Life in ZIONIST Occupied Poland Is NWO Communism Installed By U.S. After WW2

The John Birch Society

Free Anti-Communist Polish Pastor Pawel Chojecki!

URGENT: Polish Pastor Paweł Chojecki is facing criminal charges by the Polish government for violating the country’s speech codes.

The criminal trial is ongoing. Another hearing will be held on May 28. It will be the last one before sentencing. Pastor Chojecki faces 5 years in prison.

Poland is not a free country like the U.S. The Polish government can regulate and restrict one’s ability to speak and express their opinions. Pastor Chojecki is charged for criticizing Poland’s president and voicing his personal religious views.

Pastor Chojecki is Poland’s foremost opponent of Communism. His trial has revealed the lack of freedom of speech in Poland. To learn more about Pastor Chojecki, watch this video HERE.

Here are the Polish departments and officials we need you to contact:

President of Poland

President: Andrzej Duda


Phone: 48226952900

Ministry of Justice

Minister: Zbigniew Ziobro


Phone: 48225212888

National Prosecutor’s Office

Prosecutor: Łukasz Łapczyński


Phone: 48539672528

Lublin District Court

President of the District Court in Lublin: Krzysztof Niezgoda


Phone: 48814601000

Ministry of Interior and Administration

Minister: Mariusz Kamiński


Phone: 48222500112

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister: Zbigniew Rau


Phone: 48225239000

Polish Embassy in Washington

Ambassador: Piotr Wilczek


Phone: 12024991700

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