hambright in a bathtub at the Aquino home. The child’s descriptions of the house, which served additionally as headquarters of Aquino’s Temple of Set were so detailed, they were able to obtain a search warrant for the home.

Mysteriously, after an eight month investigation and the seizing of videotape and other forensic evidence from the Aquino home, a Federal prosecutor dismissed all charges in the case against Gary Hambright, citing the age of the victims as being “problematic” in their credibility as witnesses. Lt. Col. Michael Aquino claimed “complete exoneration” and granted immediate transfer from his informational warfare role at the Presidio to a reserve training role at the Army Reserve Personnel Center in St. Louis. A clear demotion.

The Presidio Child Development Center was closed in December, 1987.

In April of 1988, families of 56 potential PCDC victims in the sex abuse case received formal notification recommending their children be given an HIV test–for sex crimes a prosecutor had already decided never happened. Gary Hambright died of AIDS in January of 1990. Another FBI coverup complete.

And somewhere, Nebraska Senator John DeCamp would nod in commiserating disgust, agreeing with Presidio parents about the brokenness of an utterly compromised American system that is under the influence of the darkest of hands and unwilling to defend the innocent lives of citizens under the age of 8.

Corrupted by the same dark and omnipotent forces that drove Nebraska’s wilting wheels of injustice and the disbelievers of Alisha Owen and Troy Bonner and Paul Bonacci.

Until that $1-million judgment day arrived. $2,458,293.26 with interest. And counting. Even as all good Americans hope and pray for a final unveiling and settling of accounts, against the true wielders of power in a nation in bondage to a brand of wickedness and sin and despicable evil that good Nebraska folk couldn’t believe was true.

No matter how much evidence John DeCamp put in front of their sleepy eyes.

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