Is Bitcoin/Crypto/Blockchain a Trojan Horse to Usher in a Cashless Society Control Grid?

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Comment: Satoshi Nakamoto is a name for two people of which ONE is Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is a Zionist and MS salesman. He is a billionaire who worked on Bitcoin development. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates worked together getting funding from the CIA Sequioa Bank in Northern California for the First Computer Apple. Apple has back doors for deep state spying on you. CIA always does spying. Google Authenticator is Used with Kraken and other crypto exchanges and Google is LINKED with the CIA. Facebook is developing its own cryptocurrency and Facebook is Linked with the CIA. Who needs borderless transactions the most around the world? CIA! CIA does massive drug smuggling, weapons trading and child pimping rings. Cryptos would benefit the CIA in all its heinous enterprises. The CIA was formed by the ZIONIST Rockefellers who are buddies with the Zionist Rothshilds who both own our media along with their partner in crime/buddy Rupert Murdoch. Bill Gates is a ZIONIST in service to the British Empire having been knighted by them. The real reason elites are KNIGHTED by them is b/c they’re willing to work with these psychopaths against the rest of us in their MAlthusian Depopulation Agenda.

Bill Gates, the billionaire chairman of Microsoft, received an honorary knighthood today for his charitable work and his achievement in creating the world’s most successful software company. Mr Gates and his wife, Melinda, met the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace for the ceremony.Mar 2, 2005
Bill Gates becomes honorary knight | World news | The Guardian

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