The Crime That Requires a Republic in Kanata

The National Council of Common Law Assemblies 

The Sovereign Republic of Kanata

September 9, 2020

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The Crime that requires a Republic in Canada:

Essential Background for our Common Law Movement

There is no democracy in Canada for the same reason my people got wiped out. Whites or Indians, we all got screwed by the Empire.
– Cowichan elder and Kuper Island residential school survivor Delmar Johnny, 2008

Canada, its mainline churches and its sponsors in London and Rome have been found guilty of Genocide and of waging an ongoing war against indigenous peoples and children. As a convicted criminal regime, the Crown of England and the Canadian government have lost the right to govern under international law. Canadians are therefore compelled to not only refrain from paying federal taxes but from associating in any way with the rogue power known as the Dominion of Canada. According to law, a new political authority must be established in Canada that prevents further complicity in War Crimes by its citizens by creating something never known in Canada: a Constitutional Republic that allows a self-governing people to free themselves of a legacy of corruption, colonialism and genocide.
– from the verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice, In the Matter of The People v. Elizabeth Windsor, Joseph Ratzinger et al, February 25, 2013, Brussels

Some Facts on the Crime called Canada (see

1. More than half of Canada was illegally stolen from millions of indigenous inhabitants by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1670, under the fraudulent authority of a British monarchy that had been lawfully abolished by the English Parliament on January 4, 1649.

2. Nearly two million original people were exterminated on Canada’s west coast between 1778 and 1918. The average death rate in indigenous communities from deliberately introduced smallpox and tuberculosis was over 90%.

3. European settlers in these devastated regions were classified as transient populations who did not own their own land but merely occupied it “at the pleasure of the Crown”, which claimed ownership of all of Canada beneath six inches of soil. Similarly, all legal and political
rights of Canadians were defined by the Confederation Act of 1867 as conditional privileges subject to “Crown” authority and the decisions of the “Queen’s Privy Council”. These restrictions remain in place today.

4. More than 60,000 children as young as newborns were killed in Indian “residential schools” and hospitals established and run by the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, between 1889 and 1996. Every crime defined as Genocide under International Law was committed in these “schools”, including murder, rape, torture, starvation, slave labor, child trafficking, sexual sterilizations and involuntary medical experiments. Not one person has ever been charged or tried for any of these crimes in a Canadian court, and the government and churches responsible have legally pardoned and absolved themselves.

5. In violation of international law, the entire legal bill of these criminal churches has been paid by the taxpayers of Canada. The same churches continue to receive tax exempt status and special protection from prosecution under Canadian law.

6. On February 25, 2013, the churches and government of Canada, the British Crown and the Vatican were found guilty of committing and concealing Genocide by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ). These institutions were lawfully disestablished by the Court. Thirty of their officers, including Queen Elizabeth, Pope Benedict and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, were sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia. Standing Common Law arrest warrants were issued against them. These arrest warrants are still in effect.

7. Accountable authority does not exist in Canada. Parliament and the courts have been closed and government regulations are issued by unknown politicians and bureaucrats operating outside the rule of law. No Canadian is permitted to sue any of these officials, who may impose any amount of tax on the people they choose without cause. Publicly assembling, dissenting or criticizing state measures are now considered “treasonable acts”. The Privy Council in Ottawa, which normally passes most of the laws in Canada, is now the de facto ruler of the country.

8. Before dissolving Parliament, the Trudeau government passed the Foreign Investment Protection Act (FIPA), which allows China’s troops to occupy Canadian soil to protect Chinese investments and “other vital interests”. (Section 33) FIPA was preceded by Trudeau’s removal of all legal restrictions on Chinese investment in Canada. These consecutive acts constitute High Treason and are the grounds for arresting Trudeau and disobeying and actively resisting the present regime in Canada.

9. Justin Trudeau also faces prosecution as an admitted accessory to War Crimes as of June 4, 2019, when he publicly admitted that government-sponsored Genocide has occurred in Canada. Under the terms of the United Nations Convention on Genocide (1948), to which Canada is a signatory, Canada must now be “prosecuted and punished” for the admitted crime of Genocide. If other nations refuse to pursue these measures, Canadian citizens are obligated to do so, by not paying taxes, voting or obeying the laws and officials of Canada. According to ICLCJ Chief Justice Baltazar Garzon,

“Under the Law of Nations, Canadians are now free and obligated to actively resist and overturn their government in order to create a more just and responsible nation”. ,


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