Do We Have the Moral Fitness to Survive?

Ron Wieczorek

AtSprrifl rnSu4 uamttma 1ddn:po21d AnsaoMurnamed  · The Moral Fitness To SurviveApril 3 (EIRNS)—Increasingly, around the world, nations and individuals are asking if the United States, the Western world generally, has the moral fitness to survive. NATO is mobilizing forces for a war with Russia, and declaring itself no longer an “Atlantic” defense institution, but a global force that will confront China militarily, as well as Russia. Of course, neither Russia nor China is in any way threatening anyone outside their borders, but then, neither was Iraq, nor Libya, nor Syria, nor Yemen. And yet, Iraq and Libya and Syria, three of the most developed and productive states in Southwest Asia, have been bombed into oblivion, and the Western forces responsible have done nothing to help in reconstruction—to the contrary, Mike Pompeo’s “Caesar Act” forbids any reconstruction of Syria, and will sanction any country which does so. The result is death and starvation, the most impoverished nation on Earth, according to the UN, although Yemen is perhaps worse, and is still suffering from a foreign war of terrorist destruction armed by the U.S., which is denying it food and fuel.As for the pandemic, both the U.S. and the EU have declared that no vaccine shall leave their borders until all of their own, including the less vulnerable younger citizens, have been vaccinated. The result of this immoral and foolish policy is that conditions in some locations, like parts of Brazil, are hard to distinguish from the Dark Ages, when the Black Death wiped out a third of the European population in the 14th century, or 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Ibero America, where 270 million people face death by starvation, according to the World Food Program. And, the spread of the virus in the South means more mutations, threatening to undermine the effectiveness of the vaccines being hoarded in the North.Within the advanced sector, the political leaders are openly turning control of the economy over to the City of London and Wall Street mega-banks, which are rapidly implementing “Green Finance”—the intentional cutting of credit to fossil fuels and to most productive industry and agriculture. Why? Because these industries and farms, they say, are a “weapon of mass destruction.” They argue, as they did with Iraq’s WMD—the lie which started the genocidal wars across Southwest Asia—that carbon, the valuable element which makes our plants grow, is actually a threat to the entire planet. This belief has reached a level of mass hysteria which, if civilization survives, will appear to future generations as a madness far worse than Chicken Little believing the sky was falling. This self-destruction is fully exposed in The LaRouche Organization’s mass pamphlet “Great Leap Backward: LaRouche Crushes the Green New Deal”—read it here, and circulate it everywhere.This acceptance of a new dark age is only possible in a population which has lost its sense of compassion, of the agapē which gave rise to every great renaissance in history, in every part of the world. In China, the Confucian concept of ren ( 仁 ), equivalent to the Platonic and Christian notion of agapē, is flourishing, as a renaissance in Confucian thought over the past 40 years has achieved a miracle: eliminating abject poverty in the entire population, creating a scientific and aesthetically based nation from the near-ruin of the Cultural Revolution, and taking their miracle out to the rest of the world in the form of the New Silk Road. Not only is China not hoarding its vaccines, it is rapidly delivering them around the world, and building factories in the nations of the South to produce their own vaccines.What madness denounces this as “vaccine diplomacy”? What madness accuses China of genocide when they have lifted the entire nation, including the Uighur population in Xinjiang, out of poverty, to participate in building a more perfect union and a more perfect world?The Western world must confront its own economic decline and its cultural decay. It is not too late. Man is born as imago viva Dei. The creative spirit and the love of truth can be suppressed, but not destroyed, and once awoken, can work miracles. Now is the time.

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