23.20 “They were fighting Communism and This Was a Big Hook; Meanwhile They Were SETTING UP COMMUNISM” About Herbert Walker Bush & Cronies


David Koch, former Sales Manager at Heckler & Koch (1998-2018)Answered August 13, 2020

Yes china does have a rothschild central bank. The have been controlled by the sabbatean cabal since george soro’s made it his home long ago. It may not say it in name but it is owned and controlled by the cabal. For true insight you can read the most banned book in world history. written around 1895 it is like an insight into our current condition. After reading or listening to the book (found on youtube 2hrs 5min) you wont have to ask questions you will know. Anyone of us can lie to you listen to book on youtube. “The protocols of the learned elders of zion” spend the 2 hours and then none of these fools can lie to you again!2.1K viewsView 6 upvotes

Comment: Communist China is controlled by the Rothschild ZIONIST CABAL which is intermarried with BRITISH Monarchy all part of British Empire. The British Empire has controlled China since China lost TWO Opium Wars with British who were forcing opium into China and making huge profits by addicting people. A weakened China after losing two Opium wars was then taken over by Rothschild’s with their Central Bank in China. China is firmly under ZIONIST cabal control.

Mark Dabney, AE911Truth.org signatoryAnswered June 6, 2018

Iran is still Plutocratic Free…while the Syrians HAD one, given the Rothschild Mercenaries known as “ISIS” have FAILED it has collapsed. Afghanistan did not have a Rothschild central bank before 9/11…they do now, likewise Iraq, Libya, Sudan…see the trend?…All wars are Banker’s wars…Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler

Luke Callaghan, P.Eng / Professional Mechanical Engineer (2006-present)Answered April 26, 2018

Here is one for you… in 2015 Vladimir Putin of Russia concluded that the fakely surnamed rothschilds were really up to no good with their satanic luciferian illuminati dominate the world mind control the people and control the population aka commit genocide surreptitiously via chemtrails, smart meters, wifi, mobile networks, etc., etc., etc…

So what did Putin do upon concluding that their intentions were not in line with his russian orthodox values?

He banned each and every one of them from entering, doing business in, owning business or land in, or otherwise having anything to do with russia at all!

I wish a few more so called world leaders would grow some balls like Putin’s and tell those good for nothing satan worshipping bags of rothschild dirt to take a hike to bohemian grove and never come back again.

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