Jewish NGO Caught Red Handed in Subversive Political Operations

Jewish NGO Tricked Into Revealing Subversive Political Operations

By infostormer -May 19, 20211

Some Russian pranksters were able to get people with the National Endowment for Democracy to reveal the extent of their subversive meddling in Eastern Europe’s domestic politics


They recorded the whole call that has since been uploaded to YouTube.

The NED at this point is nothing more than a Jewish NGO that promotes Jewish political agendas subsidized by American taxpayer money. It is currently run by the Jew Carl Gershman. Gershman was actually on the call that was recorded. He spent much of the call bragging about their subversive political operations in various countries.

The pranksters got the NED to admit having extensive interference operations in places like Belarus and Russia. They have been supporting attempts to get rid of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus and Vladimir Putin in Russia.

This call just further proves what we have known all along. It is an example of Jews who have taken over America’s political system using the system to subvert other countries for the benefit of the tribe and their global agenda.

But here’s the deal, these people can’t be that smart. They were fooled into admitting their operations to pranksters. This entire system is being run and managed by less and less competent people. They’re making more and more mistakes and the mistakes are becoming increasingly obvious.

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