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JUNE 7, 2021

NY Times:Three Paths to Containing Trump

NY Times:Denying Biden Won, Rising Republicans Attack Legitimacy of Elections
NY Daily News: QAnon Qan’t Quit Qrazy Qoup QuestREBUTTAL BY


Contrary to what one unversed in the sophisticated methods of mass manipulation might think, the Jewish-owned New York Slimes(Sulzberger) and the Jewish-owned New York Daily News(Zuckerman), in spite of operating in the same market, are not competitors. Whereas the former gently sprays its Marxist venom to the self-styled sophisticates with a seemingly rational and dignified manner of prose, the latter loudly pumps out its libelous filth to the “average Joe” in crude style and at an 8th grade reading level. From the perspective of the Judenpresse overlords, both approaches are necessary because both segments of the population need to be won over to the Marxist camp. Same subversive message — just a different package.

So when you see both the “high brow” and “low brow” elements of Fake News in perfect sync on a given story, it shows just how important it is to (((them))). The devious duality of these New York Jewspapers was again at work with the Sunday editions just passed (images above) with coordinated attacks against the Q Anon “conspiracy theory”  of Trump’s imminent return, and the need to “contain” him now. The message to all “educational levels” of the dumbed-down denizens of the overlapping realms of Normiedom & Libtardia is this: Trump and QAnon are alive and well, and very dangerous.

And indeed they are — for (((them))).

Philadelphia Daily NewsPhiladelphia Inquirer

1 & 2. In the city of Filthydelphia, the “low brow” Philadelphia Daily News is actually owned by the same Jewish-run company which owns the “high brow” Philadelphia Inquirer (here). // 3. When the same message is suddenly sent to different audiences with different frequencies, it means that the issue is very important to the Judenpresse.

Last week, Slimes harridan Maggie Haberman(cough cough) reported (tweeted actually) that her “sources” were telling her that Trump was telling people close to him that he was expecting to be reinstated in the White House by August. Haberman being Haberman — that is, an unreliable lying communist yenta bitch — “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times took a pass on repeating her hearsay-based assertion. But now we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears what Trump himself has just stated in a video message to his supporters:

“We’re going to take back the Senate, take back the House. We’re going to take back the White House and sooner than you think. It’s going to be really something special. The Republican Party is stronger than it has ever been and it’s going to get a lot stronger…. We’re going to turn it around. We’re going to turn it around fast.” (here)

Such a boast necessarily infers that the results of the secretive Arizona ballot audit (projected to be completed by the end of June) are expected to shock the nation, and trigger similar efforts in other contested states stolen for Biden. If it doesn’t happen, Trump will have made an absolute fool of himself — which leads us to believe that he must already know that the vote counts of Arizona (and other states)  are about to be invalidated.

Maggot Haberman

1. Maggot Haberman is worried. // 2. CNN is worried. // 3. The inimitable Ben Garrison.
*Yahoo News (06-07-21): 
“His Presence Is Dominating’: How State and Local Republican Parties Are Turning Ever More Toward Trump”

The momentum of recent developments continues to flow in Trump’s favor — or at least it sure does seem that way. Bill Gates is finished, and his little agent Dr. Falsie is now under suspicion of having illegally funded “gain of function” research aimed at engineering new and deadly viruses (of which, Stupid-19 was not)Klaus Schwab‘s “Great Reset” has been thwarted; and a man who really seems to be impersonatingJoe Biden continues to pathetically fumble and bumble his way into obscurity; and his odious (even to Demonrats) sidekick, Commiela Whoress continues to equally embarrass herself.

What’s going on here? Why are tours of the White House still suspended (I just called) — even though Biden himself has announced that Stupid-19 is winding down and that the vaxxed don’t even need to wear masks? Why is the White House comments line not being manned (just checked that number too). And why was there no international heads-of-state / wreath laying recognition of D-Day(June 6) at Normandy this year? Could it be because many of these creatures are already under house arrest or in Gitmo — or have already been executed?

Hold your boos, or applause, until a few more weeks, boys and girls. News out of Arizona will either reinvigorate us all with true hope — or prove to be the final disappointment. Stay tuned.

Bill Gates of HellKlaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum

1. The mad man and his mad scheme for mandatory injection of microchip tracking technology into 7 billion earthlings has failed. // 2. Another mad man’s scheme to have us all “own nothing and be happy” post-Covid has also failed. // 3. What’s the “ex” President up to?

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump has essentially taken over the Republican Party and is now very difficult to contain.

Boobus Americanus 2: Trump is actually talking about being reinstated this year. The man is crazy.
St. Sugar:  “Crazy” like a cat, Boobuss!

 Editor: That’s fox, Sugar. Crazy like a fox.

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