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Politico’s Defense News, Brought to You by Northrop Grumman

Politico’s Defense News, Brought to You by Northrop GrummanPosted: 18 Feb 2021 12:51 PM PSTSince its inception 14 years ago, Politico has risen to become an internet news giant. Now employing over 700 people and reaching 50 million people per month, the website and newspaper has become one of the most trusted sources of information on political issues in the United States. Key to this is its range of influential newsletters, which reach millions every day.And yet the organization has entered into a number of very troubling partnerships that could potentially undermine the credibility and independence of its reporting. Both its defense and space newsletters, which keep readers informed and up to date on those topics, come sponsored by giant military and aerospace contractor Northrop Grumman.To its credit, Politico is upfront about their partnership, with those sections bearing an advertisement label stating “presented by Northrop Grumman.” The question is whether readers can truly trust the outlet to accurately report and scrutinize those areas that are so critical to its chief sponsor. Does taking Northrop Grumman’s money make Politico less likely to call out the Pentagon’s enormous and bloated military budget, war crimes committed overseas, or the gross wastage of public funds?Certainly, Politico does not seem to have gone after Northrop Grumman. The only articles tagging the defense giant in the past four years have been an op-ed entitled “America must return to the moon as soon as possible,” which paints the company as a vital part of that process, and a now-infamous story with the headline “How women took over the military-industrial complex.” That article presents Northrop Grumman’s hiring of its first female CEO as a massive step forward for feminism, proving that the defense industry represents a progressive, forward-thinking set of institutions.Politico’s energy newsletter is paid for by ExxonMobil, its defense letter by Northropp Grumman, its pharma coverage by CVS Health and its tax section by a very shady finance company that keeps ripping off its customers.Corporate propaganda masquerading as journalism. pic.twitter.com/la794GEn7r— Alan MacLeod (@AlanRMacLeod) February 17, 2021Pairing up: policies and promotersThe partnership with Northrop Grumman is far from the only worrying advertising deal Politico has signed, however. The outlet’s energy policy newsletter comes courtesy of oil behemoth ExxonMobil. Its healthcare and pharmaceutical newsletter is sponsored by private healthcare giant CVS Health. And its tax and finance newsletter is presented by controversial tax software company Intuit.In most developed countries, the government has its own online system of tax filing. However, Intuit has lobbied heavily against the IRS creating a free app or software such as other nations have. As a result, millions of Americans struggle to file taxes using Intuit’s costly and cumbersome services. Intuit is legally required to allow military service members and those earning less than $66,000 per year to use its software for free but an investigation by ProPublica found that the company tricked large numbers of people into unnecessarily paying for its product. Intuit is currently under investigation by multiple state attorneys general as well as New York’s Department of Financial Services.Meanwhile, Politico’s “Morning Tech” news is sponsored by American Edge, an organization that The Washington Post characterizes as a shady front group for big tech giants, whose purpose is to combat any attempts by regulators to rein in the worst excesses of the industry.Getting their money’s worthHow can media be relied upon to report honestly on these industries or hold them to account if that media is being directly funded by them? Should we really expect journalists to be breaking stories about pharmaceutical price gouging, the enormous power of Silicon Valley, or the devastation caused by fossil-fuel company pollution if those companies are essentially paying their wages?Advertising works, not only on consumers, but on outlets as well. Celebrated journalist Peter Oborne resigned in protest from the Daily Telegraph after his reporting on banking giant HSBC was suppressed. The bank was one of the newspaper’s largest advertisers. HSBC is “the advertiser you literally cannot afford to offend,” one executive flatly told Oborne, in explanation for why his exposé was squashed. With such leverage, large corporations often see a benefit in advertising in media not only to increase sales, but also as a way of ensuring positive coverage.The weapons industry is a prime example of this. Raytheon sponsors Girl Scout events and math contests for kids, as well as live events with Real Clear Politics. Northrop Grumman itself spends millions of dollars on sports events, sponsoring the Army-Navy Bowl game every year, and even Super Bowl ads for its stealth bombers and jet fighters. These have nothing to do with increasing sales. Rather, they are an attempt to improve their image with the public to ensure the gravy train does not stop. Perhaps in sponsoring journalistic content, these giants have found yet another way to smoothly inject their corporate propaganda.Republished from MintPressNews.com under Creative CommonsThe post Politico’s Defense News, Brought to You by Northrop Grumman appeared first on We Are Change.
Bill Gates Keeps Buying Into EVERYTHING!Posted: 18 Feb 2021 12:13 PM PSTIn today’s video, we break down how Bill Gates is getting involved in everything all over the world. Plus we cover sickness news as well as what is happening in Australia and Texas.Follow us on Telegram: t.me/s/News4AChangeSign up for our newsletter: bit.ly/3ijjAopJoin the chat: t.me/WeAreChangeChatShirt store: TheBestPoliticalShirts.comFind us on Minds: minds.com/wearechangeSubscribe on LBRY: lbry.tv/@wearechange:1Filter your water: bit.ly/3d3s8iVImprove your gut health: bit.ly/34GHbdYStorable food for emergencies: SafePreparedAndReady.com#1 best source of Collagen: bit.ly/3mw5uRK#1 best VPN to use: bit.ly/3iT4Ew3Exclusive members-only content:
