Switzerland Cancels It’s Currency

Switzerland has cancelled it’s currency. That’s a red flag for what’s going tohappen here when they rob you of your REAL money and turn it into nothingbut virtual digits.

Like in Switzerland, you will be warned to put your “real” money in the bank
instead of hiding it or it will be as worthless as blank paper. No longer legal tender.

We are riding a fast train to one-world government, to a no-money controlsystem and to endless medical martial law over a man-made virus that kills
only 0.028% of the population. Our role in society is to shut up, social distance,
fear others, stay at home, watch fake news, get vaccinated and obey.
When they take away your money, you can no longer make withdrawals.There will be no need for banks. Everything will be online and digital.You will have no control over those digits that can be frozen or deleteddepending on your surveilled obedience. The Swiss cancelled currencyis a warning.

Switzerland Cancels it Currency | Armstrong EconomicsI previously warned that Trudeau had a law passed as of January 1st, 2021 he can cancel the currency of Canada. …

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