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Furious Aussies React to “Zero Warning” Facebook Ban on News ContentPosted: 18 Feb 2021 10:10 AM PSTThe pushback and reaction to Facebook’s drastic ‘retaliation’ on the Australian government has been fierce from both officials and the broader public in the hours following the Wednesday decision of the US-based social media platform to block all news sharing on the continent. Australian officials are warning that Facebook’s actions are severely damaging the ability to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.The Facebook announcement came a day after on Tuesday the current session of parliament vowed to implement the so-called “News Media Bargaining Code” by end of next week. The controversial legislation will force major US-based internet companies to begin paying local Australian publishers for use of their content. Aussies are now barred from posting, sharing or even viewing news content on Facebook whatsoever in a move that Google had previously threatened with its search engine.According to FT the ban has already “restricted access to critical public information on government health and emergency service sites on Thursday.” Australia’s national government has since said that Facebook gave “no warning” of the drastic action, which Canberra officials further slammed as “wrong” and “heavy-handed”. However, there doesn’t appear appetite for backing down anytime soon; instead, Australia’s treasurer Josh Frydenberg pointed out, “But what today’s events do confirm for all Australians is the immense market power of these media digital giants.”Public health and emergency authorities and experts appear to be saying in unison “the timing couldn’t be worse” given the country is in the midst of battling the COVID-19 pandemic. FT offered some of the following examples of public services that immediately had their content blocked as a result of the news sharing ban:The Facebook pages of Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland Department of Health and Hobart Women’s Shelter were among dozens hit…And in another example:Sally McManus, secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, said her organisation had been mistakenly blocked by the platform. “Australian workers cannot now find out about their rights at work via Facebook. This is disgraceful & needs to be reversed immediately,” she wrote on Twitter. What Facebook has blocked in Australia so far:
– All news media (local and global)
– Health authorities (and their pandemic/vaccine updates)
– Police and emergency services
– Weather bureau (during bushfire/flood season)
– Domestic violence helpline
– Politicians’ accounts— Frances Mao (@francesmao) February 17, 2021One health expert – Julie Leask, a health professor at the University of Sydney also explained that it’s already negatively impacting the vaccine rollout: “Three days before our Covid-19 vaccine rollout, Australians using Facebook as their primary source of news can no longer get access to credible information about vaccination from news organizations and some government and public health organization pages,” she said.Facebook has since said it would restore any blocked content from government pages or posts, claiming that it was “inadvertent”.It happened: Facebook just went off the deep end in Australia. They are blocking *all* news content to Australians, and *no* Australian media can post news.This is what showdowns between states and platforms look like. It’s deplatforming at scale.https://t.co/UgaTWePO66— Kate Crawford (@katecrawford) February 17, 2021Prime Minister Scott Morrison meanwhile angrily denounced what he dubbed the “unfriending” of the entire continent, writing on his own Facebook page: “Facebook’s actions to unfriend Australia today, cutting off essential information services on health and emergency services, were as arrogant as they were disappointing.”“These actions will only confirm the concerns that an increasing number of countries are expressing about the behavior of Big Tech companies who think they are bigger than governments and that the rules should not apply to them,” he added.Google had previously led the campaign to shoot down the pending Australian legislation, but in recent days announced last minute preemptive deals with a number of Australian news producers, most notably Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, averting the same kind of emerging battle and fierce showdown Facebook and Canberra are now locked in.Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permissionThe post Furious Aussies React to “Zero Warning” Facebook Ban on News Content appeared first on We Are Change.
This is DISTURBING…Posted: 17 Feb 2021 01:50 PM PSTIn today’s video, we break down Joe Biden repeating Chinese Communist Party talking points and how this impacts geopolitics.Follow us on Telegram: t.me/s/News4AChangeSign up for our newsletter: bit.ly/3ijjAopJoin the chat: t.me/WeAreChangeChatShirt store: TheBestPoliticalShirts.comFind us on Minds: minds.com/wearechangeSubscribe on LBRY: lbry.tv/@wearechange:1Filter your water: bit.ly/3d3s8iVImprove your gut health: bit.ly/34GHbdYStorable food for emergencies: SafePreparedAndReady.com#1 best source of Collagen: bit.ly/3mw5uRK#1 best VPN to use: bit.ly/3iT4Ew3Exclusive members-only content:
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Beautiful and amazing human being,

You know what Bill Gates is up to now?

Well he’s got his hands in just about everything everywhere. Including he’s very vocal about what’s happening in Texas.

But one major new development is he is trying to get China to partner with the US to fight climate change.

And he’s giving interviews to Chinese state media praising President Xi. Which the Chinese government is paying Facebook to promote.


You know Facebook is banned in China yet it is sharing Chinese government propaganda promoting the relationship between Xi and Bill Gates.

This at the same time Facebook is removing all Australian news and a whole lot more content from Australia. Which is banned cause Facebook has a big fight with the government of Australia over allowing companies to negotiate fees with Google and Facebook for procuring their content.

I get into all this in today’s video along with sickness news including oh by the way Bill Gates saying people may need to get a third shot for the new strains.

Geee, what a surprise:
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